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If you thought fairies are nothing but sweet and fluttery, pink and purple, glitter and fairy dust you clearly haven’t seen the latest Tinker Bell adventure from Disney yet:

Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy Blu-rayIn Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy we meet a feisty, inquisitive fairy called Zarina. As a dust-keeper she is expected to act responsibly with the precious pixie dust but her curiosity gets the better of her and she starts experimenting with the beautiful blue pixie dust. An unfortunate accident is the result and Zarina is no longer permitted to be a dust-keeper so she decides to leave Pixie Hollow.


With her adventurous nature Zarina fits right in with a group of wild pirates and she is even crowned captain of the pirate ship. During a special celebration in Pixie Hollow Zarina returns to cause trouble once again, she steals the fairies’ supply of blue pixie dust while everyone is under a sleepy fairy spell… or maybe not everyone?


Tinker Bell and her friends managed to hide from the sleepy dust so they set off to find Zarina and return the blue pixie dust, it’s the start of an exciting and colourful chase surrounded by magic. While this is the 6th movie in the Tinker Bell series it is actually a prequel to Peter Pan and a very first introduction to the ticking crocodile and a young cabin boy who will later turn out to be Captain Hook. Hook is on a secret mission to learn how to make pixie dust to help him fly and to do so he needs Zarina.


Once Zarina discovers Hook’s secret agenda she tries to return the blue pixie dust to Tinker Bell and her friends, but that is easier said than done. Will the fairies manage to get back what belongs to them? Is there any way Zarina’s special dust mixing skills can be used to do good and what will happen to captain Hook?

Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy is available on DVD ($39.95) and Blu-ray ($49.95) at major retailers across Australia.

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Jun 092013

Cheeky, adventurous Peter Pan, sweet and innocent Wendy, scary Captain Hook, stubborn (and very jealous) Tinker Bell or maybe the hungry tick-tock alligator, I think we all have our memories when it comes to Disney’s Peter Pan. Back in 1953 the world first met Peter, a playful little boy who never gets any older and everyone fell instantly in love with the wonderful dreamy story. Many of us wished we could take a trip to Never Land, maybe you even dreamt that Peter Pan would come into your bedroom at night to whisk you away for a brand new adventure…

Peter Pan Blu-rayNow sixty years later the time has come to share Peter Pan with the children of this generation. Without losing the charm of the 1950’s classic the professionals at Disney have brought Peter Pan back to life with a complete digital restoration that will please both young and old and it’s available in stores as of this week. Because no matter how old you are, if you really believe you will discover a world beyond your imagination just like the Darling children.


Wendy Darling loves telling her little brothers exciting stories about the always adventurous Peter Pan and a bunch of scary pirates, even though her dad thinks she is getting way too old for such ‘nonsense’. He may not believe in Peter Pan but the kids do, so when they receive a night time visit from Peter Pan, who has returned to reclaim his lost shadow, they grab the opportunity to join him on a trip to Never Land. All it takes is a bit of pixie dust (not voluntarily donated by Peter Pan’s fairy friend Tinker Bell) and the will to fly and off they go…


While Peter Pan proudly shows Wendy and her brothers around the island not everyone in Never Land is pleased to see pretty little Wendy arrive, jealous Tinker Bell in particular. She is so unhappy with the special guest that she does everything to get rid of her, and in doing so she leads the nasty pirates straight to Peter. When Wendy is forced to walk the plank Tinker Bell realises her mistake, but is she too late?


Will Captain Hook finally get his hands on Peter? He sure has waited a long time for it. And what will become of Wendy and the boys? Don’t worry, Peter wouldn’t be Peter if he didn’t find a way to save the day.

Peter Pan is available on Blu-ray ($49.95) and DVD ($39.95) at major retailers across Australia.

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