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As you can probably imagine with six curious kids my days are filled with questions, some easy and some far from it! Especially now that everyone is home on school holidays there are tricky questions galore, they are long days of thinking, discussing and arguing… If you have one of these questioning minds at home too this awesome book by Dr Matt Beard and Kyla Slaven is bound to be a hit. Our 10-year old twins really enjoyed it (and it kept them out of my hair for while!) and are sharing their thoughts on it below in their own words:

The Short & Curly Guide to Life (RRP $24.99, 192 pages) helps you through ethical problems you may encounter in life. These questions will really get your gears turning. Famous quotes from well-known philosophers will get you pondering about everything that happens to you and the people around you, and whether you made the right choice or how you can improve. These scenarios will help you understand the world and put yourself in other people’s shoes. There aren’t many ethical problems that you can’t find your way through with the Short & Curly Guide to Life! Learn about famous stories throughout history and about the choices that impacted them. Find out how famous people from around the world have handled their ethical problems and how their choices worked out, for example Lance Armstrong, Jane Goodall, Diego Maradona and Trevor Chappell.

Some of the facts are extremely interesting, such as how the teddybear is named after former US president, Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt, that there is an immortal jellyfish and other surprising examples. From the young to the old, these stories will definitely help you through life. Some of the main topics for these stories include happiness, lying, life choices, fairness, trends, integrity, promises, friendship, learning and more.

Brains Trust – the team of young, imaginative and curious researchers behind The Short & Curly Guide to Life – travel around to find any ethical problems and then observe how they end up getting solved. Some of the members include Agent Arjun, Agent Sophia, Agent Koa, Agent Mae and Agent Rabia. This book is a mixture of silliness, seriousness, interestingness, and awesomeness. You would definitely read this book if you have a love for amazing adventures through ethics and tricky questions. This book will keep you entertained throughout the summer holidays, or maybe after the holidays have flown by you would like a little after-school cool-down with this fun book. For more curly questions you can also listen to the ABC Short & Curly Podcast.

Little ‘Thought Experiments’ will get you thinking about what you would do. For example, philosopher John Rawls thought of one like this: Imagine you weren’t born yet, but you could think and make decisions. You don’t know what you’ll be like when you’re born. You might be super tall, average-sized or short. Now, imagine you could write the rules for society but you had to do it not knowing which height you would be. This experiment was in a story about Juan Rodriguez who was super tall so couldn’t fit in or do the things his friends could do. The Short & Curly Guide to Life is one of the most interesting and useful books I’ve ever read.

Reviewed by Tommie (10)

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Good + Simple

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Mar 272016

Random House Australia

Eggs, cakes, tarts, slices, mousse, cookies and biscuits… for many of us this Easter weekend is filled with tasty chocolate treats in one or more varieties. If, after all this indulging, you need a bit of help to get back on the ‘clean eating’ track you are going to love this amazing new cook book from the skilful hands of the clever Hemsley sisters:

Good + Simple

Good + Simple (RRP $55) is an absolutely stunning cookbook that’s choc-a-block with delicious, healthy, nutritious recipes for the whole family. As you know I recently acquired a new food processor so I am terribly excited to try all these yummy foods, with a huge 140 different recipes to choose from there is no shortage of inspiration.

As food writers for Vogue sisters Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley are true masters in the kitchen. They specialise in homemade, wholesome and sustainable food that is big in flavour yet small in effort, just the way I like it. If, like me, you are a busy mum who has little time to cook difficult dishes but you do want to feed your family clean, healthy food Good + Simple is a must-have for your kitchen (and an excellent Mother’s Day gift idea).

Who doesn’t like the sound of cinnamon, raisin and quinoa muffins and 3-ways chestnut pancakes for breakfast or spinach and bacon tart with a nutty almond crust and Chinese style beef and broccoli for dinner. Or how about caulironi cheesespiced winter apple chutney or DIY noodle pot? I cannot wait to try them all out for myself.

Coconut Macaroons

Don’t worry, there are plenty of sweet treats included too. Last night we satisfied our sweet tooth by whipping up these scrumptious chocolate drizzle coconut macaroons, all it took was 10 minutes and just 6 ingredients. Move over Easter eggs, the Hemsley sisters are here with Good + Simple!

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Sep 222015

Random House Australia

As a mother of four young children my days are filled with questions. Big questions, small questions, easy questions and tricky questions, there are so many things kids want to know and learn about. At the moment they keep my mushy mummy brain active with interesting queries about the weather like: ‘What’s the sun made of?’, ‘Can you touch a cloud?’ and ‘Does the moon shine on the sun or does the sun shine on the moon?’. In this gorgeous new picture book from Random House Australia we follow a little boy called Ollie as he learns about the wind:

Ollie and the Wind

Ollie and the Wind (RRP $24.99) is a beautiful hard-cover picture book written by talented author, illustrator and father Ronojoy Ghosh. When island boy Ollie is taking a walk on the beach the wind takes off with his hat. Why would the wind do that? He tries to chase it with a net but he can’t get it back. When Ollie is playing outside the wind snatches his scarf, he wonders where the wind will take it and why it keeps taking his stuff. Could it be that the wind is simply very naughty? Or maybe it is just looking for someone or something to play with…

Featuring lovely, glossy pages and warm, vibrant colours the book is a real joy to read and look at.

To find out more about Random House Australia, to browse the range and to order your favourite titles online visit www.randomhouse.com.au.

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