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As you can probably imagine with six curious kids my days are filled with questions, some easy and some far from it! Especially now that everyone is home on school holidays there are tricky questions galore, they are long days of thinking, discussing and arguing… If you have one of these questioning minds at home too this awesome book by Dr Matt Beard and Kyla Slaven is bound to be a hit. Our 10-year old twins really enjoyed it (and it kept them out of my hair for while!) and are sharing their thoughts on it below in their own words:

The Short & Curly Guide to Life (RRP $24.99, 192 pages) helps you through ethical problems you may encounter in life. These questions will really get your gears turning. Famous quotes from well-known philosophers will get you pondering about everything that happens to you and the people around you, and whether you made the right choice or how you can improve. These scenarios will help you understand the world and put yourself in other people’s shoes. There aren’t many ethical problems that you can’t find your way through with the Short & Curly Guide to Life! Learn about famous stories throughout history and about the choices that impacted them. Find out how famous people from around the world have handled their ethical problems and how their choices worked out, for example Lance Armstrong, Jane Goodall, Diego Maradona and Trevor Chappell.

Some of the facts are extremely interesting, such as how the teddybear is named after former US president, Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt, that there is an immortal jellyfish and other surprising examples. From the young to the old, these stories will definitely help you through life. Some of the main topics for these stories include happiness, lying, life choices, fairness, trends, integrity, promises, friendship, learning and more.

Brains Trust – the team of young, imaginative and curious researchers behind The Short & Curly Guide to Life – travel around to find any ethical problems and then observe how they end up getting solved. Some of the members include Agent Arjun, Agent Sophia, Agent Koa, Agent Mae and Agent Rabia. This book is a mixture of silliness, seriousness, interestingness, and awesomeness. You would definitely read this book if you have a love for amazing adventures through ethics and tricky questions. This book will keep you entertained throughout the summer holidays, or maybe after the holidays have flown by you would like a little after-school cool-down with this fun book. For more curly questions you can also listen to the ABC Short & Curly Podcast.

Little ‘Thought Experiments’ will get you thinking about what you would do. For example, philosopher John Rawls thought of one like this: Imagine you weren’t born yet, but you could think and make decisions. You don’t know what you’ll be like when you’re born. You might be super tall, average-sized or short. Now, imagine you could write the rules for society but you had to do it not knowing which height you would be. This experiment was in a story about Juan Rodriguez who was super tall so couldn’t fit in or do the things his friends could do. The Short & Curly Guide to Life is one of the most interesting and useful books I’ve ever read.

Reviewed by Tommie (10)

To find out more about Penguin Books Australia, to browse the range and to order your favourite books online visit www.penguin.com.au.

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Nov 082016


Remember the night we swapped 1999 for 2000? Computers were expected to stall and the world was predicted to end as we entered a brand new millennium. Fast forward to now and we’ve all gotten used to the 2000s, it’s definitely been an eventful 16 years so far and in a way the 1900s seem so long ago. It was about time for game-specialist Hasbro to give its famous Trivial Pursuit a trendy makeover, just in time for the season of family gatherings and catch-ups with friends:


It’s the perfect quiz night game that gets the wheels turning and brings out a competitive streak in everyone, let’s see who knows all in the ins and outs of the 2000s in this new edition of Trivial Pursuit.

trivial-pursuit-gameCovering all the memorable events, special highlights and fun facts of this millennium Trivial Pursuit 2000s Edition (RRP $39.99, ages 16+) makes a wonderful game for the upcoming festive season. With a huge 1800 questions and six different categories this modern edition will keep young and old entertained in a race to collect their coloured wedges. Who will be the first to collect all six and answer the final question?

trivial-pursuit-cardsTrivial Pursuit 2000s will test your memory and broaden your knowledge on Places, Entertainment, Events, The Arts, Science and Tech and Sports and Hobbies while having fun. Don’t know the answer? Turn the tables by stumping your opponent instead, proving that you don’t necessarily have to have an elephant’s memory to get ahead. With new rules and clever twists playing smart may well put you in the lead and help you take home the first prize.

To find out more about Hasbro, to take a closer look at the latest Trivial Pursuit edition and to locate a stockist near you visit www.hasbro.com.

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New Baby 101 giveaway

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Jul 102014

New Baby 101

Whether it’s your first or your fourth, whether you’re twenty or forty and a mum or a dad, when there is a new baby on the way there are always new things to learn. If you are like me and don’t have the time to read an endless pile of new baby books but you would still like a handy reference guide to answer everyday questions about feeding, sleeping, bathing and settling you will love New Baby 101:

New Baby 101 eBook

Developed by Lois Wattis, who is a registered nurse, midwife, lactation consultant, mother and grandmother, the New Baby 101 App provides new parents, grandparents and babysitters with expert advise on a range of baby related topics. With years of experience in both hospital and community settings under her belt Lois knows exactly how overwhelming life with a new baby can be and she’s here to help you!

New Baby 101 Phone AppNew Baby 101 is based on reliable evidence and research combined with Lois’ hands-on tips and handy hints, it’s a great guide to help you get through those (sometimes very challenging!) first weeks with your newborn. From feeding and sleeping to bathing and changing, New Baby 101 has got all your concerns covered and your common questions answered in 9 popular, easy-to-read topics.

You can access the New Baby 101 App whenever and wherever you want and need and the best part is that the New Baby 101 App is free to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Browse the FAQ, check out the topics and if you like it you can upgrade to the full version. In-app purchases are optional and prices range from $1.99 for a single topic to $9.99 for all 9 topics. For a more detailed resource with helpful illustrations and videos New Baby 101 is also available as a practical and very helpful eBook ($19).

To find out more about New Baby 101, to take a closer look at the eBook content and download the New Baby 101 App visit www.newbaby101.com.au.

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Sep 082013

The Game of Things

Finally we’ve seen the first signs of spring, we’ve mowed the lawn and have started to dust off the outdoor setting ready for many relaxing hours spent outside. If you love spending time with family and friends over a typical Aussie barbeque, followed by drinks, games and lots of laughs I’ve got the perfect game for you: The Game of Things by Moose Toys.

The Game of Things - CopyThe Game of Things ($35, 8 years+) is a fabulous games for families and groups of 4 players or more. There are no incorrect answers, if you can read and write you can join in. The game is based around a big pile of 300 question cards which cover a whole range of topics. Each round is lead by a reader, who reads the question out loud. Players then write down their answer and the reader reads all the answers to the group. Now comes the tricky part, guessing who gave which answer…

Things you would do with a million dollars. Things you would do if you were invisible. Things you shouldn’t do with your mouth open. Things cannibals think about while dining. So many questions and even more answers, if you’ve got the right group together The Game of Things will have people roaring with laughter in no time. Answers can be funny, serious or maybe even meant to trick the other players, just make sure it is not too obvious which answer is yours as that’s what will keep you in the game.

Perfect after dinner game

Perfect after dinner game

With 300 different questions, and players who all give different answers, this game can be played again and again without ever becoming boring. As you can imagine the answers will also depend on the age of the players, a bit more straight forward for younger children and a bit more cheeky for a late night game with friends. All the cards, response pad, score pad and even pencils are nicely kept together in the handy wooden storage box.

So many questions...

So many questions…

To find out more about Moose Toys, to take a closer look at The Game of Things and to locate a stockist near you visit www.mooseworld.com.au.

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Nov 072011

When I was pregnant with the twins I read all kinds of pregnancy and baby books, hoping that they would prepare me for the big journey ahead of me. I fell pregnant with baby number three when the twins had only just turned one so I thought (hoped) my memory was still pretty fresh and I would remember everything once the baby was born, besides that I didn’t have time to read up anyway. I was terribly wrong, there were lots of times where I wasn’t sure about something and I know the Simply Baby book would have been a life saver.

Whether you are a first time or fifth time mum you will love the Simply Baby book, a compact reference guide with quick and easy to understand answers to all your baby questions. Designed for busy parents on the go this book does not contain random fluff, unnecessary information and silly jokes. The Simply Baby books covers all important topics like Sleeping, Health, Eating, Development and more in just 114 pages and there is even room for personal notes. It will take you only 1.5 hour (roughly) to read from cover to cover, or do a few pages every day whilst you rest your feet. This book may be small in size but is definitely not small in information.

How many sleeps does a two month old baby need and how long do they sleep for? How much (breast)milk does a 4 month old baby drink? What are great first finger foods? What to do when baby chokes, gets burnt, has a fall on the head? Which milestones does an average baby reach around 6 months of age? These are just a few of the many questions that are addressed in the Simply Baby book. The First Aid section and emergency contact page are fantastic and it would be a great reference for babysitters or carers if something was to happen.

Written by a mother and a pediatrician this book offers professional advice about things all mums need and want to know about (raising) their baby. The two authors have managed to make important information available in bite-size chapters that are easy to read and understand, they even included in-depth nutritional information and sign language, something you usually only find in very specific, thick books that will take weeks to plough through!

To find out more about the Simply Baby book, the authors or content and to order online visit www.simplybabybook.com. The book costs just USD $13.95 making this is a fabulous useful and affordable gift for new mums.

For your chance to win a copy of the Simply Baby book visit www.simplybabybook.com and answer the following question: Which one of the chapters would you most like to read?

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