Dec 062015

Little Live Pets

Christmas Countdown – Day 6

Last year in the lead up to Christmas I wrote about Little Live Pets and how much my girls loved playing with their little bird. To be honest at the time I was not sure how long their obsession would last and I did worry the bird would end up at the bottom of the toy box but I was wrong. One year later they have all acquired their own bird and still play with them a lot, in fact I think after this latest addition we officially need an aviary to house our flock:

Cleverkeet Blue

Cleverkeet (RRP $79.95, ages 5+) is one of the latest interactive toy pets to be added to the Little Live Pets family and the twitter on the street is that he is on top of many Christmas lists. From the moment this cheeky bird joined the club he has been hugely popular with many stores selling out in a flash.

Juliet Cleverkeet

Cleverkeet comes with his very own playground full of bird entertainment and has definitely had some more training than his little sibling: put him on the swing perch and he happily flaps his wings and swings back and forth, pop him on his dance perch and he grooves to the music (or your own music) or place him on the food perch and he’ll bend down for a treat, you can even sit him in his very own cart and he’ll get those wheels moving and scoots around like a pro. If you want to take your buddy for a walk you can clip him onto the hand perch and show him around.

Juliet Cleverkeet Pink

Just like the other Little Live Pets birds Cleverkeet loves to sing and chirp, but you can tell this smart bird has been working particularly hard on his communication skills as his ability to talk, listen and respond is impressive. You can for example pick your own name for him to which he will respond, you can ask him yes/no questions or you can teach him your own words so he will repeat them just like a real bird. Cleverkeet is soft to touch and responds to petting, his claws securely click onto the perches so he stays neatly in place during play time.

Cleverkeet PinkParents are big fans of Little Live Pets too: No food to buy, no vet bills to pay, no cages to clean, no walks in the rain and no chance of escaping, what’s not to love? If you are going away over the Christmas holidays you don’t need to hire a pet-sitter either, just take your favourite pet with you on your trip. Don’t tell the kids but you can turn Cleverkeet off too for a well deserved rest from all the playing.

Cleverkeet is currently available in blue and pink and works on 2 AAA batteries.

To find out more about Little Live Pets by Moose Toys, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

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Christmas with Beados

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Nov 302014


Last Saturday we planned a lovely trip to our local wildlife park but the weather had different plans so we found ourselves stuck inside instead. What better way to turn that frown upside down than with some fun Christmas craft? We had the best time coming up with our very own Christmas designs with Beados, I was so pleased with the results and the kids loved it. (Missed my first Beados post? Click here to read what Beados is all about) If you’re keen to get started on your own Beados Christmas craft here are a few tips:

Beados Christmas Snowflake

As there are no specific Beados Christmas templates available you have to use your imagination and design as you go. While that is quite easy for most adults children might struggle a little bit so if my kids thought of a tricky picture I used Google images to find some simple examples (e.g. snowflake template or reindeer template), there are lots of great images out there that you can use for inspiration. Depending on the ages of your children they may need a bit of help so why not make it into an activity for the whole family?

Beados Christmas Play Set

When creating pieces to play with or to display as a nativity scene try to design them with a flat strip at the bottom so that the small plastic display stands can grip properly. That way your creations can stand upright independently and it looks really cool. We also made a few flat designs to decorate our handmade Christmas cards with, you can just stick them on with ordinary craft glue.

Beados Christmas Reindeer

When creating Christmas tree ornaments ideally leave two rows of Beados around the hole where you want to thread the ribbon. This will make your design much stronger and more resilient especially if it is a bigger/heavier piece. While I did create a few pieces with just a single row of Beados they are clearly more delicate so I have placed them higher up in the tree to keep them away from grabby crabby hands. We made this cute angel window decoration using the Beados suction cup, I think we may add to our window scene over the next few weeks as these floating designs look quite magical.

Beados Christmas Angel

As tempting as it is to play with/hang up your new creations as soon as possible it is best to let them dry thoroughly, turn them around and spray the other side as well and again leave to dry for a day or two. This will make your Beados art much stronger and durable so it is worth the wait. Of course if one or a few of the Beados beads were to come off (which does happen sometimes especially if kids play with them all the time) you can simply reattach them with a spray of water and drying time.

Beados Christmas Card

If you’ve made some Christmas craft with Beados too I would love to see it!

To find out more about Beados by Moose Toys, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit, prices start at RRP $9.99.


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Oct 302014


When you are a mum your days are busy from the moment you get up in the morning until the moment you hop back in bed and if, like us, you have a terrible sleeper on your hands you get even less rest. I absolutely adore our little Sybbie but it is important for all of us that she gets some sleep so her daytime naps are holy in this house. If Sybil is asleep everyone has to sit as still as possible, tiptoe and whisper which is when a quiet craft activity like Beados really comes in handy:

Beados Olivia

A few weeks ago I sat down at the kitchen table with our two oldest girls (6 years and 4 years old) and introduced them to Beados. They always enjoy a good creative project with beautiful colours and lots of fiddly hand actions so I knew they would love it and they definitely did. The Beados (ages 4+) concept is both simple and intriguing at the same time and it requires a lot of concentration so it keeps kids busy for ages!

Beados Juliet

So how does it work? You use the Beados tweezer pen and a selection of small coloured beads (Beados) to create a picture on a special Beados tray, then you spray your design with water and the Beados magically join together. As there is no heat or glue involved it’s a safe and mess free activity for children (except for a few loose beads here and there), fun for kids and stress free for mum.

Beados World

Once your Beados design is dry you can pick it up, touch it and play with your very own Beados toy. For extended play there are several accessories available like a Beados Play Pad and Dual Scene Card (to create a home for your toy), display stands (so your Beados toy can stand upright independently) and suction caps (to attach your Beados creation to a window, fridge or cupboard). There are multiple play pads and scenes to collect and you can connect the play pads to each other using a bridge building your very own Beados world.

Beados Activity PackWhether you’re only just discovering Beados or are a big Beados fan who wants to add to your collection, the Beados product range has a perfect pack to suit everyone. We started with the Beados Activity Pack which contains a good selection of beads, all your basic tools (the Beados tray, Beados tweezer pen, Beados design templates and water bottle) and a whole heap of extras for even more Beados fun.

To speed up the drying process we used the special Beados Quick Dry Design Station, this drastically cuts down the drying time so kids can play with their creation sooner and of course it looks very impressive too (I know I would have loved to get this awesome kit when I was a little girl). The Beados Quick Dry Design Station really is the ultimate kit for Beados lovers as aside from the drying unit (battery operated) it contains all the tools and extras you could wish for and a huge 500 Beados beads in a rainbow of colours. By using two sets at the same time we had two lots of tools so the girls were able to work along side each other as opposed to wait their turn, after all being patient is hard when you’re only four.

Beados Quick Dry Station

At first our son (6 years old) wasn’t very interested in Beados but when he realised how much fun his sisters were having he jumped in too and he really enjoyed it so it is definitely not an activity that’s for girls only. Often boys avoid craft activities but they’re an excellent tool for practising fine motor skills (using the Beados tweezer pen is very similar to writing with a pencil or pen) and colour recognition, add to that the fact that they can make their own designs and you can see why Beados is fun for all.

Beados Tommie

To find out more about Beados by Moose Toys, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit, prices start at RRP $9.99.

Little Live Pets

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Oct 072014

Little Live Pets

Every term the twins’ school teacher comes up with a fun class project and term 3 was all about chickens. The little students impatiently waited for the eggs to hatch, watched the baby chicks grow day after day and managed to pat and cuddle them without squeezing them to death, they loved every bit of it. The twins have been begging me to do the chick-sitting these school holidays (a new take on the class teddy!) but sadly with a cat and an 18-month old in the house I didn’t dare to host the chirping bunch.

Little Live Pets Bird

You can imagine the kids’ excitement when I introduced them to their very own Little Live Pets, I don’t think their holiday could have gotten any better! No need for feeding or cleaning, no expensive vet bills or walking them in the rain, no nasty scratches or yucky fleas and quiet when they need to be, Little Live Pets really are the perfect pet.

Little Live Pets Bird CageBeing the closest to a feathered chicken Miss 6 immediately picked the Little Live Pets Bird Cage (RRP $24.95, ages 5+) with a green toy budgie called Friendly Frankie. It fits in the palm of her hand, feels velvety soft, opens its little beak and, most importantly, tweets and sings like a real bird. Like a proper pet the Little Live Pets Bird loves spending time with its owner and the more you pat it, hold it and play with the happier it becomes, rewarding you with happy sounds and even songs.

On the weekend the girls took their Little Live Pets for a picnic in our garden and clearly the bird loved all the attention as there was plenty of chirping, in fact even our two local ducks and a couple of galahs flew in to have a look (I know, it’s like a zoo here sometimes!). The kids had lots of fun recording their own voices and hearing the birdie repeat what they said, ‘G’day matey’ is the favourite so far. Don’t worry, you can turn the bird off with one simple button for a good night’s rest and batteries (3AA) can be replaced so you can enjoy your new friend for ages.

Little Live Pets

You can also buy a single Little Live Pets Bird (RRP $12.95) which can be played with independently or added to an existing Bird Cage to make a pair, they are perfect for siblings to share and look really cute together. The birds are available in a range of colours to suit boys and girls.

Little Live Pets ButterflyIf you have a girly girl who loves everything pink, purple, glittery and sparkly this pretty Little Live Pets Butterfly House (RRP $24.95, ages 5+) is sure to be a big hit. The beautiful oversized butterfly can flutter its wings and sits on your hand without flying away, our 4-year old fairy was rather intrigued by this magical creature. Although it doesn’t talk or sing like the Little Live Bird the butterfly makes very clear that she enjoys a play too by flapping her colourful wings.

Aside from being an ideal home for your very own butterfly the gorgeous Butterfly House is also its charging station (3AA required), you can provide your pet with all the energy it needs by placing it on the feeding flower inside the Butterfly House. The single Little Live Pets Butterfly (RRP $12.95) comes with its own separate butterfly charger and is available in 6 different designs.

Little Live Pets Butterfly

As we all know the wings of a butterfly are rather delicate so if your child is a bit younger or not very gentle the Little Live Pets Bird would be a safer choice, after all no parent likes to explain the death of a pet. Both Little Live Pets are really lovely and the kids play with both but the pet bird is definitely the favourite of the family. The $12.95 price tag for the single pets is (surprisingly) affordable and kids will get lots of play out of it, with Christmas in mind a Little Live Pet would make a fantastic gift that won’t break the bank.

To find out more about Little Live Pets by Moose Toys, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

Oct 202013

The Best of TV & Movies logo

Before I moved to Australia in 2006 the only Aussie tv shows I knew were The Crocodile Hunter, Neighbours and McLeod’s Daughter’s (Don’t laugh when I tell you that I was quite shocked to discover that my new home town of Adelaide did not at all resemble the Australia I had seen on Dutch TV!). I have come a long way since then and know a lot more about Aussie TV, or so I thought until I sat down for a game of The Best of TV & Movies:

The Best of TV & Movies by The Logo Board Game

The Best of TV & Movies ($35) by The Logo Board Game

From the makers of The Logo Board Game now comes a brand new entertainment edition which is specifically created for the Australian public. Get your friends together and test your knowledge of everyone’s favourite Aussie tv shows, series, movies, famous lines and actors as well some international legends while playing The Best of TV & Movies ($35, ages 12+). The game is suitable for 2 to 6 players (or 2 teams) and is very easy to play, if only the questions were that easy too!

The Logo Board GameSimple questions like ‘Name the airborne TV series that ran from 1986 to 1994’, ‘What Sunday show have watched Ray, Charles, Jana and Liz present on?’ and ‘Name the show Moll Meldrum hosted from 1974 until 1987’ are just for warming up, some of the trickier ones are sure to have you scratching your head. It quickly became clear that I still have a lot of catching up to do and my husband was crowned the proud winner (this time!).

With 400 question cards and 4 questions per card The Best of TV & Movies offers hours and hours of fun, a perfect game for a relaxing evening spent with friends or family. Each coloured space on the board represents a different question on the card and by answering the questions correctly you move closer and closer to the winning zone. The player/team that first passes the final winning zone test wins.

MooseIf you think you’ve got what it takes and know all there is to know about Australian TV and movies you can test your knowledge online at You are not just playing for honoue, there are great prizes up for grabs for the real connoisseurs (How does $500 worth of movie tickets sound?). The Best of TV & Movies is another great game by Australia’s toy specialist Moose Toys.

To find out more about Moose Toys, to take a closer look at the ‘The Best of TV & Movies’ Board Game and to locate a stockist near you visit

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Sep 082013

The Game of Things

Finally we’ve seen the first signs of spring, we’ve mowed the lawn and have started to dust off the outdoor setting ready for many relaxing hours spent outside. If you love spending time with family and friends over a typical Aussie barbeque, followed by drinks, games and lots of laughs I’ve got the perfect game for you: The Game of Things by Moose Toys.

The Game of Things - CopyThe Game of Things ($35, 8 years+) is a fabulous games for families and groups of 4 players or more. There are no incorrect answers, if you can read and write you can join in. The game is based around a big pile of 300 question cards which cover a whole range of topics. Each round is lead by a reader, who reads the question out loud. Players then write down their answer and the reader reads all the answers to the group. Now comes the tricky part, guessing who gave which answer…

Things you would do with a million dollars. Things you would do if you were invisible. Things you shouldn’t do with your mouth open. Things cannibals think about while dining. So many questions and even more answers, if you’ve got the right group together The Game of Things will have people roaring with laughter in no time. Answers can be funny, serious or maybe even meant to trick the other players, just make sure it is not too obvious which answer is yours as that’s what will keep you in the game.

Perfect after dinner game

Perfect after dinner game

With 300 different questions, and players who all give different answers, this game can be played again and again without ever becoming boring. As you can imagine the answers will also depend on the age of the players, a bit more straight forward for younger children and a bit more cheeky for a late night game with friends. All the cards, response pad, score pad and even pencils are nicely kept together in the handy wooden storage box.

So many questions...

So many questions…

To find out more about Moose Toys, to take a closer look at The Game of Things and to locate a stockist near you visit

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