Oct 092015

Welcome Baby Giveaway – Day 9

If you thought the uncomfortable nights and many toilet breaks during pregnancy were though, you’re in for a whole new level of exhaustion when baby finally arrives. Of course your precious bundle is totally worth it but all these broken nights are bound to take a toll on your skin. Thankfully Remington is here to help freshen up tired mamas with this quick and effective pick-me-up:

Remington Revitalise

The new Revitalise Facial Cleansing Brush (RRP $99.95) offers a luxurious facial cleaning experience that is not only more relaxing than manual cleaning but 10x more effective too. The best part is: You can enjoy it in the comfort of your own home, every single day!

RevitaliseThe cordless, handheld Revitalise brush is fitted with a rotating and vibrating brush head that thoroughly cleans your pores and leaves skin feeling healthy and glowing naturally. For a pleasant and personal experience the Revitalise Facial Cleansing Brush has three different speed settings and comes with a normal brush, sensitive brush and a special massage attachment to really wake up dull and tired skin.

While you can use the Revitalise Facial Cleansing Brush with nothing but simple tap water I personally prefer adding a tiny squeeze of a good natural facial cleaner. The lovely perfume and soft lather it creates really add to the experience and will leave you with that spoilt salon feel. Simply rinse your skin and the brush with water after, easy as pie.

Remington Revitalise Facial Cleansing BrushOf course it is no secret that time is precious so you’ll be pleased to know that your daily cleanse takes just 1 minute of your time. You can even conveniently use the Revitalise brush in the shower or bath so it slots right into your everyday routine. To help sleep-deprived mums stay on track the brush automatically turns off after one minute and  gentle reminds you every 20 seconds to move onto the next facial area.

Awesome feature: One full charge on the charging station will last up to 30 uses, that pretty much means you only have to charge the Revitalise once a month to enjoy a cleanse every day.

To keep your Revitalise brush safe and clean when not in use a cute white glossy storage bag is included, very handy for at home and on holiday. It’s plenty big enough for the brush, charger, accessories and even a small bottle of your favourite facial cleansing product.

As always Remington offers fantastic peace of mind with a generous 2 year product warranty.

To find out more about Remington, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.remington-products.com.au.

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