Feb 032014

Books 4 Schools

Last week I introduced you to the fantastic Books 4 Schools initiative from Australian Office and I am glad to see so many of you discovering this super helpful website. We also launched an awesome giveaway where you can win 1 of 2 $100 Books 4 Schools Scrapbook Packs to give your craft cupboard a boost for the school year ahead. But there is more…

Olympic Exercise Book Pack

Big or small, ruled, graph, grid or blank, thin or thick, project, exercise, science or notebook; there are so many different school books to choose from! Because shopping for school stationery supplies can be quite a time consuming task the helpful team at Books 4 Schools is saving Australian families time and stress with the practical Scholatic Ruling Guide.

Reflex Binder BookYou can download the free Scholatic Ruling Guide online and use it to create a complete school book shopping list from Australia’s favourite school stationery brands Olympic, Tudor, Reflex and Tudor Eco. All different book styles, sizes and details are clearly listed so it saves you lots of puzzling.  Using the unique reference code that is printed on the front of all the school books finding the correct school book is a piece of cake.

Olympic PP rangeThis school year iconic Australian brand Olympic is shaking things up a little in the school books department with the exciting new Olympic PP range. Featuring tough plastic covers in a selection of bright colours the new PP exercise books do not only look super stylish but they are also extremely durable and sure to last the year. Students can be pretty rough when packing their school bags so these strong covers will prevent torn or bent covers and you can even wipe off sticky messes with ease.

To celebrate the start of the new school year we are giving away two Books 4 Schools Stationery Packs filled with $100 worth of exercise books in all kinds of styles, sizes and colours. If you have little or big students in school this is the perfect giveaway for you!

To find out more about Books 4 Schools, to discover valuable tools for parents, students and teachers or to download the handy Scholatic Ruling Guide visit www.books4schools.com.au.

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Jan 282014

Books 4 Schools

And that was the school holidays done and dusted. It was mostly fun, games and lots of laughter and at times also rather challenging with four young children at home to entertain. As you know my little people absolutely love anything crafty but it can be tricky to keep coming up with new projects (without spending a fortune on supplies). Luckily there is help, check out the awesome blog by education expert Mrs Curwood on www.books4schools.com.au:

Olympic Aussie Animals ScrapbookBooks 4 Schools is a fabulous website by Australian Office, the team behind Australia’s much loved scholastic brands Olympic, Reflex, Tudor and Tudor Eco. Chock-a-block with interesting and inspiring articles, helpful tips and loads of fun activities and ideas for children, parents and teachers Books 4 Schools is a great website to bookmark; there is lots to read and learn and you never know when it will come in handy!

Olympic Megasaurus ScrapbookCraft activities are a fantastic boredom buster and an excellent way to keep little minds active, they are also an awesome preparation tool for children getting ready to start school (like our twins). Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that are the most fun, all last week’s craft project took was a new Olympic scrapbook for each of them (from $1.54 each at leading retailers, news agencies and stationery resellers), glue sticks, scissors and a pile of (free!) junk mail.

Olympic Wings ScrapbookFor the twins I assigned a different letter of the alphabet to every scrapbook page (minus the ‘tricky’ letters), their job was to find, cut out and stick down objects starting with that letter (quite the challenge when you are 5!). For miss 3 I assigned a different colour to each page and her assignment was to spot pictures featuring that colour, cut them out with her toddler scissors and glue them down. So simple, so cheap, yet so much fun!

Because our children are usually generous with glue and ink we opted for the larger sized Megasaurus and Animals scrapbooks, the premium quality paper is thick and strong and up to the task. Olympic scrapbooks (64-72 pages) are available in a different styles and sizes so you can pick a scrapbook to suits your project and theme perfectly. Featuring famous Aussie animals, cool dinosaurs big and small and other colourful designs the Olympic scrapbook range is ideal of kids’ drawing, writing, sticking and scrapbooking activities for school or home.

To find out more about Books 4 Schools, to discover valuable tools for parents, students and teachers or to download the handy Booklist Reference Guide visit www.books4schools.com.au.

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