A tidy house with Minnie Mouse

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Jul 032016

Worlds Apart

Whether it’s a piece of Lego, a Barbie shoe, a crayon stub or a scrap of paper, if you leave anything small on the floor Harriet is sure to find it. Now that our little Speedy Gonzalez can cross the room in the blink of an eye all non baby-friendly toys have been banned to the playroom so that the lounge room is safe all the time. Harriet’s own toys have found a neat new home too thanks to Worlds Apart:

Minnie Mouse 1 copy

This adorable Minnie Mouse 6-Bin Storage Unit (RRP $109.95) allows Harriet to have all her toys within reach and keep our living room tidy and organised at the same time. As small as she is she can easily see all of her toys and pick something she would like to play with, although just tipping out everything seems to be a favourite activity for our little mess-maker.

Minnie Mouse 2 copy

While the Storage Unit is compact in size (60 x 64 x 30cm) I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of storage space it offers, you can fit quite a lot in the six boxes. The fact that the boxes are made of fabric (as opposed to hard plastic) is a big plus for me, it makes them soft to touch and quiet in use. Sometimes I take out one of the boxes and sit her down with it to browse through and play with, it keeps her busy and makes tidying up simple too.

MInnie Mouse 3 copy

The Minnie Mouse Storage Unit comes as a flat-pack and is very easy to put together, the MDF frame is sturdy yet lightweight so you can simply lift it up and move it around the house if needed. The unit is the perfect height for young children, allowing them to safely reach the top boxes and see inside and therefore reducing the chance of accidents.

Minnie Mouse 4 copy

And of course the design is not just practical, with its bright, inviting girly colours and cute Minnie Mouse print with floral details this toy storage unit is every little girl’s dream. It would look lovely in a bedroom, playroom or even the living room and it suits a range of ages. Hattie’s older sisters Sybil (3), Juliet (almost 6) and Olivia (almost 8) are all asking for a ‘Minnie Mouse cupboard’ for their own bedroom, it’s a hit with everyone!

Minnie Mouse 5 copy

Not into Minnie Mouse? Don’t worry, Worlds Apart has all little Disney fans covered. The Bin Storage System is available in other licensed Disney characters too eg. Disney Princesses, Monsters University and Cars, which one is your favourite?

To find out more about Childsmart and to browse the Worlds Apart range visit www.childsmart.com.au or get social with @Childsmart on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

Jan 292016

Bellhop Bags

If being more organised is one of your New Year resolutions for 2016 you are going to love today’s find. Whether you are a busy mama with little ones, a hard-working career woman or both, there is a good chance you won’t leave the house without a nice handbag or baby bag with all your important must-haves. Often the messy interior doesn’t match the stylish outside, thankfully Bellhop Bags is here to bring order to your chaos:

Bellhop Bags

Bellhop Files are a versatile sorting system that can be used in combination with your regular bag, so you don’t have to give up on your personal style. No more hunting in the dark, find instantly what you are looking for with Bellhop!

Bellhop Files BlueA set of Bellhop Files (RRP $39, Manhattan Red or Kaikoura Blue) consists of four strong canvas zip-up ‘files’ which connect to each other and your bag using a simple carabiner clip. Each Bellhop File has a convenient mesh window so you easily view the contents and a handy tab on top so you can grab the right file when you need it without wasting time. Some pre-printed and blank labels for your tabs are included.

Bellhop Files RedThe suggested tabs are a great start: Personal (driver’s licence, phone, wallet and keys), Change (some nappies and a packet of wipes), Toys (a few books, a small toy, some crayons and paper), Snacks (some prepackaged crackers, muesli bars, a box of sultanas and nuts) and more. They are items most mums will bring along when they are out and about and things you sometimes need in a hurry (nappy accident anyone?).

But of course there are plenty of other great uses for the Bellhop Files, the options are endless. How about giving each child their own file to fill with little bits and pieces for a car trip? A little make-up file for yourself for a quick makeover on the go? An emergency kit for the kids with a toothbrush and toothpaste, a hair brush, some hair clips and a clean pair of undies?

Bellhop Files Upclose

Do you have a cheeky toddler or two who love digging through your bag for a tasty snack or something to play with? Now you can instantly give them the right Bellhop File without the kids throwing out all your personal belongings for everyone to see. If you are swapping your bag for the day to suit your outfit or the occasion you can simply transfer your files too. Bellhop Files: Quick, convenient, easy!

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To find out more about Bellhop Bags, to browse the range and to order online visit www.bellhopbags.com.au.

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Jan 172013

Kicky Pants

Now that we have swapped our much-loved Subaru Outback for a big 8-seater I am quickly realising that all that extra space has its pros and cons. Where I used to be able to reach behind me to supply the kids with endless snacks and toys and solve many an argument I am now struggling to make myself heard to the back row. From now on I will have to be more organised and make sure they have all their goodies within reach. On my hunt for clever car organisers I came across this cute Auto Mobile by Kicky Pants.

Kicky Pants Auto Mobile

Kicky Pants Auto MobileThe Auto Mobile would be perfect for my youngest two sitting in the middle row. You simply attach it to the two handles on the ceiling and you can hang your child’s favourite toys from it using toy links, 3 toy links are included. Toy links are widely available and don’t cost much, even many supermarkets sells them. You can hang up one bigger activity toy or pick a few smaller items for some variety. What an easy way to prevent toys dropping on the ground again and again!

Auto Mobile Turquoise FloralA big bonus of the Kicky Pants Auto Mobile is that it can be used by multiple children at the same time and suits both forward facing and backward facing car seats. This makes it a great product for young families with babies and/or toddlers. The Kicky Pants Auto Mobile ($24.95) is available in Turquoise Floral and Starburst print and you can find it in at the gorgeous Avidiva store.

To find out more about Avidiva, to browse the range and to order online visit www.avidiva.com.au.

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Oct 302011

Just after the twins were born I suffered badly from babybrain but I was still hoping this wouldn’t last forever, surely once the babies would start sleeping through my elephant memory would return to its pre-baby state? Yes the kids are all sleeping through, and I have managed to fit in baby number three, but my memory and concentration skills are far from what they used to be and I really need to write things down to remember them. The MUMentum Family Organiser is a great tool to help you remember not only your own plans but also the schedules of your other family members.

The MUMentum Family Organiser (RRP $15.95) was designed by two mums, who know exactly how hard it is to run a busy family and do it all without making double appointments or forgetting important meetings. This handbag sized diary has plenty of room to keep track of everyone’s plans in a clear overview so you can feel under control and on top of it all. The diary is packed full of clever features and you can fill in the dates yourself so you don’t have to wait until January to start getting organised.

The MUMentum range is distributed in Australia by Lifestyle Parenting who has a whole range of innovative products under it’s umbrella. For mums there is a selection of great products on offer for example Milkscreen, a home test which detects alcohol in breast milk. Thanks to Milkscreen mum can have the occasional drink or celebrate a special occasion with a glass of champagne, knowing that her breastmilk is safe for baby.

For babies and kids Lifestyle Parenting has selected some fantastic products too: from Cheeki stainless steel bottles and Playtex cups and mealtime sets to the funky Groovy Grippers utensils, from the Drop Buddy to the very clever Wee Target and much more. This last one is a real cool way to help boys aim in the toilet bowl saving you a lot of mess to clean up: when your son manages to hit the target a cool picture appears, how cool is that?

If you like the Lifestyle Parenting range you can sign up for the free Lifestyle Parenting Hot Offer Coupon Programme to receive regular email updates with great discounts on your favourite Lifestyle Parenting products. You can also keep up to date by joining the Lifestyle Parenting Facebook page, they are giving away a $50 gift card every week!

To find out more about Lifestyle Parenting, to browse their range of products and to locate your nearest stockist visit www.lifestyleparenting.com.

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