May 302018

The uggs are back in use, the woodfire is on and the beds are made with flannelette sheets… the cold season has well and truly arrived! She may be old enough for a proper girl bed, but Hattie is definitely not big enough to manage the sheets and keep her quilt on throughout the night. Of course I hate to think that she’s laying there in the cold, so I trust ergoPouch to keep her warm all night long:

Super soft, padded and snuggly warm, stepping into a ergoPouch 2.5 TOG Winter Sleep Suit (RRP $64.95) is pretty much like being wrapped up in a cosy quilt that fits your body like a glove. I secretly wish they made these awesome sleep suits in my size too!

Over the years ergoPouch has become known around the globe for its dedication to natural fibres, offering parents a safe choice for their baby and the environment. By avoiding nasty chemicals and itchy synthetic fabrics ergoPouch has also earnt the tick of approval from the Eczema Association, great peace of mind for those with sensitive skin! The Winter Sleep Suit outer is made with 95% organic cotton with a touch of elastane to allow active kids to move around freely, while the thick 100% organic cotton filling keeps cold chills at bay with a 2.5 TOG rating.

As Hattie is past the sleeping bag stage the Winter Sleep Suit is the perfect next step, it’s just as comfortable and warm and at the same time it allows her to hop in and out of bed by herself and walk around too. Dressing your little sleepy head and midnight nappy checks/changes are a breeze thanks to the special three-way zip, opening up both the front and back. It also has super handy fold-over cuffs at the wrists (up to size 2) and ankles, allowing you to cover tiny toes and little hands in just a flash.

The 2.5 TOG Winter Sleep Suit is currently available in sizes 1 to 5 years and comes in three gorgeous prints to suit boys and girls: Midnight Arrows, Petals and Triangle Pops.

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Bedtime with Aden + Anais

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Mar 302012

After a few weeks of next to no sleep I can only wish we were still in the newborn stage, when all it took was a nice swaddle and our babies slept all night through. Sleep is so important for little ones and for parents too, if the kids sleep well you will feel much happier and more rested the next day. My three always slept wrapped for the first 7 months (my youngest even 10 months) of their life and after that they moved on to a sleeping bag which worked really well. If you are looking for a soft, snuggly and stylish sleep solution for this winter look no further than the Aden + Anais range from Gummy Babies.

The Aden + Anais muslin wraps are famous for their beautiful patterns and generous size, at 120 x 120cm they last for months and the extra fabric will ensure your baby doesn’t burst out of the wrap at the tiniest stretch of arms or legs. The wraps are made of organic cotton to provide a safe environment for baby that is free of chemicals and gentle on the skin. There is choice from lots of neutral, boys and girls styles.

Once that time comes to ditch the wrap (always a little sad but it will happen sooner or later) the Aden + Anais sleeping bags will provide all the comfort and warmth your baby needs. The sleeping bags are designed to replace the need for loose bedding which reduces the risk of SIDS. They are made of 100% cotton muslin which is soft and breathable making them ideal for both summer and winter.

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Bamboo Care at Bubzyboo

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Jan 312012

Call me crazy but I am already thinking ahead of what our kids should wear on our plane trip to Holland later in the year. With over 24 hours of travelling by plane and spending time at Kuala Lumpur Airport it is important I pick something that is comfortable, soft, practical and suited to different temperatures. I know that bamboo clothing will tick all those boxes so for the baby I might start with the Bamboo Care Yoga Pants from Bubzyboo.

We have had the Bamboo Care Yoga Pants for 3 months or so and she wears them all the time. At the time I picked the pale pink colour but I might invest in the white too for when I want to match it with other colours. They are super soft for playing and even sleeping in and so easy to put on and take off (perfect for on the plane). The pants are made of 70% organic bamboo and 30% organic cotton.

Bamboo and organic cotton fabrics are a great choice for little ones with sensitive or eczema prone skin, at the moment my little miss is doing great (except for her face and feet) but I know it can flare up with the smallest change of diet or weather. Another fabulous feature of bamboo is that it helps regulating the temperature, so during hot weather it cools down and the other way around, an ideal fabric choice for a cool plane trip and humid airports.

Within the Bamboo Care range you’ll find long and short sleeve onesies, yoga pants and singlets in pink, white and blue. Designed for babies the clothing is available in sizes 0-3, 3-6, 6-12 and 12-18 months. My little lady is very chubby so I feared she would be too big but the sizing is actually rather generous and there is plenty of room left for her to grow into these next few months.

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