Loubilou brings you Fletcher May

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Oct 102013


Whether you like it or not, online shopping is here to stay. I myself am a big fan of online shopping: it is quick, easy, convenient and often a real life saver for a busy mama with no time to hit the stores. With Christmas coming up you can save yourself lots of time by browsing, comparing and ordering online. You don’t have to drive to the shopping centre, fight for car park, push your way through fifty different stores (hoping that what you’re after is not out of stock!) and line up at the checkout, instead there is only one word to remember: Loubilou.

Hot Air Balloon Magnetic BoardLoubilou is an exciting new online marketplace that has just launched in Australia. It is already a huge hit in the UK and now Australian mums can enjoy all the benefits of Loubilou too. On the Loubilou website you will find an evergrowing range of childrens wares brought to you by independent Australian sellers. By bringing all these products together your shopping has become even easier, just browse the category of your choice and check out all the products that are available, regardless of who sells it.

Fletcher May

By simply ticking a few boxes your screen will automatically be filled with a selection of products that suits your selection criteria. You can even see the prices of all the products, and whether the seller accepts PayPal, without having to go into each product first. From clothing to toys, from decor to books, from furniture to prams, Loubilou has got your whole shopping list covered and new products and sellers are being added all the time. I’ll be keeping an eye on the new arrivals and share with you my favourites, starting with the very hip Fletcher May range.

The 'new girl' keeps us organised and she's fun to play with too

The ‘new girl’ keeps us organised and she’s fun to play with too

South Australian business Fletcher May is on a mission to help modern Aussie families stay organised without losing their sense of style. Their fabulous range of magnetic boards and chalk boards are a simple, stylish and very effective way to keep track of appointments, hold memos and treasure little artworks whilst keeping your fridge door clean and neat. Fletcher May Magnetic Boards are available in a range of colours, styles and sizes to suit your decor with prices starting at $35.95, delivery is free Australia wide.

Paper Doll Magnetic BoardIf I hadn’t spotted this gorgeous Paper Doll Magnetic Board ($59.95, 62cm tall) I may not have discovered Fletcher May at all, but I’m so glad it did. The hot pink gloss finish is very eye catching and my girls were really taken by the new female in the house. We have given her a lovely spot in the playroom where the kids can reach her so they can stick on their latest drawings. They also love decorating her with magnetic letters, a great way to practise their ABCs without hogging the fridge.

To find out more about Loubilou, to browse the Fletcher May range and to order online visit www.loubilou.com.au.

Making school days easier

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Jun 022013

Rudy and the Dodo

Now that the twins are in their third term of kindy they are getting pretty excited about starting ‘big school’ later this year. I myself am a little less excited, I really enjoy our ‘home days’ and on the three kindy days I am often struggling to get ready on time. Make lunches, pack snacks, check for hats and jackets and what about the shared fruit on Wednesdays, the library kits and all the bits and bobs for show and tell? There is so much to remember and it will all get even harder when they start school and join extra activities.

Bag Tags

Daily Planner Bag Tags ($9.95) at Rudy and the Dodo

Daily Planner TagsThese clever Daily Planner Bag Tags ($9.95) from Rudy and the Dodo are designed to make it easier for you and your child to get organised in the morning. The five colourful tags are clearly labeled with the days of the week and on the back of each tag you fill out what goods to pack for that day. So simple but so handy! They help little students become more independent and they’re a great aid for carers and grandparents too if they need to fill in on a weekday. Choose from a boys or girls design.

To find out more about Rudy and the Dodo, to browse the range and to order online visit www.rudyandthedodo.com.au.

Oct 022012

This is a sponsored post for Santa Email via Digital Parents Collective

I am sure you have noticed that more and more stores are putting out their Christmas decorations already, it may seem early but (don’t freak out) Christmas is only a little over 80 days away. Yes, it really is that close! Before you know it the first Christmas toy catalogues will arrive in your letterbox and the kids will start dropping hints about their favourite toys and other presents.

Keeping track of all those wishlists is not easy, usually they tell you all about their wishes just when you are busy cooking or cleaning the bathroom. Then there is the aunt who rings you to say what your nieces and nephew would really like, just when you are outside hanging up the washing. Even if you don’t have a baby brain like me it would be hard to remember everyone’s heart desires! Luckily there is help in the shape of Santa Email.

Santa Email is coming to the rescue of busy Australian parents with a fantastic FREE service. Guided by a parent kids email their wishlist to Santa via the Santa Email website. Parents will receive a copy of the wishlist and can then browse Australia’s favourite online stores to find the best price for each product, simply tick off as you go! You know I am a big fan of shopping online and especially around Christmas time it can be a real sanity saver, no lining up at busy checkouts or fighting for a parking spot.

Aside from helping you remember your children’s wishlists and finding the best prices Santa Email can also save you precious time coordinating presents with other family members. Once your child has submitted his/her wishlist you can choose to share the wishlist with eg. grandparents or aunties and uncles. They can tick their purchases off on the same list and voila, no doubles on the big day!

If you would like the helping hand of Santa Email make sure you ‘like’ Santa Email on Facebook for the latest news and updates. Right now they are giving away a $100 Toys Etc gift card, now that should help with your Christmas budget this year.

To find out more about Santa Email and to send your child’s wishlist off to Santa visit www.santaemail.com.au.

Apr 282012

With just 3 months until our holiday and 4 months until the twins start kindy I am starting to feel a little unorganised. Several times a day I think of bits and pieces I need to do, pack or buy and I know I am still forgetting half. Sometimes I quickly jot down a little note on a piece of paper but more often than not my scraps end up in the hands of my little munchkins, never to be seen again. Luckily I spotted these fabulous chalkboard stickers at Bright Star Kids and I put my order in straight away.

Bright Star Kids range offers a range of chalkboard stickers in lots of styles, sizes and colours. I personally really like the look of the Chalkboard Dots Wall Stickers, they are perfect for making notes for multiple family members or different occassions. Once I have one dedicated spot for notes about the holiday, one for shopping and for kindy I will feel a lot more in control I think! There are three colour combinations to choose from.

My plan is to use up everything in our freezer before we go on holidays and menu planning is super easy with the Chalkboard Panels Wall Stickers. Simply write down your meal ideas for every day of the week and under each day any ingredients you might still need and you will have an empty freezer in no time. You can join both panels together to make one long chalkboard panel or use them as two separate stickers.

Now you probably know that blackboard chalk can be a little chunky to write with, and I am not even mentioning the smudges, dust and how quickly chalk breaks. You won’t have any of these problems if you just grab one (or a few) of the Stabilo Chalk Pencils when you place your Bright Star Kids order. They are available in white, red and yellow and you can sharpen them like an ordinary pencil.

To find out more about Bright Star Kids, to browse the range and to order online visit www.brightstarkids.com.au.

For your chance to win a $50 Bright Star Kids voucher visit www.brightstarkids.com.au and answer the following question: If you were to be our lucky winner what would you spend your voucher on?

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Sunday Coffee with Mor-Stor

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Apr 222012

One thing that is the same in pretty much every household with little people is the generous amount of toys and the short amount of time kids need to make a gigantic mess of a tidy room. Clever and stylish storage solutions are not always easy to find so mum Fatima decided to create her own storage range called Mor-Stor.

So how was her business born, where does the name come from and is her house the perfect example of mess-free and organised? Sit down for a little break and enjoy Sunday coffee with Fatima from Mor-Stor.

What does your ideal Sunday look like?
Our 2 boys in the middle of the bed between my husband and me, and all of us just having a very lazy start to the day.

Why did you start Mor-Stor and how did you decide on the name?
I started Mor-Stor because I couldn’t find any toy storage at the shops that was reasonably priced, big enough and looked good enough to keep in the lounge room with against our other furniture. The name was born from a play on words – mor = having more toys, needing more storage, and then a shortened version of our surname ‘Moore’, and then stor = a shortened version of storage, and also the word ‘store’ as in a shop.

What do you love most about running Mor-Stor?
I find it very rewarding when customers tell us how useful our tubs have been in their home, and also seeing the same customers coming back to buy more.

What is your favourite Mor-Stor design from the current range?
I just can’t go past the Cooper Printed Tub in the Heliplanes design.

Is your house really as tidy and organised as well all think or do you struggle with clutter and mess too?
Ha ha !! I have a 3 year old son. It doesn’t matter how many times I sort through all of his toys and organise them into each tub, they end up all coming out and on the floor. Some days I have to close the door and pretend it’s not there! I’m on a mission to teach him about being tidy!

To find out more about Mor-Stor, to browse the range and to order online visit http://www.mor-stor.com.au.

Get organised with Inner-B + 20% off

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Jan 172012

As you know one of my new year resolutions is to have a better organised home, but to be honest my day-to-day life could do with some organisation as well. I used to think I was quite organised and had everything under control, but after forgetting a few birthdays and even a hairdressing appointment (costing me $49 for nothing) I realised something had to change. So on the weekend I made a start, I sat down and filled out my new Mum Organiser from Inner-B.

Australian company Inner-B is passionate about helping mums live a more organised life, so they can feel in control and less stressed (more time to enjoy the little things in life!). The Inner-B range contains 13 products that will help you become more organised and to get off on a good start in 2012 Inner-B is offering Hip little one readers an exclusive 20% discount on the whole range, simply enter the code ‘HLO’ at checkout (valid until January 25, 2012).

My Inner-B Mum Organiser is making my life a lot easier by storing all kinds of information for me. All you need to do is ‘follow the prompts’ so I filled out everything I could and straight away felt a little lighter and happier, knowing I don’t have to remember every birthday or appointment myself. With one week spread over 2 pages there is plenty of room for all my scribbles. I was surprised to see how quickly my weeks and months filled up!

It is really helpful to see your plans in front of you by week and month, I can now easily see where it gets too much. With the twins starting kindy this year my diary will become a lot fuller so it feels great to have a little memory help. I should have invested in a Mum Organiser much earlier, it would have been such a great help with all those new mum and baby check ups, immunisations etc. If you are looking for a babyshower gift the Inner-B Mum Organiser would make a lovely, much appreciated present for sure.

Aside from the obvious calendar and diary aspect the Mum Organiser contains useful pages for many other occasions like planning birthdays, holidays or a new fitness regime, your favourite websites, stores and books you wants to read, your family’s medical information and much more. The Mum Organiser ($44.95) is available in Fuchsia, Lime Green and Turquoise and you can re-use it year after year by just replacing the pages with a Mum Organiser Refill ($16.95).

Although I am generally quite an organised person there is one thing I am struggling to keep on top of, my freezer. Looking at my freezer you’d think I have been through a war and am scared of running out of food ever again, I just like the idea of always having something on hand and not having to run to the shop last minute. I decided to tackle my freezer and planned all the meals for the next few weeks ahead using my Inner-B Weekly Menu Planner.

The Inner-B Weekly Menu Planner Notepad ($6.95) sticks to your fridge with a magnetic strip so it is hard not be organised when you walk past it all the time. The notepad features 30 pages (= 30 weeks) and on each page you have room to plan your 7 days of meals PLUS a shopping list. Very handy as I often don’t make what I want because I am missing a few ingredients. Now that I plan ahead I can make sure I have everything I need on hand, saving me time and I finally get to empty my freezer.

To find out more about Inner-B, to order your favourite Inner-B products or to locate a stockist near you visit www.inner-b.com.

Jan 142012

Yesterday I wrote about how much my kids enjoy the Hinkler Workbooks, they love trying their hand at the alphabet and numbers. Aside from the workbooks they have shelves full of picture books and storybooks in all shapes and sizes. I absolutely love books myself and when I find some gorgeous books in the stores I just can’t resist them. Finding a way to keep the books neat and tidy is not easy, if only I lived closer to the brand new Little Yoyo Styles store I could go check out their beautiful storage solutions with my own eyes.

You may know Little Yoyo Styles from the gorgeous online store filled with great products for babies, kids and even mums, but you may not know they have a brick and mortar store too located in Eastwood NSW. The new store has only just opened so now you can come and look, feel and test all those lovely items for yourself and take them home straight away!

Keen to get more organised this year I would love to take a closer look at some of the beautiful storage solutions from the Little Yoyo Styles range. I am particularly interested in the Fruut Storage System. It all starts with the birch wood Fruut Tree, a gorgeous piece that would look fabulous in any room. From there you can go whichever way you like, you can use it to hang up dress ups, coats, hats or use the sweet Fruut Sacks to keep little toys together and the floor clean.

This delightful Tidy Books Box caught my eye straight away. Every night my twins get to pick a book each and we read a bedtime story in bed, the books often end up under their pillows (within reach for a sneaky night time read), on the ground or behind the bed leaving the books damaged and wrinkled. The Tidy Books Box can hold up to 40 books and can be carried around from room to room, keeping them tidy and off the ground.

The bigger sister of the Tidy Books Box is the Tidy Books Bookcase, a clever way of storing your children’s books and creating an inviting place where kids can view the enticing covers and grab the ones that appeal to them. The Tidy Books Bookcase is like a kids version of a magazine stand, so many awesome pictures and titles waiting to be picked. The bookcase is available in natural, white, blue and pink and with choice of lowercase, uppercase or no letters on the shelves.

To find out more about Little Yoyo Styles, to browse the range and to start shopping visit www.littleyoyostyles.com.au or drop by at the Little Yoyo Styles retail store. Delivery within Australia is FREE for orders over $20. Like Little Yoyo Styles on Facebook to reveal your special 20% off discount code.

For your chance to win a $50 Little Yoyo Styles gift voucher (to be used in store or online) visit www.littleyoyostyles.com.au and answer the following question: Aside from the items featured above, which item would you like to go see in the new Little Yoyo Styles store?

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