Disney Princess giveaway

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May 272018

With princesses being hot news at the moment there are many girls dreaming of finding their own prince charming. Gorgeous dresses, a sparkling crown, a real castle, a dashing prince and preferably a golden carriage and some talking animals too, there is nothing as magical as a princess life. Especially for those little dreamers Disney has created a royal gift fit for a princess:

Exclusively available at Chemist Warehouse the Disney Princess Story Book Perfume (50ml, RRP $19.99) will make any girl feel like a true princess. Each bottle of Story Book Perfume comes beautifully packaged in a special keepsake tin picturing one of Disney’s much loved princesses. Frozen, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella, which Disney Princess is your favourite?

As a mum of four girls I knew that these delightful scents would be a huge hit, the only question was which princess to match with which daughter… Going by the delighted look on their little faces I think I did well, big smiles all around and of course the house smells particularly nice these days as they are making very sure to keep up the perfume throughout the day! They really love the pretty tins with the peek-through window, a lovely place to store their treats and treasures.

Good to know: All Disney Princess Story Book perfumes are ethyl alcohol free and safe for children aged 5 and up. What a wonderful gift idea for your young Disney fan!

To find out more about the Disney Princess Story Book Perfume collection, to locate a stockist near you or to order your favourite online visit www.chemistwarehouse.com.au.

Hop on over to our Instagram page (@thewoottons) and follow the prompts under the Disney Princess giveaway photo for your chance to WIN a Disney Princess Story Book Perfume (RRP $19.99).

A ‘surprise’ gift for mum

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Nov 202012

Usually mums are the first people to say they don’t mind not getting a present for Christmas or their birthday, I am the same myself. I think it is just written into a mum’s job description not to expect presents ever again and let everyone else go first. I really enjoy watching my kids or my husband unpack their gifts and I absolutely love seeing their faces as they discover the surprises inside. In saying that, it is nice to receive something special every now and then even if it means you have to go get it yourself.

The twins admiring all the colourful bath products

As I was loading up my trolley with lots of gorgeous Christmas bits and pieces (more about that another time) the twins ended up at the beauty department of our local Target store. I think they were mostly interested in the colourful boxes of bath crayons and Disney princess shower gels but it did give me a free minute to check out the fragrances section. Personally I very much like getting a new fragrance as it really is a gift that keeps on giving, day in day out. You’ve got to love Target stores because everything is so close together, perfect for one-stop-shopping!

Full Target trolley, and for once mum was not forgotten

‘Heat’ by Beyonce

This is also about where my relaxing shopping experience ended, every child managed to try (at least) four different perfumes on each arm and through this big cloud of wonderful and not-so-wonderful smells I couldn’t work out what I liked most. So I decided to make a quick and practical decision and went for a lovely 3-piece Beyonce Heat perfume gift pack ($49.95). With three 30ml bottles inside I am sure it contains a nice option for any occasion and it looks great as a gift, I’ll even bother to wrap it up and put up a surprised face!

Next time you pop into your nearest Target store take a few minutes to look for yourself too, it is easier than you think and don’t forget the Target Online Store is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. For more information visit www.target.com.au.

Here’s to a lovely present for every single mama this festive season, whether it be a surprise bought by family or a hasty gift purchased by you!