Jun 282018

When you have a big family like ours there is sometimes no other choice but to split everyone up and do things separately. Sometimes you win and you get to go the movies with the older kids, other times you lose and you have to do the grocery shopping with the little ones but that’s OK. Recently hip Daddy was the lucky one to take the kids to see Peter Rabbit on the big screen and they had the best time, while my afternoon was a lot less fun. Don’t worry, I am catching up this week with Peter Rabbit being released on DVD:

Whether you have been a long time Beatrix Potter fan or have only just discovered this cheeky rabbit, Peter Rabbit has hopped straight into the hearts of people of all ages with this gorgeous new feature adaption of a Beatrix Potter’s classic:

There is nothing shy about Peter Rabbit! The bold, brave and boisterous (or should I say mischievous) bunny is the leader of the pack and tends to get his bunny buddies into a lot of trouble. Just when he thought his long-lasting feud with Mr. McGregor had finally come to an end and they would have free reign of the bountiful veggie garden new owner Thomas moves into the property and it looks like the bunnies will be banned for good.

Thankfully there is the warm and welcoming neighbour, a kind artist called Bea, who has a real soft spot for the adorable rabbits and she is determined to protect their home. With a big sprinkle of humor, a dash of romance and lots of animal antics Peter Rabbit is sure to please the whole family.

Peter Rabbit is now available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD at all good retail stores across Australia.

To take a closer look at Peter Rabbit or other exciting new releases and to order your favourite titles online visit www.theviewinglounge.com.au.

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Apr 012018

Most years it feels like Easter sneaks up on us, but this year there has been so much bunny hopping that we can’t pretend we didn’t see it coming. Last week Peter Rabbit and his friends popped into cinemas around the country with the heartwarming Peter Rabbit movie, winning the hearts of people of all ages and getting everyone in the Easter spirit at the same time.

Easter might be over in a matter of days, but if you can’t get enough of Peter and his exciting adventures you can enjoy them over and over again with this gorgeous Peter Rabbit bumper DVD box:

The Peter Rabbit: Adventure Seeker Collection consist of four separate DVDs: One Big Adventure, Brave and Strong, I’ve got a Plan and The Tale of The Missing Egg. Together they hold 27 Peter Rabbit tales based on the works of the talented Beatrix Potter, get ready for well over 5 hours of forest fun for the whole family.

From (hazel)nutty troubles to meeting friendly and not-so friendly characters, from daring escapes to secret plans and from last minutes rescues to valuable lessons, there is no time to be bored when Peter is around! My little ones love seeing Peter in action, they think there is no cuter rabbit than Lily Bobtail and they adore Benjamin Bunny, I think you can safely call the Peter Rabbit: Adventure Seeker Collection the ultimate Easter gift.

‘Peter Rabbit: Adventure Seeker Collection’ is now available as 4-DVD pack (RRP $24.95) at major retailers across Australia.

To find out more about ABCkids get social with ABC for Kids for Parents on Facebook and to order your copy of ‘Peter Rabbit: Adventure Seeker Collection’ visit the ABC Shop online.

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Blue Brontide

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Sep 232016

Blue Brontide

As small as she is miss Hattie has everyone wrapped around her little finger, one of her favourite things to do is making everyone laugh at mealtimes with her silly faces and funny sounds. She loves feeding herself (and making lots of mess) so I think this adorable Little Lola Boutique dish would totally make her day:

Blue Brontide Rabbit cutlery

Brought to you by UK eco-label Blue Brontide this pretty mealtime range will delight even the fussiest little eater and turn dinner struggles into dinner smiles, guaranteed.

Blue Brontide BunnyI know they usually say no pets at the dinner table, but how you can say no to this sweet bunny? The beautiful eco-friendly Rabbit Plate (RRP $39.95, 20 x 20cm) is made from natural pine wood and features three different sections. Our children love eating from divider plates as it makes a large meal less overwhelming, they can keep foods separated (great for those with sensory issues) and eat in stages.

Bunny CutleryFor the ultimate dinner experience there is matching Rabbit Cutlery available too (RRP $25.95, fork and spoon) with the same laughing or happy rabbit design on the sturdy wooden handle. Designed for small hands the fork and spoon set is soft and smooth to touch with rounded corners. I think the colour differences in the wood grain add such a special touch to this unique eco mealtime collection.

To find out more about Little Lola Boutique, to browse the mealtime range and to order online visit www.littlelolaboutique.com.au.

Baby’s First Easter

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Mar 182016


Easter weekend is just a week away which means your time for online Easter shopping is almost up. If you are still looking for a sweet little gift for your baby’s first Easter check out this gorgeous find from Ragtales:

Alfie Booties

These fluffy Alfie Baby Booties (RRP $24.95, size 0-6 months) are sure to add a touch of bunny-cuteness to your baby’s Easter outfit.

Fifi BootiesBrown coloured Alfie and his lovely white sister Fifi keep tiny toes toasty warm and have a soft and stretchy cuff around the ankle to keep cold breezes at bay. This rabbit pair comes beautifully packaged in a neat gift box, ready to gifted to a lucky little recipient on Easter Sunday. Handy to know: To freshen up these bunnies from time to time simply pop them in the washing machine, easy as pie!

You can find the adorable Alfie booties in store at Australian online boutique Miss n Master.

To find out more about Miss n Master, to browse the range and to order online visit www.missnmaster.com.

Hop into Easter with Buddy + Bear

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Mar 052016

Buddy + Bear

Every year it amazes me all over again: the insane amount of sugary treats that is being promoted as a must-have Easter gift for young children. Personally I much prefer a non-edible surprise that lasts longer than a sugar-rush. If you do too and you’d like some inspiration check out these gorgeous finds from Buddy + Bear:

Buddy + Bear Easter

The Buddy + Bear Hoppy Bunny Plate (RRP $15.90) and Hoppy Bunny Tumbler (RRP $12.90) are not only totally adorable and a perfect fit for the Easter bunny theme, they are very kid-friendly too. Made from strong and durable BPA-free melamine Buddy + Bear dinnerware is built to survive mealtime with hungry little eaters and it’s even microwave and dishwasher safe.

Bunny Egg CupIf your Easter is not complete without an egg or two you can always swap the chocolate ones for a tasty, much healthier, chicken version. Why not plan a fun family activity and decorate them yourselves, the kids will love it! Cook your (free-range) eggs to perfection and serve your Easter breakfast in style with the Bunny Egg Cup (RRP $8.90), how cute is that little heart shaped bunny nose?

You can find the Buddy + Bear range at Australian online store Jack & Willow, shipping is $9.95.

To find out more about Jack & Willow, to browse the Buddy + Bear range and to order online visit www.jackandwillow.com.

Feb 092016

Roadshow Entertainment

Now that the big three are at school miss Sybbie is finally the queen of the kingdom (shared with baby Hattie) and she is thoroughly enjoying it, or should I say milking it? From her choice of lunch menu to picking the best toys in the house and from fun outings with mum to free reign over the DVD player, what a life!! On our way back from drop-off she already decides what she’ll be watching on TV later and so far Bing is a hot favourite:

Bing DVD

In ‘Bing: Paddling Pool’ Bing and his friend Sula head off to the local paddling pool, a perfect episode for the hot Aussie summer weather! Everyone was looking forward to a refreshing splash and learned about pool-rules but with no water in the pool there is no water-fun to be had. With their balls and a healthy picnic Bing still has a lovely time, even if he didn’t get to use his new goggles.

As Bing is getting ready for bed he has an unfortunate accident in the bathroom and his favourite blankie takes a swim in the toilet bowl, oops! Now the blanket needs a wash and Bing needs to go to sleep without his cuddly bed buddy. At first Bing is a little bit upset but he discovers his fluffy toy is a great alternative. With 10 bitesize episodes on one disc it’s a perfect DVD for curious pre-schoolers who can learn about everyday situations in a fun, easy-to-understand way.

Each of the 10 episodes runs for approximately 7 minutes, this gives you just enough time to hang up a load of washing, put away the shopping or do the dishes. It is even short enough for a quick Bing adventure before bedtime, everyone pile on the couch and snuggle up!

‘Bing: Paddling Pool’ is available on DVD (RRP $19.95) at major retailers across Australia.

To find out more Roadshow Entertainment, to browse the range and to order your favourite titles online visit www.roadshow.com.au.

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Aug 212015

Roadshow Entertainment

For most of this week I have had a sick little girl at home, tucked in on the couch with a bucket next to her. Of course it is never nice to be sick so to distract the sad patient from the misery I surprised her with a stack of new books and a new movie:

Peter Rabbit DVD

‘Peter Rabbit: Rabbit and Squirrel Great Adventure’ brings you six exciting furrytales featuring your favourite bunnies, their forest friends and of course enemies. Discover how a lost red-haired tail lead to Peter and Nutkin the Squirrel becoming best friends, find out how Peter is able to catch the legendary fish Jack Sharp (and what happens when he does) and many more adventures of the inquisitive rabbit in a blue jacket.

Peter Rabbit

‘Peter Rabbit: Rabbit and Squirrel Great Adventure’ is available on DVD (RRP $19.95) at major retailers across Australia.

To find out more Roadshow Entertainment, to read all about Peter Rabbit and to order your copy online visit www.roadshow.com.au.

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