National Reconciliation Week giveaway

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May 272020

Whether the kids are back at school or still learning along from home, starting today many students across Australia will be learning about National Reconciliation Week (May 27 – June 3). What is reconciliation, why is it important and why is it important to all of us? Reconciliation Australia captures the message like this:

At its heart, reconciliation is about strengthening relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous peoples, for the benefit of all Australians’

We thought Reconciliation Week was a perfect opportunity to share a bunch of beautiful Magabala Books for children created by some of Australia’s most talented Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. Cuddle up with your kids on the couch or share a story (or a few) in your class room to celebrate, honour and recognise the traditional heart of Australia:

Respect (RRP $24.99) is probably my favourite pick for Reconciliation Week as it truly echos the beauty of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture in a simple yet heartfelt way that children will enjoy and understand. From their songs and their stories, the respect for their elders, ancestors, family, the country and the nature around them, it is all part of their rich culture and it is something people of all ages can learn from and share in.

If you are looking for inspiration for an Aboriginal art project to do at home or school look no further, Cunning Crow (RRP $24.99) is an absolute treat! Filled with the most amazing Aboriginal art by Gregg Dreise this colourful book takes us back to the Dreamtime, a time long ago when all the birds were white. One day a strike of lightning ignites a magical fire of rainbow colours, painting lorikeets in stunning bright colours, adding a bright yellow crest to the cockatoo and dressing Waan the crow in orange and red shades.

But Waan is not happy with his colouring and wants to look better and brighter than the other birds. In an attempt to improve his looks the cunning crow decides to recreate the magical fire, but instead of bright colours he ends up burning his feathers to a deep, dark black. Next time you see a black crow, remember to celebrate what makes you different and never to change yourself to be like someone else. We are all special and unique and together we make up a dazzling rainbow.

Goannas, mirritji, bull sharks, bakarra… Practise counting to ten, discover ten beautiful animals and learn their English and Ritharrŋu names in Counting Our Country (RRP $12.99). Don’t worry, Ritharrŋu artist and author Jill Daniels has even included a handy pronunciation guide to help you on your way with confidence. With its simple, bright illustrations and sturdy cardboard pages this sweet board book is perfect for our youngest Aussies.

Willy-Willy Wagtail (RRP $24.99) is the first book in Helen Milroy’s new ‘Tales from the Bush Mob’ series, throughout the series we will get to know all the members of the mob. But let’s start at the beginning, when everyone still spoke different languages and no one could understand each other. It all began when curious Willy Wagtail, helped by Gusto the Wind, set off to learn about all the different bush animals, their countries, their languages and their stories.

All Willy’s newfound knowledge comes in handy when a bushfire breaks out and slowly the animals are brought together. With 64 pages and quite a lot of text (and of course lovely pictures) Willy-Willy Wagtail is a great Australian lesson for older children about (animal) diversity, communicating and working together. Keep your eye out for the next two exciting titles in the Bush Mob series: The emu who ran through the sky and The sweetest egg of all.

Living alone in the Australian desert Bubbay wants nothing more than a family of his own. One summer night he makes a wish on a shimmering falling star and that is the beginning of Bubbay’s Desert Adventure (RRP $17.95). Guided by the spirit of his old grandma Gubarlee he sets off on a mission to find five special things for the star: A stone, an egg, a seed, a feather and a shell. Will he find them all before sunrise and what is the special surprise that awaits him?

We know all about puppies, kittens and lambs, but what about the offspring of an echidna, dugong, eagle or bilby? In What do you call a baby…? (RRP $12.99) Kimberley artist Kamsani Bin Salleh will show you a gorgeous puggle, eaglet, chick, pup, calf, tadpole, hatchling and joey and their proud mamas. This delightful board book is made for curious little hands and young readers will love the eye-cathing pastel coloured art.

To find out more about Magabala Books, to browse the range and to order your favourite Magabala titles online visit

For your chance to win a Magabala Books prize pack (RRP $118.90) containing the six titles featured above head over to the Hip Little One Facebook page, good luck!

‘Going to the Footy’ giveaway

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Sep 042019

My little students can never get enough of art and craft. Thankfully the school provides plenty of creative opportunities and the kids especially enjoyed learning about (and even trying their hand at) indigenous art at school some time ago. There are many talented artists among the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities and how they depict their amazing country in their own unique style is truly eye-catching.

Thanks to Magabala Books people all over the Australia and even the world are able to experience the talent and diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, what a fabulous way to share the rich Australian culture! Tiwi artist Debbie Coombes inherited her love of painting from her grandfather and has used his teaching and her heritage as inspiration for this sweet picture book.

We all know Australians love their footy, people come from far and wide to see their favourite teams face off against each other on the footy field. But how do all these footy fans get there? From a bus to a barge, from a tinny to a trail bike and everything in between, in Going to the Footy (RRP $19.99) we take a closer look at different modes of transport. The book features simple words for easy reading and delightful Tiwi art in traditional colours. How will you get to your next game?

As a special treat for our Hip Little One readers Magala Books has put together three fabulous ‘Going to the Footy’ prize packs valued at $60 each. Each pack contains a copy of the ‘Going to the Footy’ book, a beautiful printed tea towel and a gorgeous set of two coasters. Whether your little ones love footy, or is just crazy about transport vehicles of any kind, this real Aussie read would make a great gift (and a fantastic souvenir for family and friends overseas as well).

To find out more about Magabala Books, to browse the range and to order your favourite Magabala titles online visit

For your chance to win 1 of 3 ‘Going to the Footy’ prize packs (RRP $60 each) hop on over to the Hip Little One Facebook page to enter. Good luck!

Jun 112013

Juliet nearly a Vet Rebecca Johnson

For as long as I can remember I have loved reading. To some books are just letters and words but for me they are much more than that, they open up new worlds and exciting adventures, the possibility to jump into someone else’s shoes and explore a completely different life. I am determined to enstill the same love for reading in my children and I know children can never resist a book character that shares their name. I already found books ‘about’ my oldest two and I recently discovered a great series for my third child Juliet too: Juliet nearly a Vet.

'Juliet nearly a Vet' by Rebecca Johnson

‘Juliet nearly a Vet’ by Rebecca Johnson

Juliet nearly a Vet 1Juliet nearly a Vet is written by Australian author, teacher and mum Rebecca Johnson who has written more than 60 books. Over the course of four short books she tells the story of Juliet, a 10-year old Australian girl who dreams of becoming a vet. She loves helping out her mum, a vet, at the clinic and even keeps her own Vet Diary filled with every tiny bit of information about sick animals and their treatment. It might just come in handy when Juliet and her friend Chelsea start their own Pet Motel in Juliet nearly a Vet: The Great Pet Plan.

Juliet nearly a Vet 2From cats to wombats, from lizards to parrots and from snakes to koalas, Juliet loves them all and she is always happy to lend a helping hand to an animal in need. In Juliet nearly a Vet: At The Show Juliet and her friend are determined to get pony Midgie ready for the show. Surely that’s a piece of cake for someone who’s nearly a vet? And then there’s the new chicken coop to be built and nine little guinea pig babies to adore, vets have a busy life. 

Juliet nearly a Vet 3Life is busy at a farm too, especially around spring time with new babies arriving all the time. Luckily Juliet is not scared of some hard work so in Juliet nearly a Vet: Farm Friends she offers to help out for the week at her friend Maisy’s farm. Little lamb Flossy needs to be bottle fed, there are four ducklings and eight chicks to keep track of, pigs to be fed and where has Bella, the pregnant cow gone? Juliet is just in time to help deliver the new calf, I wonder what the farmer will call the new addition… 

Juliet nearly a Vet 4While my kids are a little bit too young to read Juliet nearly a Vet by themselves they have loved listening to me reading the books to them, in particular Juliet nearly a Vet: Bush Baby Rescue (a baby possum is now on their wish list). With 85 pages per book and a good font size they are the perfect read for the 8-10 year old age group. The books contain some lovely animal illustrations and at the end of each book is a short quiz to test your freshly gained animal knowledge.

If your kids like animals and in particular the Australian wildlife they’ll fall in love with Juliet for sure.

To find out more about Rebecca Johnson’s Juliet nearly a Vet book series ($9.99 per book) published by Penguin Books Australia and to order online visit

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20% off storewide at Skip to my Lou

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Nov 022012

A little while ago I told you that Ashlea, the lovely lady behind Skip to my Lou, was busy working on a new website and after a lot of hard work it is finally time for the big reveal. The new Skip to my Lou website does not only look gorgeous, it is easy to use and navigate too to make your shopping experience as enjoyable as possible. To celebrate the brand new look here’s a fabulous offer for you:

Get 20% off storewide at Skip to my Lou, simply enter the code ‘newlook’ at checkout. Grab a bargain while you can, offer valid until November 11, 2012.

A long, long time ago, before I had kids, I used to buy shoes and lots of them. Now there is not much time left to shop for myself and to be honest it is much nicer to shop for my kids anyway. This week I spotted these super cool kids shoes at Skip to my Lou and with the current 20% off storewide offer I couldn’t resist buying a pair for each of my little cherubs in different colours. The hip Native Jefferson Shoes are lightweight, washable, antimicrobial and odour resistant so ideal for active kids.

There are plenty of stylish threads to be picked up too with choice of great brands that are that little bit different like Fabrik. The Fabrik range feature gorgeous children’s designs designed in Australia by the very talented Sarah. I love her unique style and every garment is decorated with little surprises and quirky details. The hand printed Paradise Dress is perfect for little princesses with its ruffles, long length and royal golden finishes.

I am huge fan of the hip ESP No.1 label, I could easily buy every single style available. This cool brand makes fashionable, practical, easy to mix-and-match pieces in (mostly) unisex designs, ideal for hand me downs or sharing between siblings. This summer season brings some colourful basics with these green No.4 Jean Shorts being my favourite, a gorgeous fresh colour for both boys and girls.

To find out more about Skip to my Lou, to browse the range and to order online visit