Mama on Monday

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Jun 152015

It’s a quick one today as I’ve been looking after our sick little girl all weekend. Nothing like a midnight hospital visit to throw your relaxing weekend plans out of the window! This quick and comfy casual maternity outfit is perfect for days like this (and any other day really!).

Isla Jeggings



Isla Jegging (RRP $119.95) by Ripe Maternity
I picked up these stretchy Ripe Maternity jeans on sale a few weeks ago and loved them so much I got them in two colours, one to wash and one to wear I say. They fit really well, have a lovely high back and don’t get all floppy and stretched after a few hours of wear. The elasticised side tabs allow for plenty of bump growth and thanks to the belt loops (not that common on maternity jeans!) they can be worn post-baby too while you get back into shape.

JAMiE Ankle Boot (RRP $255) by FRANKiE4
If you have seen me around our neighbourhood lately you have no doubt noticed I LIVE in these FRANKiE4 Ankle Boots. They feel like comfortable slippers and the low heel makes them perfect for chasing after my tribe whilst still being feminine and classy (they look great with jeans). In my opinion the JAMiE boots are the ideal mama-shoe this Winter.

Mama Tricot Trop (€9.99) by H&M Mama
Mama Fine Knit Jumper (€29.99) by H&M Mama
Floral Tube Scarf (€12.95) by Pieces

Inside fun with Makedo

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May 082012

There really is no escaping the cold weather now and it is going to be tricky to find something to entertain the kids inside with for the next few months. Like most other kids my twins enjoy drawing, playing with playdoh or doing a puzzle and they always love building things. I have learnt that everyday items can make the best building tools so I try to keep a stack of cardboard boxes and empty containers on hand for building activities. Don’t worry, you don’t need messy glue or sticky tape, just grab a Makedo kit from Little Obsessions and your kids can start creating too!

There are lots of different Makedo sets available to create anything from small one-child project like planes, flowers, robots and animals to super cool big projects like a shop, playhouse, car and more. The Makedo connector system lets you use ordinary items from around the home and connect them to eachother using reusable clips and hinges. You’ll be surprised at all the awesome things you can make, once you start you’ll find that there are lots of things you can recycle.

Makedo kits are very well priced, starting at $6.95 they make really affordable gifts especially when you consider the reusable aspect of it. There are so many options with a handful of Makedo basics, it is a great way for kids to learn to use their imagination and come up with creative solutions. And of course it is also a perfect opportunity to teach them about waste, recycling and looking after the environment, double win!

Designed for children aged 5 and up the Makedo range is great for older children, both girls and boys, because there is nothing girly about being an ‘inventor’ is there? Little ones can enjoy Makedo too but they would need some help and supervision from an adult, you don’t have to worry about cutting accidents when shaping the cardboard as a special ‘safe-saw’ is included. A Makedo project will keep kids busy for ages and once finished just store the pieces for your next Makedo creation.

To find out more about Little Obsessions, to take a closer look at the Makedo range and to order online visit