Resoftables: Cuddles with a conscience

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Jun 152020

While the last few months have definitely not been easy, they have also taught people all over the world some valuable lessons. I have heard so many inspiring stories from people who soaked up this precious time with their loved ones, acquired new skills, reshaped their goals for the future, became more self-sufficient, discovered a love for nature and decided to make better choices for themselves and their families. If you would like to recycle, reuse, repurpose or refurbish more you are guaranteed to adore Resoftables:

Looking at how quickly our household plastic waste adds up each week, I am not surprised to hear that the world produces more than 275 million tonnes of plastic waste every single year. It is impossible to comprehend how much that really is, but it is roughly the body weight of a herd of 55 MILLION elephants!

We can all do our share: By sorting our household waste in the correct bins, donating unwanted goods and upcycling/recycling where possible, avoiding single-use items, bringing our own shopping bags and of course by consciously buying recycled products in store. Thanks to HeadStart now even the youngest family members can do their part, meet the Resoftables.

Not only are Resoftables hailed as the world’s softest plush, they are also made using 100% household plastic waste so they’re a safe and responsible choice for your children and the environment. Each adorable Resoftables toy (14″, ages 0+) is made from approximately 11 recycled plastic bottles, how cool is that? Next time you recycle your empty plastic bottle, your ‘rubbish’ might just turn into someone else’s Resoftable.

There are currently five different Resoftables to choose from: Bobo the Bunny, Sparkles the Unicorn, Snowie the Polar Bear, Kiki the Koala and Ted the Teddy Bear (a perfect match for our 2-year old Ted). You can find your favourite Resoftables toy at your local Kmart or Big W store. Bring on the cuddles!

To find out more about Resoftables by HeadStart and to take a closer look at the range visit

Nov 172012

Last week I wrote about kids using their imagination and one of the things my kids enjoy most is a cardboard box. Luckily we usually have plenty of them which is good because they are getting too big to fit in a box together. Depending on the day and their mood a box makes a perfect car, bus, train, taxi, plane or boat, who knew a plain brown box could be so much fun? Help your kids let their imagination go wild with Imaginabox by On The Gro.

The super hip Imaginabox kits are sure to get those curious little brains working, they don’t cost a fortune and you can use these great products again and again. A big empty box and an Imaginabox kit are all you need to create a cool car, fast plane, awesome train or ready-to-use oven in a matter of minutes. Stick on the wheels and a dashboard, hot plates and an oven door, attach the steering wheel or even safety straps like on a real plane and you are ready for an exciting adventure and lots of laughs.

The award winning Imaginabox concept encourages lots of important skills and values in little ones: gross and fine motor skills, creativity, colours, shapes, story building, the value of recycling and re-using and much more! Children can enjoy Imaginabox on their own (with some parental help to get started) but it is also great fun for siblings or little friends to share. The recommended age is 3 years and up.

Imaginabox stickers are reusable and made using child-friendly materials, the last thing parents need is to worry about scary chemicals like BPA and phthalates. The big car, aeroplane and train kits ($19.95) contain all your stickers and the steering wheel, straps are sold separately ($10.95). You can also buy individual sticker kits ($14.95), to keep as spare or to replace worn stickers on other toys. Keep Imaginabox in mind when you do your Christmas shopping this year, they’ll be a big hit under the tree!

To find out more about Imaginabox, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

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Jul 202012

With the kids growing up so fast I feel like I am constantly putting away clothes they have outgrown. Some pieces don’t mean that much to me but others hold special memories and it saddens me to see them folded away in a storage box, safely packed until they can be worn by a sibling or when I am ready to say goodbye to them. But there is a clever solution to this problem, check out these dolls from Oobicoo.

New to Australia the Oobicoo dolls are a perfect buddy for young children, they are soft, cuddly and the same size as an average 6 month old (60cm tall). This means you don’t have to buy special dolls clothes, the Oobicoo dolls can just wear your child’s old baby clothes. What a fantastic way to recycle old baby clothing and op-shops should be able to provide an instant wardrobe if you needed any more clothes.

The Oobicoo dolls can sit up unaided which is great for role play and as you can imagine they are also a perfect tool for preparing your child for the arrival of a new baby brother or sister. He/she can look after Oobicoo while mummy cares for the new baby! The dressing and undressing, doing up buttons and zips, tying up laces etc. will aid the development of fine motor skills in young children.

There are three different Oobicoo designs available: Ollie, Orla and Olwyn, so there is a huggable Oobicoo friend for both boys and girls. The recommended age is 3 years and up but children as old as 9 are known to enjoy playing with Oobicoo too. Oobicoo dolls ($69.95) are made from recycled and recyclable materials and each doll comes with its own Oobicoo bodysuit and fabric ‘pod’.

To find out more about Oobicoo, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

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Inside fun with Makedo

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May 082012

There really is no escaping the cold weather now and it is going to be tricky to find something to entertain the kids inside with for the next few months. Like most other kids my twins enjoy drawing, playing with playdoh or doing a puzzle and they always love building things. I have learnt that everyday items can make the best building tools so I try to keep a stack of cardboard boxes and empty containers on hand for building activities. Don’t worry, you don’t need messy glue or sticky tape, just grab a Makedo kit from Little Obsessions and your kids can start creating too!

There are lots of different Makedo sets available to create anything from small one-child project like planes, flowers, robots and animals to super cool big projects like a shop, playhouse, car and more. The Makedo connector system lets you use ordinary items from around the home and connect them to eachother using reusable clips and hinges. You’ll be surprised at all the awesome things you can make, once you start you’ll find that there are lots of things you can recycle.

Makedo kits are very well priced, starting at $6.95 they make really affordable gifts especially when you consider the reusable aspect of it. There are so many options with a handful of Makedo basics, it is a great way for kids to learn to use their imagination and come up with creative solutions. And of course it is also a perfect opportunity to teach them about waste, recycling and looking after the environment, double win!

Designed for children aged 5 and up the Makedo range is great for older children, both girls and boys, because there is nothing girly about being an ‘inventor’ is there? Little ones can enjoy Makedo too but they would need some help and supervision from an adult, you don’t have to worry about cutting accidents when shaping the cardboard as a special ‘safe-saw’ is included. A Makedo project will keep kids busy for ages and once finished just store the pieces for your next Makedo creation.

To find out more about Little Obsessions, to take a closer look at the Makedo range and to order online visit

Little Things For Busy Hands

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Oct 142011

Just a few more days and the school holidays are over, a relief for many mums who have struggled to keep the kids busy whilst they were stuck inside due to the rainy weather. Sometimes it can be hard to come up with craft projects for kids and craft books are often not much help as you need a whole range of craft supplies, tools and machinery to make them work and most of them require lots of adult help and supervision too.

The new book Little Things for Busy Hands: 16 crafty projects for kids to make without a sewing machine! by Katie Evans contains 16 simple craft projects for kids that they can make (pretty much) by themselves. With the help of colourful images, step-by-step instructions (aimed at children) and clear diagrams children can create all sort of things. From mobiles to soft toys, jewellery to wall art and everything in between, this book will give them plenty of ideas to keep them busy.

What I really like is that the projects in this book often require just a few supplies and many of them can be ‘leftovers’: small scraps of fabric, a stick from the garden, a couple of pieces of used wrapping paper, some bits of wool. This leaves plenty of room for recycling items you would otherwise throw out and it keeps the costs down too (we all know most craft projects don’t hang around forever). The books also leaves a lot of room for variations, so you can easily replace some of the items by alternatives.

The paper beads are very easy to make, just cut a longish triangle out of coloured and/or patterned paper and roll it around a pencil to create your own unique beads. It will be a fantastic way to recycle all the beautiful wrapping paper that stays behind after birthdays or Christmas and it makes a real original piece of jewellery. Each process is carefully explained (it takes 5 steps to create the Paper Bead necklace) so the instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

Although the twins are a little bit too young to try their hands at these fun projects they loved looking at the beautiful images and instructed me to make them a wild thing puppet. I didn’t have any fabrics as beautiful as Katie’s, nor did I have any felt but with a few scraps of fabric and some ribbbon I made them a miniature wild thing puppet to fit their small hands. It took me just 1 hour and I am pretty happy with the end result (and they must be too because they took their puppets to bed with them last night)!

You can find Little Things for Busy Hands (RRP $24.95, 136 pages) in bookstores across Australia as well as at online book retailers.