Forest Fun with ZoomiZooz

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Oct 192019

As fun as it is to have all six children at home on holidays, it is also nice to get back into the school routine and have a slightly quieter house during the day. During the holidays all the kids usually play together, but term 4 has begun so it’s back to preschool play for the two little ones. Ted and Hattie got very spoilt for their birthday a few weeks ago and they are now really enjoying all their fabulous new toys like this great set by ZoomiZooz:

What are Zoomizooz, you ask? These colourful collectable characters have just zoomed their way into Australian toy stores and are quickly bowling over curious pre-schoolers with their fun antics and adventures. On their own they roll, tumble and wobble but the real magic happens when you combine them with one of the ZoomiZooz play sets…

The big ZoomiZooz Tree House (RRP $79.95, ages 1-5) is the perfect home for a busy ZoomiZooz family. The little ZoomiZooz can go up and down in the lift, swirl down the spiral slide or even travel down the cool rope bridge on a magnetic ZoomiZooz seat. With levers to lift, buttons to press, doors to open and much more there is plenty to discover and try for small hands.

All over the Tree House you’ll find clever interactive spots that trigger more than 80 sounds, songs and sentences. There’s even a Magic ZoomiZone that recognises every single ZoomiZooz character eg. ‘Hi, I’m Koala’, ‘Can you put Tiger on the Magic ZoomiZone?’ ‘Hooray! I’m Tiger, roar!’, ‘I’m a cute cat, meow. My eyes are big and shiny’ and many more. Seeing/hearing that their actions (of putting an animal on the ZoomiZone) bring on a response is very rewarding to young children making this is a very popular feature.

As you can tell it gets pretty noisy in this animal kingdom! Parents will be pleased to know there are two volume levels so you can adjust the sound as needed. Whether it’s training those fine motor skills, encouraging pretend play, practising cause and effect or introducing animal names and sounds, ZoomiZooz are full of learning fun. Ted likes a bit of fast-paced action so he loves watching the ZoomiZoos tumble down the rope bridge and sending them on the spiral slide as speedy as they can go.

The ZoomiZooz Tree House comes with four different animal friends (a cow, tiger, cat and monkey) but of course the more is always the merrier. There are currently 4 ZoomiZooz Play Sets and 24 different animal friends to collect (available in single, three or six pack) so you can build your ZoomiZooz world at your own pace. Hip Tip: The cute animal packs make a fantastic budget-friendly stocking filler for a young ZoomiZooz fan!

The ZoomiZooz range is now available at Target, Big W, good toy stores across Australia and selected online retailers.

To find out more about ZoomiZooz, to take a closer look at the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

There’s a buzz…

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Nov 162013

The Hive

Yesterday when I picked up the twins from kindy master 5 was very proud to tell me he received his very first bee sting. Luckily there was no nasty reaction and he recovered from the shock very quickly but he wisely decided that next time he won’t go near bees anymore, I think he’ll stick to watching Buzzbee instead.

The Hive Plush Toys

The Hive RubeeYou don’t have to worry about bee stings with the fabulous new The Hive Plush Toys ($9.99-$14.99). Little fans of popular ABC4Kids TV show The Hive will be over the moon to discover one of these soft, round and very huggable soft toys under the tree this year. Fly around with Buzzbee, smell the flowers with Rubee, help Postman Spider with his deliveries or snuggle up with one of the other friendly characters, these cuddly pals make a cute and affordable Christmas gift.

The Hive Play SetNormally I would advise you to stay far away from a bee hive but you can safely stick your hands into the super cool The Hive Play Set ($59.99, ages 3+). Find out what everyone is buzzing about by unfolding The Hive, it’s like taking a peek at the set of your favourite TV show! There is just so much to see and do, this fun play set provides hours of entertainment (ideal for the school holidays).

The HiveGrow flowers, collect the pollen balls and help out in the honey factory where you can collect the honey in your bucket; the life of a bee is very busy, or should I say buzzy? The Play Set comes with three characters and a bunch of cool play pieces, there is even a throne for the Queen Bee. The characters can hold items in their hands and they can even hook onto the flying rails and woosh down.

The Hive Large Play Set

You can find the fun new The Hive toy range at Myer, Toyworld and ABC stores across Australia.