Loubilou brings you So Fofo

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Nov 102013


All of our kids have a special pillow, one that sleeps at the foot end of their bed, acts as a cuddly sleeping buddy, makes a comfy head rest on the lounge and on car trips or just adds a stylish touch to their bedroom decor. Our two middle girls are particularly fond of their special pillow so I have been looking for a cute little pillow for our youngest daughter’s nursery too. On one of my travels through the Loubilou directory I stumbled upon So Fofo and I knew immediately I had found the right address for gorgeous pillows:

Pink Nounou pillows from So Fofo

Pink Nounou pillows from So Fofo

So Fofo is the Australian home of super hip European label Pink Nounou. Designed and created by talented Portugese artist Anna Carric the Pink Nounou range is rapidly winning little (and big) hearts all over the world with its unique and utterly divine designs. Ana has a keen eye for beautiful colours, quirky prints and happy themes that put smiles on little faces. If you are looking for a truly original handmade Christmas gift you just have to browse the range, you’ll no doubt find a piece that jumps out to you.

Pink Nounou Snow WhiteAll of the Pink Nounou softie pillows feature printed cotton fabric that is covered by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, a testing and certification system for textiles that limits the use of certain chemicals so you are not exposing your precious bundle to any nasties when they snuggle up to their new softie. There are plenty of adorable softie pillows and toys to choose from in a range of styles, colours and sizes, prices start at $36.

Pink Nounou House Pillow

Pink Nounou House Pillow

Pink Nounou ReinaldoAfter lots of umming and arring I decided on this sweet Pink Nounou House Pillow ($42) for our beautiful girl, I love the simple, peaceful shape yet it is bright and happy at the same time. For now it proudly sits on the nursing chair attracting compliments from visitors but as Sybbie is practising hard to stand up I think it won’t be long before she’ll be toddling around the house with her special pillow too.

To find out more about Loubilou, to browse the So Fofo range and to order online visit www.loubilou.com.au.

Loubilou brings you Fletcher May

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Oct 102013


Whether you like it or not, online shopping is here to stay. I myself am a big fan of online shopping: it is quick, easy, convenient and often a real life saver for a busy mama with no time to hit the stores. With Christmas coming up you can save yourself lots of time by browsing, comparing and ordering online. You don’t have to drive to the shopping centre, fight for car park, push your way through fifty different stores (hoping that what you’re after is not out of stock!) and line up at the checkout, instead there is only one word to remember: Loubilou.

Hot Air Balloon Magnetic BoardLoubilou is an exciting new online marketplace that has just launched in Australia. It is already a huge hit in the UK and now Australian mums can enjoy all the benefits of Loubilou too. On the Loubilou website you will find an evergrowing range of childrens wares brought to you by independent Australian sellers. By bringing all these products together your shopping has become even easier, just browse the category of your choice and check out all the products that are available, regardless of who sells it.

Fletcher May

By simply ticking a few boxes your screen will automatically be filled with a selection of products that suits your selection criteria. You can even see the prices of all the products, and whether the seller accepts PayPal, without having to go into each product first. From clothing to toys, from decor to books, from furniture to prams, Loubilou has got your whole shopping list covered and new products and sellers are being added all the time. I’ll be keeping an eye on the new arrivals and share with you my favourites, starting with the very hip Fletcher May range.

The 'new girl' keeps us organised and she's fun to play with too

The ‘new girl’ keeps us organised and she’s fun to play with too

South Australian business Fletcher May is on a mission to help modern Aussie families stay organised without losing their sense of style. Their fabulous range of magnetic boards and chalk boards are a simple, stylish and very effective way to keep track of appointments, hold memos and treasure little artworks whilst keeping your fridge door clean and neat. Fletcher May Magnetic Boards are available in a range of colours, styles and sizes to suit your decor with prices starting at $35.95, delivery is free Australia wide.

Paper Doll Magnetic BoardIf I hadn’t spotted this gorgeous Paper Doll Magnetic Board ($59.95, 62cm tall) I may not have discovered Fletcher May at all, but I’m so glad it did. The hot pink gloss finish is very eye catching and my girls were really taken by the new female in the house. We have given her a lovely spot in the playroom where the kids can reach her so they can stick on their latest drawings. They also love decorating her with magnetic letters, a great way to practise their ABCs without hogging the fridge.

To find out more about Loubilou, to browse the Fletcher May range and to order online visit www.loubilou.com.au.


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Sep 242013


As you probably know I love giving away things and I run giveaways as often as I can, it is so nice to share my hip finds and make people happy with a wonderful prize. But every now and then I myself am lucky too and a few weeks ago I won a beautiful Minimink blanket for baby Sybil. I thought I’d share a little snap of the little lady on the Minimink throw:

Stylish and comfortable, Minimink

Stylish and comfortable, Minimink

Minimink is an Australian company, well known all around the world for its beautiful luxurious faux fur products. If you’re a keen The Bachelor fan you may have spotted some Minimink goodness on the show just two weeks ago! The Minimink blanket is 100x100cm in size, perfect as a warm blanket for a tiny little bundle, a soft play rug for on the ground or a cosy throw rug on the couch which is where you can find ours most of the time. The older kids are always fighting for a turn with the ‘fluffy blanket’.

Minimink Play RugThe great thing about these classic blankets is that they last well past the baby stage, so you can enjoy them for years and they will be loved by babies, kids and adults. The Minimink blanket ($89) is available in six lovely colours, from neutral milk (our pick for baby Sybil) or chocolate brown to ebony black or even cherry red. You can find them all in the Minimink store at Loubilou, a fantastic new market place for Australian businesses.

To find out more about Loubilou, to take a closer look at the Minimink blanket and to order online visit www.loubilou.com.au.