Sip in style with Steely

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Jun 092016


When it comes to mealtimes our little miss Harriet is getting better by leaps and bounds. She now happily enjoys three small meals a day and her tongue tie is no longer causing any trouble, I am so glad we decided to go ahead with the procedure. She is also getting more confident with drinking from a cup and has sips of water throughout the day using this baby-friendly drink bottle by Steely:

Steely 6

The trendy Steely bottles and cups are made from strong, high-quality stainless steel making them not only stylish but safe too. Unlike many plastic bottles they are completely free from BPA and other nasties so they are the perfect healthy pick for parents who want only the best for their child and the environment (and surprisingly budget friendly!).

Steely 2

With Hattie’s initial feeding issues in mind we felt the Steely First Sipper (RRP $12.95, 4 months+) was a good starting point for independent drinking. The non-slip handles are the ideal size for small baby hands and the easy flow spout makes drinking a breeze, there is no super strong sucking required. I think the 250ml capacity is spot on for young babies, big enough to last the day without too many refills and small and light enough for them to hold.

Steely 5

Thanks to the durable 18/8 surgical stainless steel the water stays cool and fresh for longer and the material does not discolour or smell like plastic often does. One of my other favourite features is the ease of cleaning, the First Sipper comes apart in three separate pieces (cup, spout and ring) that can be cleaned in the dishwasher, less scrubbing for me!

To find out more about Childsmart and to browse the Steely range visit or get social with @Childsmart on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

Simple Steps to Starting Solids

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Feb 172016

Heinz Baby Basics

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Heinz Baby Basics

No matter how much I wish she would stay small forever, our beautiful little Harriet is growing up fast and she is definitely no longer a newborn. Now that she is almost 5 months old and weighs in at an impressive 7kg this gorgeous girl is starting to get very interested in all the ‘grown-up food’ she is missing out on, I think her first try of solids is just around the corner.

Heinz Baby

As cute as that ‘first bite’ photo will look on your wall, after four kids I know that starting solids also comes with a fair bit of work and a huge amount of mess. Here are a few tips and tricks to make this stage enjoyable for all:

Cook in bulk
Instead of preparing one tiny bowl of fresh food every day it is much more time efficient (and budget friendly) to cook larger quantities and store them in your freezer. If you freeze your baby’s meals in bite-size portions you can simply take out a single serve when needed; quick, easy and less wasted food.

Freezer Pod TrayThe practical Freezer Pot Tray holds six convenient 60ml pods, an ideal size for little tummies. Hungry baby? Simply pop out the frozen food to defrost your nutritious home-made meal or microwave the contents directly in the container, yay for less washing up! The tray keeps all your pods neatly organised while the individual pods are great for on-the-go too, the secure clip-on lid avoids messy spills in your nappy bag.

Tip: Use the coloured lids to ‘colour-code’ your meal stash, eg. green for vegetables, pink for fruit/dessert and blue for breastmilk.

Heinz Freezer Tray

Drip, drop, splash
Babies + Food = Mess, and lots of it. Whether you like it or not, as soon as you start solids you are in for a whole lot of gooey, sticky, slippery, crunchy, caked on mess. Thankfully there are a few things that could help limit the damage like a good absorbent bib, a non-spill cup, a splat mat under the table and of course this clever invention:

UnbelievabowlThe innovative Unbelievabowl Suction Bowl uses super strong suction to safely secure your baby’s bowl to the high chair or table. Not only will this keep the bowl from tipping over by accident, it also makes it much easier for baby to scoop out dinner without having to hold onto the bowl AND your cheeky eater can’t throw the bowl on the ground in protest. Now that’s what I call a sanity saver!

Heinz Suction Bowl

Make mealtime fun
You may have heard the saying ‘Food before one is just for fun’, for now it’s all about introducing your baby to different flavours and textures and basically letting them have fun with food. It is no secret that babies love bright colours and interesting shapes so make sure you bring those to the table too.

Heinz Baby SpoonsThese funky Weaning Spoons are available in a range of attractive colours and are sure to appeal to inquisitive babies. The easy-grip handle is specifically designed for small hands that are still learning and the Flexisoft tip is gentle on sensitive gums. As babies grow and gain independence they can start their self-feeding journey with the First Feeding Spoons, the feeding experts at Heinz have all stages covered.

You can find the Heinz Baby Basics range in the baby aisle at your local Coles or Woolworths supermarket.

To find out more about Heinz Baby Basics, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

Discovera Easy Drink Cup

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Oct 162011

Like many other mums I have a so-called ‘Tupperware’ cupboard where I store all my containers, cups and lids. I know most cups are (or claim to be) non-spill but personally I like a lid on them just to be safe (I would hate leaks in my nappy bag) and hygienic (a clean spout to drink from is a must). With three small children I have a rather large range of cups in all sorts of styles, brand and sizes so when I go out I am struggling to quickly find the right lid to go with each bottle, if they haven’t lost the lid already. This is never an issue with the Discovera Easy Drink Cup.


The Discovera Easy Drink Cup (6 months+) is cleverly designed so that you can fold the attached hygienic cap into a special cut out/opening in the lid, neatly out of the way yet it can’t get lost. The cap seals nicely when closed but little hands can easily open the lid for independent mealtime drinking. Whether the hygenic cap is open or closed you never have to worry about spills because the unique, patent pending Samtech valve is truly non spill.

Aside from the very handy hygenic cap storage and the fantastic Samtech valve I am very excited about the spout design. Unlike the plastic, see through spouts/straws which my cheeky baby chews through in no time this cup has a soft but sturdy spout that even she hasn’t even been able to make a single teethmark on. Very important too: the Discovera Easy Drink Cup is BPA free so it is a safe choice for your baby.

For more information about the Discovera range, the Easy Drink Cup (RRP $14.95) and to find a stockist near you visit

Oct 112011

Sometimes children get into a habit and you wish you could reverse what you did, like when I gave them a drink of water during the night a weeks ago. Ever since that night they ask for a cup of water next to their bed, and no matter how many times I say they don’t need it they insist on it. Unfortunately this midnight drink has been causing us some troubles, the first issue is that they can’t really find it in the dark and the second issue is that when they do find it they spill water everywhere, when they drink but also as they try and put it away without light to show them the bedside table. You can imagine my excitement when Suki from Sukimama told me about the Litecup and all my problems now belong to the past.

Litecup ($18), available in 7 colours

The Litecup is, wait for it, a cup and light in one. The cup features a light-up base that gives the cup a warm glow at night so it is very easy to find (and put back) and it even has an automatic sensor which means the light switches on when it’s dark and off when light. The BPA free, dishwasher safe Litecups are cleverly designed with a non-spill lid and a unique 360º easy flow seal, so you can drink from any angle without making a mess.

In store I also spotted the Dimples Sleepsac, available in a Merino wool/cotton blend design ($139.95, 0-2 and 2-4) for autumn, winter and spring and a cool organic cotton design ($109.95, 0-2) for the warm summer months. What really makes the Sleepsac stand out from the crowd is the way it converts from sleepingbag to jumpsuit. Toddlers can stay warm as if they were in a sleeping bag but they can stand up and walk too, more/longer wear for your money and an easy transition!

Bobux i-Walk Sneaker

Very high on my wishlist are these Bobux shoes for my youngest daughter, by the time summer comes around she should be ready for the Bobux i-Walks and hopefully by then I have also made up my mind between the pink and navy Mary Jane shoe. I-walks ($64.95, 21-24) are made of high quality eco leather and feature a fully flexible anti-slip sole, they are perfect for active toddlers and the ideal next step after soft soled baby shoes.

To find out more about Sukimama, to browse the range and place an order online visit

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