Play-doh turns the big 6-0

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Sep 162016


Happy World Play-Doh Day!

Can you believe it has been 60 years since the world first discovered ‘imagination in a can’? Today Play-Doh is available in over 80 countries across the globe with more than 3 billion cans of Play-Doh compound sold worldwide (of which 17 live at our house at the moment). Here at Hip Little One HQ we are huge Play-Doh fans, we love getting out our collection of yellow cans and letting our imagination run wild.

Play-Doh CakePlay-Doh is a fantastic tool to encourage children to use their creativity, practise their fine motor skills and develop a keen eye for colour and design. From a value-for-money point of view it’s a great choice too, as unlike many other art and craft supplies you can reuse the compound over and over again. Just make sure you store your Play-Doh properly and airtight and it will stay soft and fresh for ages.

Play-Doh cansThe awesome thing about Play-Doh is that it appeals to people of all ages and there are no rules when it comes to making and creating (except maybe no mixing the colours…, I’m a ‘a-colour-a-can’ kind of mum), the sky is the limit! From our 3-year old all the way to our 8-year olds and even mum and dad, everyone gets excited when I clear the kitchen table for a couple of hours of Play-Doh fun.

The kids and I celebrated Play-Doh’s 60th Birthday in style by creating a colourful party buffet that looked good enough to eat. Delicious cakes and yummy lollies, scrumptious ice cream and pretty biscuits, we even put together a miniature fruit platter as a healthy treat. It was really nice to see the kids concentrate so hard on the small details and come up with unique designs using the tools that we have, I am thinking we may have some future patisserie chefs on our hands!

Play-Doh Party

Come join the party at and celebrate this special milestone by sharing your own Play-Doh memories and creations using the #PLAYDOH60 hashtag.

To find out more about Play-Doh, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit

Nov 142015


When I told our kids we couldn’t go see the Lah-Lah show in Adelaide last weekend (due to our little holiday with Opa and Oma) they were very disappointed. I know especially miss 2 would have loved to see Lah-Lah and the band perform live, I bet she would have insisted on wearing her striped Lah-Lah socks too! Sadly we’ll have to wait until the Big Live Band comes to Adelaide again so for now we’re getting our dose of musical fun from the brand new Lah-Lah DVD:

Join the Band

Little music fans are in for plenty of singing, dancing, swinging, playing and making with ‘Lah-Lah’s Adventures: Join the Band’. Time to move around the furniture to create a stage, put on your stripe socks and form your own band with handmade instruments inspired by Make It, Play It. Our kids love learning the names of different instruments and recognising the sounds they make. The DVD features six complete episodes (72 minutes) of the much loved TV show Lah-Lah’s Adventures so you’ll never be short of musical inspiration.


‘Lah-Lah’s Adventures: Join the Band’ is available on DVD ($14.95) at major retailers across Australia.

Ukelele PackThe winner of this great Lah-Lah giveaway better start warming up his/her throat, wiggle those fingers and stretch arms and legs because this fabulous prize pack will have you up on your feet in no time. Not only does the prize pack (RRP $69) contain three fun Lah-Lah’s Adventures DVDs, it also includes a very special ukulele signed by no other than the famous and very talented Lah-Lah and Buzz!

To find out more Roadshow Entertainment, to browse all Lah-Lah DVDs and to order your favourite titles online visit

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Jul 092015

Bloom Pops

What can I say, we’re four days into these school holidays and we’ve already seen more rain than during the whole month of June! Luckily we’ve got a lovely fireplace to keep us snuggly warm indoors and I stocked up on a whole range of awesome boredom busters so (so far) we’re keeping very busy and happy here at Hip Little One HQ. This awesome new range from the craft experts at Colorific was a massive hit with my two oldest daughters:

Clear off the table and watch your budding designers work their magic with Bloom Pops (ages 5-12). Think art and craft, glitter and gems, felt and fragrance, flowers and charms and you can see why this fabulous new collection of craft kits is so popular with young girls.

Colorific Bloom Pops

Bloom Pops fun is an easy 3-step ‘Pick, Stack and Pop’ concept that kids will get the hang of very quickly, after showing my girls (4 and 6 yo) once they did it independently without any trouble and I enjoyed 1,5 hour of peace and quiet, bonus! Pick your favourite felt shapes, colours and patterns, stack them up and decorate to your taste, then pop them together with the special Bloom Pop maker, easy as pie.

Bloom Pops BouquetThere are currently 9 different Bloom Pops packs available to create a range of exciting products eg. jewellery, hair accessories, a purse or even a flower bouquet. Unlike many craft kits on the market that are one-use-only Bloom Pops can be re-used over and over and you can change your designs as often as you like, this makes Bloom Pops excellent value for money. Simply ‘unpop’ and start again!

Bloom Pops packs are priced between RRP $14.99-$34.99 and are packed in large, attractive boxes so if you are looking for a great, affordable birthday gift that is sure to impress the birthday girl look no further. You can find the Bloom Pops range in store right now at leading toy retailers across Australia.

Bloom Pops packaging

To find out more about Colorific, to browse the Bloom Pops range and to locate a stockist near you visit

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Win a $10,000 craft room makeover with Spotlight

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Jun 052015


With Winter officially here and the weather often too chilly/rainy to play outside many parents find themselves desperately looking for great boredom busters to keep the kids entertained indoors. Whether you like it or not, it’s time to go through the craft cupboard and freshen it up with some fun, new activities that will keep the kids busy and happy (and stop mum from going insane).

Comp image 3

Spotlight, Australia’s favourite craft and hobby store, is coming to the rescue of bored families across the country with a fabulous competition that is sure to get your fingers itching and your creative juices flowing. Imagine the excitement if your child’s next craft project would score your school an amazing $10,000 craft room makeover!

Olivia's Loom

Clear the kitchen table, put out a big pile of Rainbow Loom bands in all the colours of the rainbow and use your imagination to create something truly fun and colourful, the sky is the limit. It’s a great activity for both boys and girls, an excellent fine motor skills exercise and it’s sure to keep the kids out of your hair for a while. The Spotlight Craft Room Makeover competition runs until June 30, 2015, giving you plenty of time to come up with a unique design that will wow the judges.

Because Spotlight has had such fantastic response to the Rainbow Loom competition already they have added another 10K worth of Spotlight vouchers to give away to the best creations! And don’t worry, these bonus prizes will be drawn at the end of JULY so you have an extra few weeks to get creative and get looming.

Free Rainbow Loom SpotlightTo help you get started on your most fabulous (and hopefully the winning!) Rainbow Loom creation Spotlight is giving you a Rainbow Loom pack, completely free. How awesome is that? Visit the Spotlight Facebook page to claim your FREE Rainbow Loom and pick it up it up at your local Spotlight store. Once you’ve finished your amazing piece of Rainbow Loom art upload your competition entry here for your chance to win.

To find out more about Spotlight, to locate a Spotlight store near you or to order your favourite Spotlight products online visit

Jun 042015

Kiss Naturals

As a mum of four little ones there is no avoiding the masses of birthday invitations, this month we do not have a single weekend without a birthday party to attend. As a result I am always on the look-out for fabulous gifts that are fun, unique, preferably educational and of course friendly on the budget too. This week I am wrapping up one of these awesome Kiss Naturals kits for one lucky birthday girl:

Kiss Naturals DIY Kits

The Kiss Naturals product range is developed and made in Canada by husband and wife team Mike and Marie. As parents of young daughters they realised that many girls are keen to experiment with beauty products, leaving them to worry about the possible harmful ingredients children may be putting on their skin. They decided to come up with an award-winning range of natural craft kits that allow girls to have safe, creative fun with pretty products.

Kiss Naturals Bath FizzieFrom lip balm to perfume, from hair chalk to lip gloss and from soap to bath fizzies, there are lots of different Kiss Naturals DIY Craft Kits (Ages 6+, RRP $14.95 – $24.95) to choose from. All kits are free from nasties like fillers, additives, dyes and synthetics, just natural ingredients that can be enjoyed safely. I love that these kits are double the fun, first creative fun while making and then fun to use (or to gift to someone special).

Kiss Naturals Lip BalmI know Kiss Naturals kits are mainly aimed at children but I had at least as much (if not more!) fun as my kids creating our own beauty products. I am very impressed by the quality of the materials, the ease of use and the overall professional look (and the affordable price tag), well done Mike and Marie! Holding a little plastic jar and twisty-tube with your own home-made lip balm is pretty cool, my girls were very chuffed with their work.

The standard kits contain enough ingredients/materials for multiple end products so it’s a great project for friends or siblings to do together on a rainy afternoon. It would make an excellent activity for a girls’ birthday party too! If you need a bit of extra help to get you started simply watch the handy Kiss Naturals instruction videos, easy as pie.

To find out more about Kiss Naturals, to locate a stockist near you and to order online visit

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Christmas with Beados

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Nov 302014


Last Saturday we planned a lovely trip to our local wildlife park but the weather had different plans so we found ourselves stuck inside instead. What better way to turn that frown upside down than with some fun Christmas craft? We had the best time coming up with our very own Christmas designs with Beados, I was so pleased with the results and the kids loved it. (Missed my first Beados post? Click here to read what Beados is all about) If you’re keen to get started on your own Beados Christmas craft here are a few tips:

Beados Christmas Snowflake

As there are no specific Beados Christmas templates available you have to use your imagination and design as you go. While that is quite easy for most adults children might struggle a little bit so if my kids thought of a tricky picture I used Google images to find some simple examples (e.g. snowflake template or reindeer template), there are lots of great images out there that you can use for inspiration. Depending on the ages of your children they may need a bit of help so why not make it into an activity for the whole family?

Beados Christmas Play Set

When creating pieces to play with or to display as a nativity scene try to design them with a flat strip at the bottom so that the small plastic display stands can grip properly. That way your creations can stand upright independently and it looks really cool. We also made a few flat designs to decorate our handmade Christmas cards with, you can just stick them on with ordinary craft glue.

Beados Christmas Reindeer

When creating Christmas tree ornaments ideally leave two rows of Beados around the hole where you want to thread the ribbon. This will make your design much stronger and more resilient especially if it is a bigger/heavier piece. While I did create a few pieces with just a single row of Beados they are clearly more delicate so I have placed them higher up in the tree to keep them away from grabby crabby hands. We made this cute angel window decoration using the Beados suction cup, I think we may add to our window scene over the next few weeks as these floating designs look quite magical.

Beados Christmas Angel

As tempting as it is to play with/hang up your new creations as soon as possible it is best to let them dry thoroughly, turn them around and spray the other side as well and again leave to dry for a day or two. This will make your Beados art much stronger and durable so it is worth the wait. Of course if one or a few of the Beados beads were to come off (which does happen sometimes especially if kids play with them all the time) you can simply reattach them with a spray of water and drying time.

Beados Christmas Card

If you’ve made some Christmas craft with Beados too I would love to see it!

To find out more about Beados by Moose Toys, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit, prices start at RRP $9.99.


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Oct 302014


When you are a mum your days are busy from the moment you get up in the morning until the moment you hop back in bed and if, like us, you have a terrible sleeper on your hands you get even less rest. I absolutely adore our little Sybbie but it is important for all of us that she gets some sleep so her daytime naps are holy in this house. If Sybil is asleep everyone has to sit as still as possible, tiptoe and whisper which is when a quiet craft activity like Beados really comes in handy:

Beados Olivia

A few weeks ago I sat down at the kitchen table with our two oldest girls (6 years and 4 years old) and introduced them to Beados. They always enjoy a good creative project with beautiful colours and lots of fiddly hand actions so I knew they would love it and they definitely did. The Beados (ages 4+) concept is both simple and intriguing at the same time and it requires a lot of concentration so it keeps kids busy for ages!

Beados Juliet

So how does it work? You use the Beados tweezer pen and a selection of small coloured beads (Beados) to create a picture on a special Beados tray, then you spray your design with water and the Beados magically join together. As there is no heat or glue involved it’s a safe and mess free activity for children (except for a few loose beads here and there), fun for kids and stress free for mum.

Beados World

Once your Beados design is dry you can pick it up, touch it and play with your very own Beados toy. For extended play there are several accessories available like a Beados Play Pad and Dual Scene Card (to create a home for your toy), display stands (so your Beados toy can stand upright independently) and suction caps (to attach your Beados creation to a window, fridge or cupboard). There are multiple play pads and scenes to collect and you can connect the play pads to each other using a bridge building your very own Beados world.

Beados Activity PackWhether you’re only just discovering Beados or are a big Beados fan who wants to add to your collection, the Beados product range has a perfect pack to suit everyone. We started with the Beados Activity Pack which contains a good selection of beads, all your basic tools (the Beados tray, Beados tweezer pen, Beados design templates and water bottle) and a whole heap of extras for even more Beados fun.

To speed up the drying process we used the special Beados Quick Dry Design Station, this drastically cuts down the drying time so kids can play with their creation sooner and of course it looks very impressive too (I know I would have loved to get this awesome kit when I was a little girl). The Beados Quick Dry Design Station really is the ultimate kit for Beados lovers as aside from the drying unit (battery operated) it contains all the tools and extras you could wish for and a huge 500 Beados beads in a rainbow of colours. By using two sets at the same time we had two lots of tools so the girls were able to work along side each other as opposed to wait their turn, after all being patient is hard when you’re only four.

Beados Quick Dry Station

At first our son (6 years old) wasn’t very interested in Beados but when he realised how much fun his sisters were having he jumped in too and he really enjoyed it so it is definitely not an activity that’s for girls only. Often boys avoid craft activities but they’re an excellent tool for practising fine motor skills (using the Beados tweezer pen is very similar to writing with a pencil or pen) and colour recognition, add to that the fact that they can make their own designs and you can see why Beados is fun for all.

Beados Tommie

To find out more about Beados by Moose Toys, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit, prices start at RRP $9.99.