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Welcome Baby Giveaway – Day 14

When it comes to baby and kids essentials a lot has changed over the last few years, gone are the days of cheap plastic and easy disposables! Not only have modern parents discovered the joys and benefits of recycling and reusing, this new generation of kids products is much safer too.

Silikids range

U.S. label Silikids uses silicone to create a range of trendy children’s products that are innovative, non-toxic, practical, safe and durable with a stylish designer look.

Silikids Sippy TopsTake for example the clever Silikids Sippy Top (RRP $17.99, 2-pack), a stretchy silicone cover that can be placed on top of ordinary cups and glasses to create an instant sippy cup. Keep one in your baby bag so your little one can enjoy a spill-free drink anywhere and anytime, it’s perfect for restaurants or visits to friends and family. Bonus: The tops are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Silikids SilispoonsThe high quality silicone used by Silikids is free from nasty chemicals like BPA, lead, PVC and Phthalates so your precious little ones are not being exposed to potential dangers while eating or drinking. Whether your cheeky tot uses the funky Silispoons (RRP $17.99, 2-pack) for a first messy attempt at self-feeding or to soothe sore gums when tiny teeth come through, you know you’ve made a healthy choice.

To find out more about Silikids, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.silikids.com.au.

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Christmas Countdown – Day 21

I can’t believe it has been 4 (four!) whole years since I last wrote about Silikids. Back then I was raving about their child friendly glasses with silicone sleeves and four years on we are still using the same fabulous Siliskin glasses at home so I have no doubt the winner’s of today’s Christmas Countdown giveaway is going to love this fantastic Silikids Prize Pack:

Silikids range

U.S. label Silikids uses silicone to create a range of trendy children’s products that are innovative, non-toxic, practical, safe and durable with a stylish designer look.

Silikids GlassesSo what’s the deal with Silicone? Silicone is basically made up of silicon (a natural element present in sand, quartz and rock) which when combined with oxygen, carbon and hydrogen transforms into silicone. It’s non-toxic, hypo allergenic, does not promote bacteria or fungus growth and it does not transmit taste to food making it the perfect safe choice when it comes to mealtime products for your precious little ones.

Silikids PlacematThe flexible and foldable Silimap (RRP $14.95) protects your table from any spills and it keeps your little eater busy, kids can even draw on this cool placemat with a non-permanent marker for lots of drawing fun dinner after dinner. Its compact folded size makes Silimap ideal for meals away from home, just slide one in your hand bag to keep grandma’s special table safe (and the kids from getting bored), after dinner simply wipe clean and its good as new.

Silikids bibNot only does Silikids keep your conscience clear by being free nasty toxic chemicals like BPA, PVC and phthalates, it keeps clothes clear too with the very sleek Silibib (RRP $11.95). Any accidental spills will be caught by the handy fold-over pocket so there will be less mess to pick up from the floor. This funky design is soft to touch and easy to wipe clean, you can even wash it in the dishwasher!

To find out more about Silikids, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.silikids.com.

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May 142012

These days when I am filling the plates at dinnertime I find it hard to believe there was a time when the kids ate just a few tiny teaspoons full. Now they eat big bowls full, ask for second serves and still manage to eat plenty of fruit after. But not from our ordinary, boring white plates of course, they prefer something bright and interesting so I know they would love the awesome Oogaa feeding range that recently arrived in Australia.

You can find the fabulous Oogaa products at Boutique Brands, home of lots of hip and stylish goodies for kids. Oogaa ticks all the boxes for modern, eco concious parents: all products are free from BPA and other harsh chemicals, they are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe and they won’t break, chip or make loud noises. Of course they will also get the tick of approval from little ones as they are easy to hold and feature bright colours, fun characters and shapes.

It is definitely the cool shapes of those spoons that everyone is going gaga over (or should I say oogaa?). We all know little ones love getting their food delivered by train or plane and with the Oogaa spoons you can take the mealtime journeys to a whole other level. You can buy the Oogaa tableware as a Mealtime Set ($24.95, 1 bowl and 2 spoons) or purchase the Spoons individually ($8.95), there are mutliple colours to choose from.

Although you’d think kids don’t waste a drop when eating from these funky utensils it is better to be safe than sorry which is where the Oogaa Placemats ($10.95) come in. Like their siblings they are made from soft safe silicone which has many fantastic features, one of my favourites being that it will not support the growth of fungus, mould or bacteria and is heat resistant. Plus it is super flexible and folds easily so it is perfect for on the go.

To find out more about Oogaa, to browse the range and to order online visit www.boutiquebrands.com.au. Extra little bonus: enter the code ‘FREEPOST’ to receive free shipping on your order, anytime (not valid for items on special)!

For your chance to win a Oogaa Mealtime and Placemat Set (Green) visit www.boutiquebrands.com.au and answer the following question: Aside from the Oogaa range, name two other labels available at Boutique Brands.

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Colouring fun at the table

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Mar 112012

Remember the Colour In wallpaper I wrote about earlier this year? I think I have just discovered its little cousins over at Rudy and the Dodo: smaller in size, portable and reusable and of course just as much colouring in fun, check out the lovely designs from French artist Marielle Bazard.

This happens to me all the time: I sit my little monkeys down at the table to do some drawing, and when I come back to check up on them it appears most of drawing was done on the table and not on the paper. If you recognise this I am sure you share my excitement about these Colour Your Own Table Cloths ($49.95). Available in a boys and girls design they offer endless entertainment, washable markers are included and when it is full just throw it in the washing machine and start all over again.

The matching Colour Your Own Placemats ($14.95) are a brilliant size for on the go, perfect to keep your little artists busy at grandma, the restaurant or a grown up party. The drawings on the table cloths and placemats are absolutely gorgeous, featuring all time favourites like princesses, pirates and robots. I especially love how the table cloth print is the right side up from any side of the table, because kids hate drawing upside down.

To find out more about Rudy and the Dodo, to take a closer look at the Marielle Bazard designs and to order online visit www.rudyandthedodo.com.au.