Sep 182012

Over the past 4 years I have always had children in nappies, first two at a time, then three (yes I was changing nappies all day!) and now only one which is a breeze. Not much longer though, a few months from now we will be welcoming our new addition which means there will be plenty more nappies to be changed. With young children at home it can get very busy and there is not always time to throw the used nappy in the outside bin straight away, so how do you avoid your whole house smelling like dirty nappies?

The Sangenic Nappy Disposal System ($40) by Closer to Nature is designed with busy parents in mind and offers a quick and convenient solution to the smelly nappy issue. The clean white Sangenic unit makes a perfect addition to any nursery, just keep it close to where you change your baby and you’ll always be free from stinky nappies in an instant. No more running to the bin through the rain (or waking up to a smelly house because you couldn’t be bothered throwing out the night nappy)!

So how exactly does the Sangenic work? Simply open the lid, pop in the nappy and turn the wheel. The dirty nappy will be wrapped in a special multi-layer, anti-bacterial film locking away 99% of germs and odour, then it drops to the bottom and your Sangenic is ready for the next nappy. Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? The Sangenic uses 60% less plastic than nappy sacks and unlike most nappy sacks it actually locks away the smells.

The Sangenic can hold up to a week worth’s worth of nappies depending on how many nappies you put in per day. Compared to going outside multiple times a day that sound pretty fabulous to me! When you buy your Sangenic Nappy Disposal System at least one cassette is included (you can purchase sets too with multiple cassettes), cassettes are widely available. Best value for money: The Nappy Disposal Starter Kit ($75.00) which includes the Sangenic AND 6 cassettes.

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