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Welcome Baby Giveaway – Day 11

One peek in my baby’s hospital bag will tell you all you need to know about my favourite newborn clothing brand. After using (and loving!) Australian label Earlybirds for baby no.3 and baby no.4 I knew this time I around I’d confidently choose Earlybirds again as my baby’s first outfit.

Earlybirds range

As the name suggests Earlybirds is dedicated to those precious newborns that come into this world very (or even just a little) early, catering for birth weights as tiny as 800 grams up to a generous 4.5kg.

Earlybirds Gift SetEarlybirds clothing and accessories are designed by a wonderful Aussie mum who knows all about premature arrivals and the specific needs of early birds and their carers. The fabrics are soft against sensitive skin, the colours neutral and simple and the quality amazing. There is even a special Earlybirds Organics collection for those who prefer the luxurious touch of premium, chemical-free organic cotton.

Earlybirds Isolette SuitsWith delicate premie babies in mind most Earlybirds garments are designed for easy dressing and undressing as well as regular doctor checkups, especially valuable for babies spending their first weeks/months in a hospital special care unit. Thanks to convenient fold-open designs and easy press-studs you don’t have to hurt or upset your baby with every outfit change. Earlybirds clothing is available in neutral, pale pink and light blue shades to suit all babies.

To find out more about Earlybirds, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.earlybirds.com.au.

For your chance to win a $150 Earlybirds gift voucher enter our giveaway below:

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Earlybirds giveaway

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Nov 302013

Every December there are many families looking forward to spending a first Christmas with a gorgeous new addition to spoil with fabulous presents but it is not that easy for everyone. While most are dressing up their little bundle in a special Christmas outfit and taking happy family snaps other not so lucky parents are spending the festive season in Special Care Units/ Neonatal Intensive Care Units across the country, often watching their baby from behind glass and worrying what the new year is going to bring them.

Earlybirds Pink

If you are (or know) a parent of one of these very precious early arrivals I highly recommend you check out Australian company Earlybirds. Not only does Earlybirds make the most beautiful clothes specifically designed for teeny tiny babies (as little as 800 gr!) but they are also long term partner of many great causes that support babies, children and families that need it. So whether you want to put together a lovely gift for a new baby or are searching for helpful information Earlybirds is the name to remember.

Earlybirds Organics

The Earlybirds range consists of a wonderful selection of clothing and accessories in boys, girls and gender neutral colours. Created by a mum of a premature baby each garment has been carefully designed to be easy to open so that doctors, nurses and parents can check and dress baby without too much hassle. All products are made from soft, 100% cotton that is light weight and breathable and there is even a special Earlybirds Organics collection available made with pure certified organic cotton.

Earlybirds Blue

As three of our babies spent time in the Special Care Unit I know what it is like to leave your baby in the hands of hospital staff, and while most hospitals supply baby clothing for those in care parents (including myself) really value being able to dress their child in its own clothes that fit well and look beautiful in photos too. If this Christmas brings your family or a family you know a surprise early bird you know where to go for a thoughtful, practical and much appreciated gift.

To find out more about Earlybirds, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.earlybirds.com.au.

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Sunday Coffee with Earlybirds

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Sep 022012

Have you entered our Earlybirds giveaway yet? If you have you have already discovered the latest addition to the Earlybirds range, a special collection designed for our Bigger Birds. But how did the Earlybirds family start in the first place? Let’s go back to the beginning and meet Earlybirds owner and founder Lynda Day:

What does your ideal Sunday look like?
Waking up early and taking our gorgeous dog Bessy for a walk in the Botanical gardens. A great way to start the day.
We usually have breakfast out and then spend the day at home in the garden and getting things organised for the coming
week. It’s a tradition to have a family Sunday roast dinner. I love Sundays.

Why did you start Earlybirds?
I was extremely frustrated that I could not find clothes to fit my premmie (10 weeks early) – so to alleviate this problem for other parents I decided to develop a range of clothing specifically for premature and small babies.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Initially and primarily from my son, but I also get inspiration from other parents and neonatal specialists.

What is your favourite Earlybirds product?
I have a few but I would have to say our new undies for bigger birds are fabulous. They are really fun and perfect for toddlers who have harrow hips and thighs.
I could not find any undies to fit my premmie toddler, they we all too big around the tops of his legs. There is nothing worse than baggy undies!

What is your number one gift idea for people buying for a little earlybird?
I would suggest either one of our gift sets, or if the baby is in special care definitely an Isolette suit, they are beautifully soft and functional allowing for the attachment of leads and monitors.

To find out more about Earlybirds, to browse the range and to shop online visit www.earlybirds.com.au.