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At 13 months old miss Harriet is becoming an independent little girl: she brushes her hair, opens cupboards to get/put away bowls, she hangs up her own jacket, tries to put on her socks and shoes, pats the cat and attempts to control the TV and DVD player… she is learning something new every day! When it comes to discovering new things and learning to follow instructions this cute VTech Baby toy is a fantastic exercise:


My Friend Alice (RRP $30) is a cuddly, interactive teddy bear that is specifically designed for curious babies and toddlers aged 6 to 36 months. Not only is she soft and huggable with fun, bright colours, she also sings, talks and teaches your little one a wide range of words, body parts, numbers, colours and much more.


Measuring a generous 35 cm from the tip of her funky sneakers to the top of her fluffy head My Friend Alice offers plenty to see, feel and hear, she sure knows how to make exploring the senses fun. After the initial tight hug we showed Harriet how to press Alice’s hands and feet to make her talk, read a short story or sing a song and she immediately caught on. Her favourite feature is the red heart button that lights up, she just loves hearing the heartbeat.

vtech-my-friend-alfieMy Friend Alice encourages little tots to listen carefully and follow her instructions, e.g. Can you put on my mitten? or Can you find my heart?. When they get it right a loud applause follows to reward their actions. She keeps children busy for ages as they learn to open/close the velcro shoe, do up shoelaces and tuck the hanky/mini-teddy in her pockets. As My Friend Alice, and her boy pal My Friend Alfie, are fun and interesting for different ages and stages they are a great investment for young families.

VTech toys are available at major department stores and independent toy retailers across Australia.

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