Resoftables: Cuddles with a conscience

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Jun 152020

While the last few months have definitely not been easy, they have also taught people all over the world some valuable lessons. I have heard so many inspiring stories from people who soaked up this precious time with their loved ones, acquired new skills, reshaped their goals for the future, became more self-sufficient, discovered a love for nature and decided to make better choices for themselves and their families. If you would like to recycle, reuse, repurpose or refurbish more you are guaranteed to adore Resoftables:

Looking at how quickly our household plastic waste adds up each week, I am not surprised to hear that the world produces more than 275 million tonnes of plastic waste every single year. It is impossible to comprehend how much that really is, but it is roughly the body weight of a herd of 55 MILLION elephants!

We can all do our share: By sorting our household waste in the correct bins, donating unwanted goods and upcycling/recycling where possible, avoiding single-use items, bringing our own shopping bags and of course by consciously buying recycled products in store. Thanks to HeadStart now even the youngest family members can do their part, meet the Resoftables.

Not only are Resoftables hailed as the world’s softest plush, they are also made using 100% household plastic waste so they’re a safe and responsible choice for your children and the environment. Each adorable Resoftables toy (14″, ages 0+) is made from approximately 11 recycled plastic bottles, how cool is that? Next time you recycle your empty plastic bottle, your ‘rubbish’ might just turn into someone else’s Resoftable.

There are currently five different Resoftables to choose from: Bobo the Bunny, Sparkles the Unicorn, Snowie the Polar Bear, Kiki the Koala and Ted the Teddy Bear (a perfect match for our 2-year old Ted). You can find your favourite Resoftables toy at your local Kmart or Big W store. Bring on the cuddles!

To find out more about Resoftables by HeadStart and to take a closer look at the range visit

Ty to the Rescue

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May 132019

Thirteen long years after I moved to Australia my brother and his family finally made it out to Australia for a holiday and boy, did we have fun. We had been counting down for months and managed to make loads of beautiful memories which I hope will last a lifetime. Of course when the welcome is so warm and wonderful the goodbye is utterly heartbreaking too and we’ve all been rather down this week. Time to cheer up my sad girls with some Ty surprises:

From the moment my little ladies first discovered Ty Beanie Boos they were absolutely taken by their big shiny eyes and they have been on every birthday and Christmas wishlist since. They are always checking the shops to (hopefully one day) find that one special Beanie Boo that shares their name or even their birthday. So far only Harriet has been in luck after adopting Harriet the Horse but we’ll keep looking!

Huge and huggable, mini and magical, fluffy and funky, sweet and shimmery… there are so many Ty creatures to choose from. Real Ty Beanie Boos fans can now partner up with their Ty friends in even more ways with the stylish Ty Gear collection. They can complete their favourite outfit with bags, purses, wristlets and even slippers and slides, you’ll be guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

Miss Sybbie never leaves the house without some tiny treasures stuffed into small pockets so she is completely in her element with her new ‘Whimsey’ Ty Fashion Backpack (RRP $39.99) to keep things safe, doesn’t her smile say it all? Juliet decided on the colour-changing Ty Fashion Purse (RRP $34.99) which turns out to be an excellent way to sneak one of our baby rabbits out of the house, it blends in perfectly! Of course I know my girls very well so her cheeky grin gave her away and bunny was safely returned to its mum.

These three lucky girls slid their feet into some eye catching Ty Fashion Slides (RRP $24.99) and I love how their footwear shows their personalities so well. Shiny and sparkly for Juliet, rainbow pastel magic for Olivia and the cutest kitties (complete with pink bow) for Hattie, there really is a perfect Ty character for everyone. What is your Ty Fashion style?

To find out more about Big Baloon, to take a closer look at the Ty range and to locate a stockist near you visit

‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ giveaway

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Mar 192019

If you were to take a peek in family homes across Australia you will be hard pressed to find a book shelf without a copy of Michael Rosen’s We’re Going on a Bear Hunt on it. For years this lovely picture book has been read, sung and played out in living rooms and libraries, bedrooms and cubby houses and many of us have our own special Bear Hunt memories. This year marks the 30th anniversary of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and that’s a special milestone that should not go unnoticed:

To celebrate the big 30 in style Walker Books has organised the ultimate ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ competition for book loving families. Grab your phone/camera and share an image or video of you and your family sharing We’re Going on a Bear Hunt on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, using the hashtag #happybirthdaybearhunt and share what you think makes We’re Going on a Bear Hunt special.

The winning family, as chosen by Walker Books Australia, will score an entire year of story times, that is 52 books handpicked for your family! Entries close March 31, 2019, check out the competition details here.

To find out more about Walker Book and to take a closer look at We’re Going on a Bear Hunt visit

Thanks to our lovely friends at Walker Books two lucky Hip Little One readers will win a gorgeous ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ prize pack containing a copy of the book, a tote bag, an adorable ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ plush bear (not dangerous!) and a cute bear ear headband. For your chance to take home this beary cool stash hop on over to the Hip Little One Facebook page to enter.

Magical moments with Myla

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Oct 152018


Like many other girls our little ladies go absolutely crazy for unicorns. Unicorn jewellery, unicorn cupcakes, unicorn headbands and unicorn stationery, they just can’t enough of these magical creatures! I have gently tried to convince miss 5 that there is no such thing as a real unicorn, but I have to admit that VTech has come pretty close…

Myla the Magical Make-Up Unicorn (RRP $79.95, ages 5+) is beautiful soft unicorn that is sure to charm little fans with her many magical features. Sybbie has been in absolute awe of Myla and the two have been inseparable since their first encounter, she now accompanies us on all our adventures.

Measuring 37cm tall Myla is quite a large toy, which means she gives rather impressive hugs and is easy to handle for small children. You can pose her legs so she can stand up independently and she can even move her head and blink her eyes like a real animal. When you touch her back Myla rewards you with compliments (eg. You are special) and encouragements (eg. Be confident) which encourages interaction between Myla and her owner.

Myla comes with a special microphone that makes her sing a selection of fun and inspirational songs, just hold the microphone in front of her mouth and she’ll perform her latest track for you. Miss Sybbie really enjoys doing Myla’s mane and tail with the included comb and accessories (she has even learnt to braid) however her favourite past-time is by far doing Myla’s make-up.

Just in case you are anything like me: Don’t worry, there is no mess involved! Using the magic make-up brush and a colourful make-up palette you can decorate Myla over and over again with the most beautiful rainbow colours. Simply touch a colour on the palette with the brush and then touch Myla’s horn, eyes or wings to see them light up like she comes flying straight out of a fairytale (this looks especially amazing with the lights off).

VTech toys are available at major department stores, select online stores and independent toy retailers across Australia.

To find out more about VTech, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

Step into Bush Baby World

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Jun 062018

As you can probably imagine as a mum of six young children I see many toy crazes come and go. From squishy toys to fidget spinners, from collectible cards to Pokemon Go and everything in between, there is always something new all the cool kids are coveting. I’ll be honest, most of them don’t appeal to me at all but every now and then even this responsible grown-up goes a little gooey inside, like when I first spotted these gorgeous Bush Babies:

Who are Bush Babies, you ask? Far away in a magical place called Bush Baby World live a whole tribe of fabulous, fluffy creatures called Bush Babies, each cuddly character is unique, with its own name, story and special features. Together the Bush Babies go on all kinds of adventures and the good news is, you can join them!

Children can visit Bush Baby World online and see what the babies get up to in the animated Bush Baby World webisodes, picnics, parties, rescues and new realms, there is always something new for the Bush Babies to discover. All Bush Baby World webisodes are completely free to watch and there are some fantastic free activities to do too so with rainy Winter days in mind make sure to bookmark this page.

Thanks to the ever-growing Bush Baby World toy range you can welcome your favourite Bush Babies into your world and collect your very own Bush Baby family one furry friend at a time. There is even a Dream Tree where you can hang your Bush Babies in their sleepy pods. Did you know you can actually make your Bush Baby move its ears and eyes? Just use your finger to activate the clever little mechanism hiding in the back of the toys’ head and watch them wiggle.

One of the latest regions to be explored in Bush Baby World is Blossom Meadow, home to six sweet Blossom Bush Babies called Bluebelle, Petalina, Tillani, Butterlee, Pozee and Fleur. Our two newest family members have settled in beautifully, they have pretty floral bellies, big bushy tails and the cutest sparkly nose. Miss 5 and miss 7 think Butterlee and Fleur make brilliant bedtime buddies and they’re backpack size so they can come with us anywhere we go.

I’ve got the funny feeling that there are more Bush Baby adoptions to come… Will it be one of the sparkly Shimmies, a special scented Blossom, a mysterious Dreamstar or even a royal Bush Baby princess? Time will tell…

Bush Baby World toys are available now from leading toy retailers, prices start at RRP $16.95.

To find out more Bush Baby World, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you or online visit


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Nov 182016


A few weeks ago I wrote about our many broken nights with 6-year old Juliet being the biggest culprit lately. During our 5 week holiday we spent so much time together, the four oldest kids packed like sardines at bedtime, that she has found it hard to go to sleep by herself now that we are home. After a few weeks of daily dramas and midnight meltdowns we were all feeling rather tired, until we surprised here with this…:


Knowing how crazy she is about unicorns I thought this large, loveable FlipaZoo (RRP $29.99) would make the perfect bedtime buddy for our troublemaker. As expected it was love at first sight so after promising to sleep in her own bed Juliet did a total flip and has slept through the night ever since, safely snuggled up with her new friend (of course he makes a great daytime friend too).


But she is not the only one doing a flip, as the name suggests each FlipaZoo plush toy comes with a fun twist too. With a bit of a wiggle, a slide and a pull your FlipaZoo transforms into a brand new character, so you get two animals in one! From a magical unicorn to a friendly dragon and back again, it’s what dreams are made of.

flipazoo-hedgehogThere are currently six different FlipaZoo designs to choose from and they are all equally soft, cute and adorable: Unicorn/ Dragon, Elephant/ Tiger, Bee/ Lady Bug, Hedgehog/ Turtle, Giraffe/ Hippo and Husky/ Polar Bear. It’s not easy to pick favourites but I personally have a soft spot for the FlipaZoo Hedgehog, isn’t he just gorgeous? You can find the FlipaZoo family at Big W stores across Australia and in the Big W Online Store.

To find out more about FlipaZoo and to browse the range visit

Nov 132016


At 13 months old miss Harriet is becoming an independent little girl: she brushes her hair, opens cupboards to get/put away bowls, she hangs up her own jacket, tries to put on her socks and shoes, pats the cat and attempts to control the TV and DVD player… she is learning something new every day! When it comes to discovering new things and learning to follow instructions this cute VTech Baby toy is a fantastic exercise:


My Friend Alice (RRP $30) is a cuddly, interactive teddy bear that is specifically designed for curious babies and toddlers aged 6 to 36 months. Not only is she soft and huggable with fun, bright colours, she also sings, talks and teaches your little one a wide range of words, body parts, numbers, colours and much more.


Measuring a generous 35 cm from the tip of her funky sneakers to the top of her fluffy head My Friend Alice offers plenty to see, feel and hear, she sure knows how to make exploring the senses fun. After the initial tight hug we showed Harriet how to press Alice’s hands and feet to make her talk, read a short story or sing a song and she immediately caught on. Her favourite feature is the red heart button that lights up, she just loves hearing the heartbeat.

vtech-my-friend-alfieMy Friend Alice encourages little tots to listen carefully and follow her instructions, e.g. Can you put on my mitten? or Can you find my heart?. When they get it right a loud applause follows to reward their actions. She keeps children busy for ages as they learn to open/close the velcro shoe, do up shoelaces and tuck the hanky/mini-teddy in her pockets. As My Friend Alice, and her boy pal My Friend Alfie, are fun and interesting for different ages and stages they are a great investment for young families.

VTech toys are available at major department stores and independent toy retailers across Australia.

To find out more about VTech, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

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