Mar 242016

Barbie Spy Squad

From warm and sunny to cold and rainy, the Easter holidays can be a real mixed bag. The key to keeping everyone happy (and mum from going crazy) is to be prepared for everything: think of some cool outdoor activities, check out indoor fun in your neighbourhood, stock up on craft supplies and pick up some new books. Don’t forget to also grab some nice movies and popcorn for a lazy afternoon inside, Universal Sony Pictures has got you covered:

If you thought Barbie spends her days being pampered at the hairdresser, walking the catwalk or relaxing on a cruise ship you better think again. There is more to Barbie than just a pretty face, together with her fabulous friends Teresa and Renee she forms the ‘Barbie: Spy Squad‘, a trio of secret agents on a mission to solve another mystery.

Barbie Spy Squad DVDWith their mindblowing gymnastics skills, great focus, excellent teamwork and clever thinking the three friends are the perfect team to catch a gem-stealing cat burglar. It’s is sure to be a tricky job full of challenges but it’s nothing these top spies can’t handle, they won’t give up until they can say ‘mission completed’. Join the Barbie Spy Squad as they go undercover for an action-packed adventure full of girl power.

‘Barbie: Spy Squad’ is now available on DVD (RRP $29.95) at all good retail stores across Australia.

To find out more about Universal Sony Pictures, to take a closer look at ‘Barbie: Spy Squad’ and to order a copy online visit

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Dec 182011

As a child we always spent Christmas day at my grandparents house, I myself am one of four siblings and together with 5 more cousins that counts for a lot of fun. While the adults were talking after dinner we usually played games; board games, card games, outdoor games, anything as long as you could do it together. Most of the games at my grandparents house were old but that really didn’t matter, games don’t date easily and it was actually quite fun looking at old score sheets with the names of my dad, uncle or auntie on it. I have no doubt my kids (and hopefully grandkids) are going to love the MY UNO game when they grow up.

Before I moved to Australia I had never heard of UNO but here the game seems to be a staple in every household and loved by young and old. This classic game will no doubt be played by many families as they get together this Christmas. Play by matching by colour or number with anywhere from two to ten players, great fun and all that in a small packet that you can take anywhere!

You can now add a personal touch to this family favourite by ordering your own custom made MY UNO game, personalised with photo’s of your choice. It is as simple as visiting and downloading the free MY UNO Cards software. This program will your guide you though the process of uploading all your photo’s, allocating them to the cards and deciding on placing and when finished you can order your very own MY UNO set online.

You can choose the photo and placing of the photo for each card individually, I chose to stick with a theme and picked lots of different shots from our latest family holiday with my parents but you can do whatever you like. Include your pets, grandparents or make up a set for your child’s class or sports club, UNO is a game everyone loves so a personalised pack is only going to add to the fun.

To find out more about MY UNO and to order your own MY UNO Cards (RRP $19.95) online visit

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