Apr 262015

Funky Giraffe

After four babies I think we can safely say that I know what baby products are life savers and what not to waste your money on. One thing you can never have enough of is bibs: from early breastfeeds to starting solids, from messy dribbles to independent little eaters, some at home, in your nappy bag and at grandma’s, a big pile of bibs is a must-have for every mum.

Funky Giraffe Bib

Funky Giraffe creates stylish, 100% cotton bandana bibs for hip babies in a wide range of colours and prints. From classic stripes to sweet florals, from seasonal themes to awesome moustaches, from cheeky spots to special celebrations, With more than 300 different designs to choose from there is a perfect Funky Giraffe bib for every child and every occasion.

Funky Giraffe Spring BibBandana bibs are extremely popular because they look like a trendy little scarf instead of a traditional bib, they are way too cool to wear only at mealtime! I have learnt (often the hard way) that expensive is not always better and sometimes the items with the most pleasant price tag are actually the best purchase. Funky Giraffe Bandana Bibs bibs are not only very cute, they are also extremely well priced.

Funky Giraffe Bandana BibAt Funky Giraffe they know many families are on a tight budget so they are keeping prices low. You can pick up a brand new bib for as little as $5.50 per bib and, it gets better, the more you buy the more you save! This allows you to pick a different bib for every day of the week and to match every outfit without breaking the bank, and no tears if you happen to lose one or can’t get it clean anymore.

Originally born in the UK Funky Giraffe is now available in Australia too, helping little Aussie dribblers to stay dry and comfortable whilst looking super stylish and on trend (and helping mum to stay on budget).

To find out more about Funky Giraffe, to browse the range and to order online visit www.funkygiraffe.com.au.

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Feb 172014

Vuly logo

If you regularly read our updates on the Hip little one Facebook page you may remember that we were considering purchasing a trampoline for our little tribe. After lots of researching, comparing, reading reviews and asking around we finally decided on one and ordered the Vuly Thunder from Australian outdoor play specialist Yardgames:

Vuly Thunder

Vuly Thunder

Born in 2008 right here in Australia the Vuly brand is now one of the biggest names in trampolines, you can find their trampolines in backyards all over Australia and around the world. Following the success of the original model (the Vuly Classic) Vuly last year released a brand new, innovative and highly anticipated design called the Vuly Thunder, a revolutionary trampoline designed to be strong, safe and have the best bounce of any recreational trampoline in existence. I thought that sounded pretty awesome so I set out to find out more.

Unlike most other trampolines the Vuly Thunder is made without traditional coil springs, instead it uses super strong, quiet and extremely bouncy, leaf springs, eliminating the risk of limbs getting stuck in springs and removing the annoying clanging noise that many trampolines make when in use. Because the mat and the net are one piece there is no slipping off the trampoline either making it extremely safe for our precious bundles.

Vuly versus Springfree, a question we asked ourselves too. I’ll admit that we did consider a Springfree but after comparing the two we made up the balance and felt the Vuly Thunder ticked all the boxes for us, had some great benefits over the Springfree and was simply much better value for money.

Vuly Thunder in action

The Vuly Thunder in action

One of the first things people look at when buying a trampoline is the size. You want a trampoline that can accommodate your own children (and any little guests that come to visit), now but also as they grow. As a family of six we knew we had to invest in a big trampoline so we decided on the Vuly Thunder XL, a round trampoline with a jump mat diameter of 3.8m. The Vuly Thunder is also available in size M (2.5m diameter) and L (3.2m diameter) for smaller yards/families.

No matter how big (or small) your trampoline is, the fact that it is big enough doesn’t mean it can hold the weight of the jumpers so the weight limit is extremely important. As we have four children it is likely there will be multiple children, and sometimes an adult, on it at the same time so we wanted to make sure our new trampoline could handle the weight. The Vuly Thunder, regardless of which size you choose, has a massive weight limit of 150kg (that means even hubby and I can have a jump together!). Only the biggest and most expensive Springfree has a 150kg limit, the others can only hold 115kg.

Also very important is the weight of the trampoline itself. The Vuly Thunder is a very solid and extremely heavy trampoline which is very important in our windy neighbourhood, the Thunder XL weighs in at more than 250kg so it won’t blow away with a strong gust of wind. For comparison, even the biggest Springfree trampoline comes in at less than 150kg.

Fun and exercise in one

Fun and exercise in one (inside the Trampoline Tent)

Obviously a trampoline is a big investment so you want to make sure you are buying a high quality and very safe product that will last the distance. The Vuly Thunder is designed with strong, heavy duty, thoroughly tested parts and does not involves any nuts, bolts or screws so it is not only easy to set up but there is also no chance of screws becoming loose leading to a potentially dangerous situation.

Zip Free Trampoline Entrance

Zip Free Trampoline Entrance

You may not be able to do the same tricks (yet) as the Olympic medalists that tested the Vuly Thunder but you can definitely try whilst being safely protected by Australia’s tallest trampoline safety net. The strong mesh is not too loose and not too rigid and has small holes so fingers and toes won’t get caught. The net is stitched to the mat so jumpers won’t tumble off the trampoline.

After having seen several Springfree trampolines with broken zips around the entrance, and hearing from others users with the same issue, we felt this was a big worry as it leaves an open door for kids to fall out and get injured. The entrance of the Vuly Thunder is completely zip free, instead the safety net and the door opening overlap. This layered designed allows for a tight side opening (admittedly a bit of a squeeze for an adult) that is not accidentally accessible while jumping.

Fun on the HexVex Mat

Fun on the HexVex Mat

The Vuly Thunder is fitted with a super bouncy mat with HexVex print which adds a whole new dimension of play to your trampoline. From a game of Trampoline Twister to Mimic Me and Story Hop, kids will have no trouble coming up with new games to play using the fun illustrations on their Thunder.

Unlike most other trampolines the Vuly Thunder comes complete with free trampoline skirt which looks neat and keep limbs, toys and animals from getting under your trampoline. Another bonus is the handy step that is built into the frame, removing the need for a ladder, Springfree trampolines are delivered without ladder and it will cost you an extra $99 to add one.

The bonus Trampoline Tent is awesome!

The bonus Trampoline Tent is awesome!

If you keep an eye on the Yardgames website you will notice that there are regular offers for a free Vuly Trampoline Tent when you purchase your trampoline. This is an awesome accessory that our kids absolutely love, you can use the complete tent with roof and sides or just the roof alone, transforming your trampoline in a super cool cubby.

Quite the adventure, 'camping' on your Trampoline

Quite the adventure, ‘camping’ on your Trampoline

By buying your Vuly trampoline through Yardgames, a registered Vuly reseller, you can rest assured you will receive full warranty, ongoing support and half price spare parts for the life of the trampoline directly from Vuly Australia.

When you add all these great features and bonuses up the Vuly Thunder came out on top for value, quality, safety and fun and we’re super thrilled with our purchase. If you happen to walk by our yard you’re sure to hear lots of laughter and giggles thanks to Vuly.

To find out more about Yardgames, to browse the Vuly range and to order your own Vuly trampoline online visit www.yardgames.com.au.

O.B.Designs giveaway

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Aug 232013

If you are looking for a sweet gift for a new bundle of joy I’ve got a fabulous deal for you. Our wonderful friends at O.B.Designs have put together some gorgeous sets containing their best sellers and until the end of the month you get to buy them at a reduced price. With savings up to 30% now is the time to stock up on these beautiful Australian designed pieces. Go fill up the gift cupboard or spoil your own special treasure with one of the O.B.Designs Set Specials:

Flipity Flop Toys and Blanket Set

Flipity Flop Toys and Blanket Set, now $52.77 (save 30%)

Flipity Flop Sensory Toys SetThe lovely O.B.Designs Flipity Flop Toys are delightful in many ways: they look stylish and are appealing to little ones, they are also soft and safe with lots of interesting textures and materials. Not only do they make great comfort toys, the wooden ring on the Flipity Flop Teethers provides welcome teething relief and the gentle dingle bell inside the Flipity Flop Bub keeps little people entertained for ages. Normally they sell for $17.95 each but now you can pick up a set of two for just $28.72, a saving of 20%!

Dingaring and Blanket SetIn the past I have spoken very highly of the original O.B.Designs Dingarings and I still love them, in fact our youngest daughter is now playing with the same much loved Dingaring we got for miss 3 a few years ago. Together with an O.B.Designs Big Hugs Snuggle Blanket they make a fantastic new baby gift pack ($42, save 30%). The soft, cuddly blanket measures 90x75cm and the neutral pebble grey colour is suitable for both genders.

There are lots of different designs and combinations to choose from, but be quick as these well priced Set Specials are only available until August 31, 2013.

To find out more about O.B.Designs, to browse the range and to order online go to www.obdesigns.net or visit one of the many O.B.Designs stockists Australia wide.

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Save up to 45% on Baby Jogger

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May 042012

One of the most important purchases for a new baby would have to be the pram. You will use the pram from birth up to two, three or even four years old so you will want to pick something that looks good, is practical and is durable too. Often a good pram comes with a hefty price tag but thanks to Ladybub you can cross the pram of your shopping list and still have plenty of dollars left in your baby budget.

Ladybub is all about big savings and in the current Baby Jogger sale you will find a range of cool prams that won’t cost you a fortune. Whether you are transporting one of two kids, like the look of classic black, bright green or funky blue, with prices reduced by up to 45% you can afford to buy a spare ride. Prices start at $209.95 for the compact City Micro Single in ocean Blue or Kiwi Green (usually $349).

As a mum of twins I know all about the extra expenses, you do get double the hugs but you also have to buy double the nappies and of course a double pram. Normally the Baby Jogger City Micro Double 2010 would take a massive $749 chunk out of your savings, but right now it can be yours for just $419. This leaves you with an extra $330, or should I say 11 boxes of nappies?

While you are making up your mind about which pram to get for your little cherub you can stock up on one of Australia’s favourite skincare labels: Milk Baby by Lindy Klim. Made with all natural ingredients Milk Baby is gentle and kind on baby’s skin and of course it wouldn’t be Ladybub if it was gentle on your wallet too. You can save up to 70% on Milk Baby products for body, face, hair and even the nursery.

To find out more about Ladybub, to browse all the fantastic products currently on sale and to order your favourites visit www.ladybub.com.au. Remember, shipping is just $9.90 no matter how much you order.