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This year it will be 7 years since I moved to Australia, I can’t believe how quick those years have flown by. In some ways I still feel very much like a foreigner, but in others I feel totally settled in. When my family comes to visit they are amazed by how Australian I am now, I (almost) sound like a true Aussie and our pantry is filled with mostly Australian (and a few Dutch) goods. When I spotted The Logo Board Game I thought it would be a fun way to see how much I really know about brands, in particular the real Australian ones.

LOGOThe aim of The Logo Board Game (RRP $35) is to get to the dedicated winning zone on the board by answering questions about brands, logos, packaging, slogans and lots of other interesting facts about all kinds of famous brands from Australia and overseas. With 400 question cards and 4 questions per card there are hours of playing fun in this game, I haven’t drawn the same card twice yet. For a foreigner like me some questions are pretty tricky but that’s half the fun, I love taking on a challenge!

Just a few of 1600 questions in The Logo Board Game

Just a few of the 1600 questions in The Logo Board Game

Logo GameHubby and I really enjoyed playing The Logo Board Game, usually he is not that keen on board games so maybe he only liked it because (being a purebred Aussie) he is much better at it than I am? You can play this award winning game with 2-6 players so it is a great game to play with family or friends. Plate up some yummy nibbles, pour some drinks and grab a bunch of friends for a fun-filled night in this winter.

Gift idea: If you have Australian family members who live overseas this would make a fantastic (and very thoughtful) gift. The Logo Board Game is available now at all leading toy retailers.

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Aug 232012

After spending 5 lovely weeks with family it is very hard to come home knowing you won’t be seeing them for a few years. We had such a great time and one of the highlights was our first family day. Thirty of us got together for lunch, old videos, a delicious barbecue and of course games. I come from a game playing family and I still love playing games now, luckily hubby and kids do too. Our latest additions to the game cupboard are from the Bananagrams range by Moose.

You can’t help but be very curious when you hear the name Bananagrams, it sounds fun and intriguing which is just how I like it! The range consists of 3 cheeky letter games for players aged 6 and up: Bananagrams, PEARSinPAIRS and Appletters. Each game comes in a cute fruit shaped fabric bag, ideal for easy storage at home and while traveling. Don’t let their compact size fool you, there are multiple ways to play each game to keep it challenging and to suit the age and number of players.

Leader of the pack (or should I say fruit bowl) is Bananagrams, my favourite of them all. The goal is for each player to create their very own combination of connecting words using letters from the ‘bunch’. You can keep rearranging your words as you add new letters so it keeps your brain very active. Unlike with Scrabble you do not have to ‘build’ on the words of others as you work individually, this lets players play to their strength (perfect for me, English is not my native language so I know fewer words than others yet I can still win!).

Next comes Appletters which is ideal for younger players as it uses the easy-to-understand snake principle of adding new words to the front or back of the existing snake word. Tricky letters can be removed from the game at the start so that the youngest family members can easily come up with new words and it even works well with short words. But you can make it as challenging as you like with 2 other game suggestions included.

Last but not least there is PAIRSinPEARS which, you guessed it, is all about making pairs. The pear shaped bag contains 4 complete alphabets in different patterns. Not only do you need to come up with pairs of words (two words that share one letter), you also need to make sure the pairs are using letters from the same alphabet family (same pattern). Anyone who loves a good word game will very much enjoy the Bananagrams games, they provide great (educational) entertainment for young and old.

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