Apr 272013

Mum's Night In

I don’t know about you but I always look forward to Mother’s Day, much more than to my own birthday. This year it will be my 5th Mother’s Day and the first one with our little baby Sybil. Yes the days of staying out late, weekends away and going out for dinner are over but I don’t mind, I love being at home with my beautiful family and wouldn’t change it for the world. Instead of going out we have a lovely meal at home and enjoy a relaxing movie on the couch, the perfect ‘Night In’.

To help you relax on your next ‘night in’ we have four great new movie releases to give away:

People Like UsIn ‘People Like Us’ Sam’s father suddenly dies and Sam is left with a bag full of money to give to a woman he doesn’t know. As he didn’t care much for his parents anyway he is tempted to keep the money himself but first he decides to find out who the woman is. It turns out he has a half sister and a nephew he never knew about and without telling her the truth he finds a way into her life. Over time he starts to like her, but is it to late to tell her who he really is? And will he keep the money?

Celeste and Jesse ForeverCeleste and Jesse are in the middle of a divorce but they are still best friends, do everything together and all is going well, until they start seeing other people… When Jesse’s new fling falls pregnant he decides to give the new relationship his best shot and Celeste is struggling to accept that what they had is really over. It seems that saying goodbye is the only option, or is there a way for it to be ‘Celeste and Jesse Forever’ after all?

Now Is GoodA little warning: if you are a sleep deprived, emotional, hormonal mess like me get out the tissue box when watching ‘Now is Good’. Teenager Tessa is terminally ill and determined to make the most of the time she has left. While Tessa is busy ticking off her bucket list her family tries to come to terms with the upcoming goodbye. Then she falls in love with new neighbour Adam, which is both sad and happy at the same time. The best moment is when he makes her wish of becoming famous come true.

Won't Back DownWhen Mum Jamie and teacher Nona feel let down by an outdated, unsupportive school system they decide to join forces in an attempt to make a difference and change the school for the better. Not everything goes smoothly and at times giving up would be much easier but quitting is not an option when it comes to your child’s future. These two strong women ‘Won’t Back Down’ until they reach their goal.

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Aug 102012

The last time we flew to The Netherlands the twins had only just turned one, in hindsight it was a difficult age for traveling and this time it was so much easier. The twins had always been good eaters but on the plane they were served tasteless baby food in jars which didn’t go down very well. At home I have always tried to serve my children homemade food from the start of solids onwards, some find it a lot of work but it is very simple with a great product like Qubies.

Qubies is an award winning Australian product designed to take the hassle out of making home cooked meals for baby. Simply pour or scoop your freshly made baby food in the base, snap on the silicone divider lid and freeze. Once frozen just give the container a little twist, take off the lid and your portion sized cubes will just pop out; quick, easy and hassle free. A Qubies tray holds 8 cubes of 30ml, a great size for the youngest ones (no wasting) and you can defrost more cubes as baby gets older.

I had tried using ordinary ice cube trays, carefully filling the little quares, but found it nearly impossible to get the food out once frozen. I snapped a few trays, picked at them with a knife and scrubbed to remove stubborn stains that never came out, in the end I just gave up. Qubies on the other hand are slightly flexible, easy to fill and clean (dishwasher + steriliser safe), reusable and of course BPA free, a must have for any young family.

Using Qubies is super easy and it is all quite self explanatory, but just in case you want to see Qubies in action first you can watch this helpful Qubies YouTube demo video. To get you started you will find loads of tasty recipe ideas on the Qubies website, conveniently divided over different age groups (6-8 months, 8-12 months, 12 months+) so you can present your baby with something suitable and delicious every day.

To find out more about Qubies ($19.95), to order online or to locate a stockist near you visit www.qubies.com.au.

For your chance to win a Qubies tray in your favourite colour (subject to availability) visit www.qubies.com.au and answer the following question: Which Qubies recipe would you love to cook for your child?

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Meet the awesome sponsors

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Jul 242012

Our amazing Christmas in July event wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for a bunch of very generous sponsors.

The following sponsors have donated the prizes for the Mums Prize Pack:

Gummy Babies
About: Enjoy a hassle free shopping experience at Gummy Babies, owner Lorna has selected some of Australia’s most loved brands (often eco friendly too) and postage is always free. Shop from home and get your quality purchases delivered to your door.
Website: www.gummybabies.com.au

Mumma Bubba Jewellery
About: Mumma Bubba Jewellery is taking Australia by storm. The brilliant combination of stylish jewellery for mums and teething relief for babies is proving to be a winner, free from BPA and other nasties so completely safe.
Website: www.mummabubbajewellery.com.au

About: Passionfroot provides modern Australian families with the latest in sustainable and ethical design in an easy and enjoyable shopping environment. This fantastic eco store aims to inspire you and your family to live a healthy, sustainable and guilt-free life.
Website: www.passionfroot.com.au

About: Busby Natural Oils uses some of nature’s best gifts to make your skin look and feel fantastic. Ingredients like avocado, grape seed and rose hip oil deliver clinically proven results for all skin types, you can even use Busby on sensitive skin and during pregnancy.
Website: www.fgb.com.au

Breo Australia
About: Breo is a fashion forward range of watches and other accessories from the UK, in Australia you can find this label at Malc&Andi. Adventurous, simple, stylish, affordable, colourful, fun and durable, that describes Breo in a few words.
Website: www.malcandi.com.au

About: Malc&Andi is all about looking good and feeling good. Look good with a range of stylish accessories from bags and sunglasses to thongs, feel good knowing that Malc&Andi designs contain no animal product and your purchase supports animal charities.
Website: www.malcandi.com.au

Eternal Beauty Products
About: Eternal Beauty Products is dedicated to bringing Australian mums like you and I the beauty secrets of the stars. You didn’t think celebrities looked stunning without any help did you? Finally their beauty secrets are revealed.
Website: www.eternalbeautyproducts.com.au

$50 Finlee and Me gift voucher
About: Finlee and Me is like a candy store, you won’t know where to look first when you visit this lovely store filled with beautiful and cool, practical and original, funky and fun products for babies, kids and even mums, yes you! What will you buy with your $50 gift voucher?
Value: $50

Mar 312012

While most people seem to be thinking of Winter right now all Australian mum Emma can talk about is Summer, her brand new store Summer Child to be precise. Emma has a passion for beautiful products that are created by clever people who want to tread lightly and kindly on the earth and she has selected her favourite homemade baby gifts, organic baby products and eco friendly products for (expecting) mums and their babies to sell at Summer Child.

What makes Summer Child unique is that ‘Everything has a story’, every single product in store is selected because it is made by people who wanted to create something beautiful for their children and are environmentally conscious about the way they do this. You can read about these amazing people and their stories on the Summer Child website and blog, by shopping here you are buying much more than just a product.

The story of Lily and Pearl started with grandma Pearl and aunt Lil and is being told by Sam who lovingly creates organic skincare for babies and mums to her family’s recipes. The range is made right here in Australia using only the best organic ingredients to look after your and your baby’s skin the natural way. The Organic Baby Nappy Creme ($24.95) is created to calm, soothe and protect the delicate skin around your baby’s bottom.

Usually when you see a tag that says ‘Made in India’ you are left wondering (or rather worrying) about the conditions the product is made in, but not at Summer Child. These stunning Baby Cot Quilts ($95) are made by the talented Mukesh and his brothers in their family business in Jaipur, India. They are paid a fair wage to create this beautiful, high quality bed linen which is block printed by hand, now that’s a quilt with a story.

When I moved to Australia I was surprised to see that bath mitts are so hard to get here, everyone just uses the ‘wipes’. I have never gotten used to them and bath mitts are so much more practical, especially for little hands. Kids would most certainly love sliding their hands in these Organic Bath Mitts ($13.99) from Breganwood Organics, how cute are they? There are six different designs available in store.

To find out more about Summer Child, to browse the range and to order your favourites online visit www.summerchild.com.au.

For your chance to win a $50 Summer Child gift voucher simply visit www.summerchild.com.au and answer the following question: Aside from the items featured above, which other product in store do you really like and why?

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