Sunday Paper

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Jan 122014


If you’ve come here hoping to find the highlights of today’s news I am afraid I have to disappoint you. On the other hand, if you dropped by for your daily dose of hip finds I think you will love this Sunday gem called Sunday Paper:

SP Cockatoo CardDesigned and made right here in our very own Australia this delightful collection of stationery and bags features a range of typical Australian illustrations. Koalas, kangaroos and cockatoos, the Sydney Harbour Bridge or the iconic Melbourne Tram, if you are on the hunt for a sweet card or special gift to send to friends and family overseas Sunday Paper is just what you are looking for.

SP Kangaroo BagNot only are Sunday Paper goodies super stylish and full of character but they are eco friendly too, both products and packaging are made using recycled and/or organic materials where possible so they make a fabulous ‘green’ gift. I particularly love the Sunday Paper Organic Cotton Tote Bags ($24.50), being a flat pack these make easy, lightweight parcels and there are several different designs to choose from.

You can find the Sunday Paper range in store at Handworks, based in beautiful Melbourne, Australia. Don’t worry, you can shop online too and get your order delivered to your doorstep.

Sunday Paper Art Prints and Postcards

Sunday Paper Art Prints and Travel Pads

To find out more about Handworks, to browse the Sunday Paper range and to order online visit

Christmas with an eco touch

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Oct 062013

Earth Greetings

In these times of e-mail, e-cards, Facebook, iMessage, SMS and Whatsapp more and more people have started skipping the traditional letter or postcard. Yes it is nice to hear that beep and receive an electronic message but at Christmas time nothing goes above an old fashioned, handwritten Christmas card from a friend or loved one. Of course we all know the paper we write our Christmas wishes on has to come from somewhere and many trees are lost to make all those lovely cards.

This year Sustainababy is offering you a fabulous eco friendly option, check out these gorgeous cards from Earth Greetings:

Earth Greetings Christmas Cards

Earth Greetings Christmas Cards

The gorgeous Earth Greetings Christmas Cards ($15.95) with envelopes come packaged in a box set of 10 (two cards of each design). Featuring beautiful Australian themed illustrations these cards are the perfect choice for people sending their December wishes to friends and family overseas. Not only are all cards, envelopes and even the packaging printed carbon neutral right here in Australia on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, for every pack sold $1.65 is also donated to Trees For Life to plant a native tree!

Christmas Gift TagsThe same delightful illustrations can be found on these Earth Greetings Christmas Gift Tags ($7.95). each pack contains 10 gift tags and 1,5 meter of red hemp string to attach the gift tags to your carefully picked Christmas gifts. All that is missing is the Earth Greetings Christmas Gift Wrap ($5), how cute is the overall kangaroo print in seasonal green tones? Christmas is rapidly coming closer so why not choose the eco way and know you are doing your bit for the environment this December.

To find out more about Sustainababy, to browse the Earth Greetings range and to order online visit

Jun 252012

Last week I wrote about how more and more families are trying to live a little greener and it is important that kids learn the value of this from a young age. From not wasting water to throwing rubbish in the bin and from playing with recycled boxes and paper to separating the waste, there are lots of ways to teach kids about being green. Australian company Leaf. Paper for Life has thought of a great way to encourage kids to go outside and explore all that nature has to offer.

What child wouldn’t love to keep A Scrapbook just like Dirtgirl’s? Go on an adventure in your own backyard, the local park or maybe even on a holiday in the Australian outback. There is so much cool stuff to be found, you just have to start looking and you’ll be surprised at all there is to discover. You can enjoy your adventures over and over again if you record your findings in this cool Dirtgirl Scrapbook by Leaf Journals.

As you’d expect from a real nature lover like Dirtgirl this fabulous scrapbook is printed on 100% recycled paper, right here in Australia. With 64 blank pages to write on, decorate, colour in, stick on or paint on there is plenty of scrapbooking fun to be had. There are some fantastic scraps and craft papers included to get tou started but of course you can find heaps of good scrapbooking materials outside too and they cost you nothing, have you ever noticed how every leaf is different?

Maybe you want to use your scrapbook to study your garden or keep a diary of your next camping holiday, maybe it can be a notebook for your very own adventure club, you can use it for all kinds of things and you’ll find more great ideas in the scrapbook. A Scrapbook Just Like Dirtgirl’s ($39.95) is a great fun and educational gift idea that kids will love looking at again and again. Go outside and get grubby!

To find out more about Leaf Journals, to browse the range and to order online visit

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Recycled and Reused: Re-Play

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Apr 242012

If the words ‘recycling’ and ‘reusing’ make you think of stuffy op-shops today’s find is for you. These days more and more people realise that recycling is not just about saving money or being too stingy too buy something new, there is much more to it. It is about looking after the environment thoughtfully and finding creative ways to reuse products or materials to create something new so you are not adding to landfill when there is no need to. The clever people at Dandelion have to totally mastered the skill of recycling with their new Re-Play range which is now available at Sustainababy.

The bright and colourful Re-Play products are made is the USA from recycled milk containers (USA FDA-approved recycled plastic), what a fantastic way to re-use something very ordinary that people would normally throw in the bin without thinking twice about it. The recycled plastic material is free from BPA, phthalates and PVC so it is a completely safe choice, because your child’s health is so important and nothing to gamble with.

The Re-Play range consists of utensils, bowls, divider plates and spill proof cups and come in beautiful vibrant colours suitable for boys and girls. An 8-pack of utensils costs $7.95 and a set of 3 bowls costs just $10.95, these very pleasant price tags mean that everyone can afford the safe and eco-friendly Re-Play tableware. Good to know: all products are dishwasher safe so they will fit in just fine with all your other kitchenware.

To find out more about Sustainababy, to browse the Re-Play range and to order online visit

Oct 042011

If you had told me two years ago I would ever write about poo and hip in the same sentence I don’t think I would have believed you. But here I am and for once I don’t mind talking about this smelly topic, in fact I am really excited about it. Of course this is not about your ordinary, baby size poo in a nappy, instead it is about a big 100kg heap of poo which is the daily output of an adult Sri Lankan elephant. So what exactly is so hip about elephant poo?

Recently Import Ants has managed to bring the fun and eco-friendly Maximus Elephant Paper products to Australia, a concept that will no doubt appeal to eco-conscious Australians of all ages. Maximus Elephant Paper is 100% recycled paper made in Sri Lanka using elephant dung (poo) which is dried, heated to kill bacteria, mixed, dyed with salt dyes and turned into sheets of paper.

Isn’t it incredible that high quality paper can be made from just a waste product, removing the need to cut down trees or add chemicals or acids? Now that is what we call eco friendly paper! By using Maximus Elephant Paper you are not only saving trees, you are also doing your part for the care of the endangered Sri Lankan elephant as a percentage of sale proceeds go to a Sri Lankan elephant orphanage.

The paper is used for all kinds of different products in a range of shapes, sizes and colours: from regular paper and envelopes to notepads and journals, from photoalbums to gift cards and even a special Kids collection. If you thought paper made of elephant poo is boring you really need to check out Import Ants! The message behind these products is great and it is good for kids to know they are making a difference to the environment.

Part of the Kids collection is this fantastic Eco Max Craft-a-Card Kit ($26.50), which contains all kids need to create custom made cards from Maximus Elephant Paper. With a range of supplies like coloured cards, envelopes with stickers, animal shapes, coloured sheets of paper and 8 beautiful oil pastels there are lots of ways for children to use their imagination. The kit is available in a ‘Night’ and ‘Day’ design, each contains different animals to suit the theme.

To find out more about Import Ants, to check out the range of Maximus Elephant Paper products and to find a stockist near you visit

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