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Now that Ted has finally accepted the Neocate formula prescribed by the allergy specialist he is reducing his breastfeeds. Not only does this make me a little sad, it also increases my risk of mastitis which is something I am rather prone to. Knowing how horrendous mastitis is I am well prepared and making sure blocked milk ducts are dealt with promptly and effectively thanks to LaVie:

As the name suggests the LaVie Lactation Massager (RRP $49.95, rose or teal) is a clever little massage tool specifically designed for breastfeeding and pumping mothers. It is compact, it is clean, it is effective, it is waterproof and it is incredibly versatile! If you have ever experienced the pain and discomfort of clogged ducts or struggled to completely empty your breasts during a feed the LaVie may well be the life-saver you are looking for.

The rechargeable LaVie massager has a unique shape that is easy to hold in one hand while you can use your other hand to hold/feed your baby or to keep your breast in the right location for targeted massaging. Using the LaVie is simple and starts by charging the device at the power point. Once fully charged you can turn it on and push the button to select the massaging/vibrating pattern that suits your needs best.

You can then point, move, press and rotate either the narrow tip, long side or the wider end of the LaVie massager directly on those hard-to-reach problem areas in your breasts. The quiet vibration will help unblock those painful blockages and improve milk flow, without all the hard work of a manual massage and you can do it anytime and anywhere. You can even pop the LaVie in your bra before a feed to improve milk let down, so handy!

Obviously every mother and each situation is different and therefore results may vary. Personally I was very pleased with the results and will definitely continue using the LaVie. I use my favourite heat bag (a lavender filled MyOKi) to warm up my sore breast before feeding, then feed Ted from one breast while working on the painful areas on the other side with the LaVie. Being waterproof you can also massage in the shower when you are relaxed and the hot water helps milk flow easier.

Handy tip: If your shoulders get a little achy from breastfeeding your baby (or in my case sometimes two children at once!) you should try to use the pointy end of the LaVie massager on your shoulder. It works a treat!

To find out more about LaVie, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

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Milkbar giveaway

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Oct 302017

It may surprise you but even after six kids and with more than 53 months of breastfeeding under my belt I am still learning new things. As someone who always has an oversupply of milk I have seen lots of precious breastmilk drip away, soaking piles of towels every day. Of course I realised this was a real waste, but I was also hesitant to start pumping and increase my milk production (and my mastitis risk) even more. Until I discovered Milkbar

Milkbar Breastpumps is an Australian online store that specialises in, you guessed it, breast pumps. Proud owner and mama-of-two Diana has selected only the very best brands and is dedicated to providing Aussie mothers with valuable knowledge and expert advise when it comes to feeding your baby and finding the right product for you and your situation. Diana definitely hit the mark for me when she sent me this awesome pack by New Zealand brand Haakaa:

Quick and easy to use the Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump (RRP $27.90-$29.90) is not only a very effective but also affordable way to capture every valuable drop of breastmilk that comes out of your breast while you are feeding your baby on the other side. Based on the concept of suction you simply squeeze the Haakaa pump and place it on your breast, creating a vacuum seal around your nipple. Instead of your milk dripping away and going to waste it now flows straight into the Haakaa pump, it’s as easy as that!

On my very first try of the Haakaa pump I collected 90ml of breastmilk, without any effort and without the worry of overstimulating my breasts to make more milk. Since then I have been collecting my ‘excess’ milk at every feed which left me with quite a nice emergency supply in the freezer. It has also proven to be very handy for dissolving Ted’s daily reflux medication and even miss 2 (whom I had to wean six months ago) has been able to enjoy a little cup of breastmilk every now and then. Needless to say I am super chuffed with my Haakaa.

Featuring a simple one-piece design this compact pump is an absolute breeze to use and clean (great for sleep deprived parents), it can be cleaned in a steriliser, boiled water or dishwasher. There are no tricky bits to put together or go missing and no batteries or cords to mess around with, it’s always ready to go. You can store your breastmilk directly in your Haakaa using the funky Flower Stopper or Storage Cap or you can transfer the milk into milk storage bags or containers.

Especially for new mamas Haakaa has combined all your pumping essentials in the fabulous Haakaa New Mum Starter Pack (RRP $55), containing a 150ml Haakaa Breast Pump, Storage Cap, Flower Stopper and a box of 36 disposable Haakaa breast pads. Good to know: The Haakaa Breast Pump is made from 100% food grade silicone and is completely from nasties like BPA, PVC and Phthalates.

To find out more about Milkbar Breastpumps, to browse the range and to order online visit

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Jun 032014

When I was pregnant with the twins I read a big pile of ‘baby help books’ and like many mothers I wanted to do the best for my babies and breastfeed them. They say breastfeeding comes naturally but the truth is that it didn’t come naturally for me. I really struggled, my very small babies didn’t drink well, I had way too much milk, I battled a serious bout of mastitis and there was so much around the clock pumping and topping up involved that after three months I saw no other choice but to change to bottle feeding. While at the time I knew it was the best choice for all of us I have regretted it often and I was determined to try again next time.

30 minutes old

When baby no.3 arrived I was excited and well prepared for what was to come, when I was hit with mastitis in the 4th week I knew the signs and calmly worked my way through it with antibiotics, cold packs and frozen cabbage leaves. Our baby was thriving, she was stacking on the weight and breastfeeding soon became relaxing and completely normal for me. I hope I will never forget those quiet night feeds, listening to those soft content drinking noises, watching her fall asleep while drinking and seeing the smile on her relaxed face. In the end I managed to breastfeed her, and after that baby no.4, for one year each which I am extremely proud of.

1 week old

After a total of 28 (some easy, some very hard) months of nursing babies I have learnt a lot about breastfeeding, the most important thing being that breastfeeding is a learning curve for both mother and child. It is a journey you are on together and it may not always go like you have planned and sometimes it takes a while until you are both comfortable with it. It’s also a personal journey and all that matters is you and your baby, everyone’s story is different and you don’t have to take other people’s comments and opinions on board. Personally once we established a good breastfeeding routine I found it extremely rewarding and I very much cherish all the precious moments I spent feeding our children.

4 weeks old

One of my biggest problems with breastfeeding was a combination of larger breasts and an enormous quantity of milk. With the twins these two factors caused a lot of issues: they didn’t drink enough and couldn’t handle the continuous milk flow, I had to hold two tiny babies and somehow get them comfortable under two gigantic breasts which was tricky (impossible I felt at the time). Because of all this extra milk I ended up in a vicious circle of pumping to get rid of the milk but producing more milk in response to the pumping (supply/demand), this caused mastitis (several times) and that’s something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

Aside from keeping cold packs and frozen cabbage leaves in your freezer (I know they smell horrible but they are absolutely magical when dealing with engorged breasts or mastitis!) I have one tip that for me made the difference between a breastfeeding disaster and breastfeeding success: feeding while laying down. It means you can be comfortable and relaxed without hurting your back and your baby can decide on its own comfy position and move, shift, take a breath when needed, baby doesn’t have a big breast in its face and you don’t have to hold your baby’s head in place. Especially in the beginning when feeds can take 30 minutes or longer this is such a comfortable feeding position and as your child gets older/heavier it will save your back.

If you have a great breastfeeding tip to share please leave a comment below, your tip may just make the difference in someone else’s breastfeeding journey.


Medela provides real solutions for breastfeeding mothers to get over any hurdles in the early days and to support their long term breastfeeding goals. Through its extensive range of breast pumps and other breastfeeding products, Medela is committed to promoting the benefits of breast milk and encouraging long term breastfeeding. Stay up to date with the latest Medela news and promotions, ask breastfeeding questions and join the conversation at

To find out more about Medela, to browse the Medela range and to locate a stockist near you visit


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Jul 212013


If you are a long time reader of Hip little one you may know that I have a bit of a love hate relationship with breastfeeding. I absolutely agree that breastmilk is best for babies and I have tried breastfeeding all of my children, some times with success (1 year for baby no.3) and some times without success (2 months with the twins). My biggest enemy is mastitis, I have battled it multiple times in all of my breastfeeding journeys and it really knocks you for six.

Our beatiful fourth baby is currently five months old and I am still breastfeeding her even though early on I was hit with mastitis once again. To be honest I really didn’t know if I could/wanted to keep going, knowing that it could come back over and over and having four kids at home to look after when you’re feeling so sick is really hard. Luckily this time I knew the warning signs, followed the doctor’s treatment and then came the turning point: I started taking Qiara.

QiaraQiara is a special breast milk probiotic formulated for mother and baby health, to be taken during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. What makes Qiara different from any other probiotic is the presence of an active ingredient called Lactobacillus Fermentum, which supports the mother’s breast health and reduces the risk of breast tenderness during lactation and potential onset of infection which may result from the absence of Lactobacillus Fermentum in the mother’s breast milk.

What sold it to me was this interesting research done on women with mastitis. It shows that (in simple words) NONE of them had any lactobacilli/good bacteria in their breast milk. The mums in the trial were treated with either ordinary antibiotics (what your GP would prescribe) or a probiotic originally isolated from healthy breast milk (Qiara). At the end of the trial period the mothers treated with probiotics had normal levels of lactobacilli in their breast milk, whilst the antibiotic group still had no lactobacilli present (an invitation for mastitis to return?).

What stood out most was that the women who used the probiotic reported virtually no pain and all were able to keep breastfeeding while from the ladies taking antibiotics 9% discontinued feeding and they still experienced far more pain. I have been taking Qiara for 3 months now and have experienced no mastitis and no pain. The real test came two weeks ago when our baby was feeding significantly less than usual due to sickness (usually a cue for mastitis to come and visit) but there were NO issues, hooray!

Qiara by Puremedic is available in a box of 28 sachets ($95), simply take 1 sachet per day with water, milk or juice.

To find out more about Qiara, to read about the benefits for mother and baby and to order online visit, contact Qiara by email to locate your nearest stockist.