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Oct 302017

It may surprise you but even after six kids and with more than 53 months of breastfeeding under my belt I am still learning new things. As someone who always has an oversupply of milk I have seen lots of precious breastmilk drip away, soaking piles of towels every day. Of course I realised this was a real waste, but I was also hesitant to start pumping and increase my milk production (and my mastitis risk) even more. Until I discovered Milkbar

Milkbar Breastpumps is an Australian online store that specialises in, you guessed it, breast pumps. Proud owner and mama-of-two Diana has selected only the very best brands and is dedicated to providing Aussie mothers with valuable knowledge and expert advise when it comes to feeding your baby and finding the right product for you and your situation. Diana definitely hit the mark for me when she sent me this awesome pack by New Zealand brand Haakaa:

Quick and easy to use the Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump (RRP $27.90-$29.90) is not only a very effective but also affordable way to capture every valuable drop of breastmilk that comes out of your breast while you are feeding your baby on the other side. Based on the concept of suction you simply squeeze the Haakaa pump and place it on your breast, creating a vacuum seal around your nipple. Instead of your milk dripping away and going to waste it now flows straight into the Haakaa pump, it’s as easy as that!

On my very first try of the Haakaa pump I collected 90ml of breastmilk, without any effort and without the worry of overstimulating my breasts to make more milk. Since then I have been collecting my ‘excess’ milk at every feed which left me with quite a nice emergency supply in the freezer. It has also proven to be very handy for dissolving Ted’s daily reflux medication and even miss 2 (whom I had to wean six months ago) has been able to enjoy a little cup of breastmilk every now and then. Needless to say I am super chuffed with my Haakaa.

Featuring a simple one-piece design this compact pump is an absolute breeze to use and clean (great for sleep deprived parents), it can be cleaned in a steriliser, boiled water or dishwasher. There are no tricky bits to put together or go missing and no batteries or cords to mess around with, it’s always ready to go. You can store your breastmilk directly in your Haakaa using the funky Flower Stopper or Storage Cap or you can transfer the milk into milk storage bags or containers.

Especially for new mamas Haakaa has combined all your pumping essentials in the fabulous Haakaa New Mum Starter Pack (RRP $55), containing a 150ml Haakaa Breast Pump, Storage Cap, Flower Stopper and a box of 36 disposable Haakaa breast pads. Good to know: The Haakaa Breast Pump is made from 100% food grade silicone and is completely from nasties like BPA, PVC and Phthalates.

To find out more about Milkbar Breastpumps, to browse the range and to order online visit

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As good as it goats

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Oct 162016


Now that all the suitcases are unpacked, the laundry is done and the jetlag is under control I can finally take a calm look at all our holiday photos. We sure made the most of our time away and squished in as much we could, there was so much to see and do! Any outing that involves animals is a big hit with our kids and our trip to a real goat farm was a fantastic adventure.


As soon as we walked into the barn we spotted a large pen full of adorable baby goats who were more than happy to be hugged and patted by our tribe. Imagine the children’s delight when they got to feed the goats using tiny bottles that we bought at the farm office. But it wasn’t just us feeding the goats, the goats fed us too as there was a gorgeous farm cafe serving the most delicious goat’s milk ice cream and warm apple pie with goat’s milk whipped cream.


I was really chuffed with this delicious menu, with our children’s difficulties with cow’s milk in mind this was a fantastic treat we could all enjoy without having to worry about getting upset tummies afterwards. Goat’s milk is a rich source of nutrients and it has naturally high levels of important vitamins and minerals, it also contains up to six times the prebiotic oligos of standard cow’s milk (Yay for a good serving of prebiotics for my tribe!).


If you are looking for a nutritious, healthy and safe drinking formula for your growing toddler you will find Oli6 ticks all the boxes. This nutritional goat’s milk formula is easier to digest than cow’s milk based alternatives and it’s made right here in Australia, now that’s welcome peace of mind for caring parents.

To find out more about Oli6, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

Oct 242015


I can’t believe miss Harriet is four weeks old already, the time absolutely flies by when you have a newborn in the house. Sometimes it does feel like I live from feed to feed these days but slowly we’re getting the hang of this breastfeeding thing. You’d think after four children I am quite the expert but from my experience you start all over again each time and it takes a while before you find out what works for both mother and baby.

This ‘learning period’ is always a tricky time for me and it comes down to simple maths: too much milk + a tiny, sleepy newborn = high risk of mastitis. Luckily for me I held on to my breast pump after baby no.4 so I’ve been expressing the ‘left-over’ breastmilk as needed and building a little stash for emergency feeds at the same time. If you’re looking for the easiest and most efficient way to go from breast to bottle you are sure to love the new Closer to Nature ‘Express and Go’ range:

Designed by the experts at Tommee Tippee the Express and Go system allows breastfeeding mothers to express, store, warm and feed breastmilk using one single pouch. By removing the need to transfer your carefully expressed breastmilk from breastpump to storage container to baby bottle it ensures you will never lose a precious drop of that so-called ‘liquid gold’.

Whether you express regularly or only every now and then, with just 4 simple steps the Express and Go is quick and easy to use. Express directly into a pre-sterilised Express and Go Breast Milk Pouch by connecting a pouch to your breast pump using an Express and Go breast pump adapter (compatible with 6 of the most popular breast pump brands). Your milk pouch can then be stored in fridge or freezer, ready for when you need it.

Pouch and Bottle WarmerCome feeding time simply grab your Breast Milk Pouch from fridge or freezer and pop it straight in the Express and Go Pouch and Bottle Warmer (RRP $89.99). With just a few quick clicks this clever unit warms bottles and pouches to the correct temperature. First select the starting temperature (room temperature, refrigerated or frozen), type of bottle (glass bottle, plastic bottle or pouch) and quantity of milk to heat (<100ml, <200ml or >200ml) and the warmer will do the rest, easy as pie.

Express and Go BottleInstead of having to pour the pouch contents into another bottle and potentially wasting precious breastmilk you can click the pouch directly into the unique Breast Milk Pouch ‘Bottle’ holder and feed baby using the Closer to Nature bottle teat. Just like the pouches and bottle holder the Closer to Nature teats are of course completely free from nasties like BPA and phthalates for extra peace of mind.

The Express and Go system is very straight forward and easy to use which is not only making life a little easier for tired mums, it is also very helpful when someone else than mum or dad is in charge of the feed, think grandma or babysitter (there is little to no room for error). I love how it efficiently saves every drop and it reduces the need for washing and sterilising storage containers and bottles (of course you still need to sterilise the breast pump and teats after use). Knowing I now have a few feeds ready to go is very reassuring so I’ll definitely keep building my freezer stash. As Harriet is less than one month old and we are still establishing a breastfeeding routine I haven’t tried the teat just yet but I know from experience with my previous babies that the breast-like shape is very well received.

Breast Milk PouchesExpress and Go products can be purchased individually or as great value set: Express and Go Complete Starter Set (RRP $130) and Express and Go Starter Set (RRP $44.99). Additional Express and Go Breast Milk Pouches (RRP $19.99) are available in a handy 20-pack. Each pouch holds 180ml of breastmilk and contents and measurements are easily visible from the outside. Breast Milk Pouches come with a screw top lid for safe and clean storage and are suitable for one use only.

The Closer to Nature ‘Express and Go’ range is available at Babies’R’Us, Baby Bunting and Big W stores across Australia.

To find out more about Closer to Nature, to browse the ‘Express and Go’ range and to locate a stockist near you visit

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Dec 192014


Christmas Countdown – Day 19

Whether you love or loathe them, school holidays are impossible to avoid so you better make the most of these weeks with your little students home. Stock up on crafts, plan some fun outings, explore the neighbourhood, organise catch-ups with friends and get busy in the kitchen. If your kids are crazy about cooking they are sure to love today’s Christmas Countdown prize courtesy of our friends at That!:

Junior Chef CookbookDeveloped by the kitchen experts at Women’s Weekly this gorgeous Junior Chef Cookbook is the perfect gift for your little mini masterchef. With 64 pages of step-by-step recipes with photographs, handy tools and tips specifically created for young chefs there is plenty of kitchen fun to be had. From yummy breakfasts to delicious main meals and from scrumptious desserts to tasty baked delights, your family is in for a treat this summer.

Junior Chef UtensilsTo make sure the recipes are as fail-proof as possible (nothing like slaving away in the kitchen to end up with a cooking disaster) they have all been triple tested in the Women’s Weekly Test Kitchen so you can count on them to deliver each and every time. To help the kids get started straight away this lovely book comes with three brightly coloured kitchen tools (a spatula, a whisk and a pastry brush) that are easy for little hands to hold.

Obviously this great pack wouldn’t be a That! Prize pack without a big stash of That! Dairy Snacks and That! Milkshakes so they’ve thrown in a 1-month supply of That! goodness too. The super convenient That! pouches are a tasty, calcium rich snack that is perfect for at home and on the go, they make the ideal clean treat for your next Summer holiday outing.

That! giveaway

To read more about That!, to learn what makes That! snacks stand out from other dairy snacks and to discover great healthy snack and activity ideas for your family visit

For your chance to win a $90 That! Prize Pack containing a Women’s Weekly Junior Chef cookcook, Junior Chef utensil set and a 1-month supply of That! enter our giveaway below:

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Aug 292014


Big Birthday Bash – Day 29

Regular Hip Little One readers will know by now that the team at That! head quarters knows all about delicious and nutritious kids’ snacks. That! Dairy Snack and That! Milkshake are made with real Aussie milk, have as few calories as an apple plus calcium for strong bones and they do not have to refrigerated, they’re simply the perfect lunchbox treat.

That! Prize Pack

But of course there is more to healthy living than eating the right foods, being active is just as important so especially for our Big Birthday Bash That! has put together a fantastic prize pack for healthy kids. Imagine the sparkling eyes and the grin on your little soccer fan’s face when he/she sees this awesome That! package!

To read more about That!, to learn what makes That! snacks stand out from other dairy snacks and to discover great healthy snack and activity ideas for your family visit

For your chance to win a fabulous That! Prize Pack valued at $150 (pack contains a month supply of That!, signed Melbourne Heart soccer ball, signed Melbourne Heart t-shirt and Melbourne Heart cap all fun-packed into a backpack) enter our giveaway below:

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May 202014


With the kids back at school and term 2 in full swing now is a great time to take a look at your shopping list and pantry contents and consider your kids’ meal and snack options. We all want to provide our children with healthy, tasty food but with TV commercials and shopping catalogues full of convenient treats it can be hard to sort the good from the bad.

When it comes to healthy kids’ foods you can count on the team at That! for reliable advice, handy information and helpful tips, they even have a dedicated That! dietician on board to answer all your kids’ diet questions. If you’re looking for some quick brain food ideas for your little learners watch this speedy 85 second Brain Food for Kids video.

That! MilkshakeThe That! YouTube channel is specifically created for modern parents with quick, informative videos covering popular food topics like Travel Snacks, Calcium and Healthy Lunchboxes. All videos are short and bite-size (2 minutes or less) so they’re perfect for busy, time poor parents (aren’t we all!). There are many more great clips to come so tune back in regularly for your dose of useful That! advice.

That! Dairy SnackThat! Milkshake and That! Dairy Snack are currently available in three popular flavours: Banana, Strawberry and Chocolate. You can find That! Dairy Snack at Coles and Woolworths in the jelly and pudding aisle, That! Milkshake can be found in the chilled milk fridge at Woolworths. All That! products are lunchbox friendly, they don’t need refrigerating so keep a stack in your pantry and you’ll always have a healthy snack on hand.

Thanks to That! five lucky Hip Little One readers will win a month supply of That!, that’s 36 pouches of yummy dairy goodness for your hungry little student(s)! For your chance to score one of the five That! prize packs answer one simple question and enter your details on the special That! competition page.

To read more about That!, to learn what makes That! snacks stand out from other dairy snacks and to discover great healthy snack and activity ideas for your family visit

May 132014


People who know me well will know that I am a very organised and prepared person. I like routine, schedules and planning ahead which is sometimes good and sometimes also rather tricky as babies and kids have their own secret agenda and are full of surprises. When babies wake up hungry they want to eat, and straight away please, which usually leaves mum and dad rushing around to heat a bottle. At home this may be relatively easy but when out and about it is often a big hassle with boiling water, insulated bottle holders and a lot of guessing to get the right temperature.

PaulandStella Baby BottleGerman designer brand PaulandStella takes the hassle out of warming your baby’s milk feeds with the exciting new PaulandStella Self Heating Baby Bottle (RRP $49.95). This unique and very stylish baby bottle features innovative technology to heat the bottle contents without the need for electricity, batteries or bottle warmers making it a perfect choice for busy families on the go or sleepy night feeds.

PaulandStella Heating ButtonThe magic comes from the cleverly designed heating module that sits in the centre of the bottle. All it takes is one click on the bottom of the bottle to activate the heating module, the water will heat up to perfect drinking temperature (body temperature = 36 C) in just a few minutes and you can freshly prepare your baby’s feed. The bottle will maintain this temperature for more than 1 hour; very handy when your baby is a slow drinker, takes a break or when you make the bottle ahead of a feed.

PaulandStella Heating ModuleThe heating module contains a concentrated salt/water solution which solidifies when activated to disperse heat. To recharge the heating module after it has been used the module has to be heated in boiling water or a steam steriliser for ca.20-30 minutes so the solution can turn to liquid again. This process can be repeated approx. 100 times. Once recharged your bottle is good to go for next time when you need an instant warm bottle. The heating module can be purchased separately for $19.95.

PaulandStella TemperatureAside from the main self-heating feature the PaulandStella bottle is also fitted with an anti-colic bottle teat to prevent your baby swallowing air and an easy-to-read integrated thermometer so you can always double check the temperature of your baby’s milk. Designed and made in Germany the PaulandStella baby feeding range is completely free from BPA and meets all European and Australian safety standards so you can trust the product to be a 100% safe choice for your precious little bundle.

To find out more about PaulandStella, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

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