Oct 232016


Grandma, Grandpa, Oma, Opa, Nanna, Pop, Gramps, Pa… No matter what you call the special grandparents in your or your children’s life, they are sure to wear their title with pride. All year around they put their grandkids in first place, but next Sunday the spotlight will be on them! Here’s how to celebrate National Grandparents’ Day (October 30) in style:

wild-paNot that there is anything wrong with a sit-and-read-the-news Pa, a trim-and-tidy-roses Pa or a balding, comb-his-three-long-strands Pa, but you have to admit a Wild Pa (RRP $24.99) does sound pretty exciting! There are no two days the same with this loveable, groovy Pa. If you are blessed with a slightly silly grandfather who is always full of ideas that makes ordinary days amazing this gorgeous picture book is your perfect match.

miss-maes-saturdayWith rain keeping her inside Miss Mae’s Saturday (RRP $16.99) is looking rather boring, but then Grandma gets out a big cardboard box… Grandma and Mae climb on board the box and set off on a wonderful trip around the globe and even the milky way: They spot lions in Africa, have tea in Korea and float around in space. This lovely Grandma has the biggest imagination, I wonder where the box will take them next?

grandpas-big-adventureWe all understand the importance of knowing how to swim, but what if you’re afraid of water? Thankfully there’s no one like a big, brave grandpa to turn a scary situation into a cool adventure, like when Grandpa tells about the time he swam around the world, met the Prince of Whales and bumped his head on the equator. One things is sure, after hearing about Grandpa’s Big Adventure (RRP $19.99) you’ll jump straight in for an adventure of your own.

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