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Apr 292016

Little Bellies

With just 9 sleeps to go until Mother’s Day time is quickly running out to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift. If you’re still looking for a sweet present that doesn’t require wandering a busy shopping centre or lining up at the checkout, here’s a great last-minute gift suggestion for you from Little Bellies:

Little Bellies Tea Towel

Now obviously I don’t want to suggest that a women’s place is in the kitchen, but most (grand)mothers do spend a fair bit of time there so I think this unique tea towel will be well received by mum.

Tea Towel GrandmaThe gorgeous new Colour Your Own Tea Towel (RRP $29.99) adds a special touch to the boring task of drying the dishes. It is made from 100% premium cotton and features a lovely ‘Home is where Mum is’ screen print. Young artists can decorate the tea towel to their liking with the included fabric markers, just remember to iron the reverse before washing so you don’t lose your child’s precious artwork.

Shopping for grandma instead? Don’t worry, Little Bellies has the older generation covered too with a ‘Home is where Nanna is’ and ‘Home is where Grandma is’ print.

To find out more about Little Bellies dinnerware, to browse the range and to order online visit www.littlebellies.com.au.

Sep 022013

Little Bellies

This is a sponsored post for Little Bellies and Digital Parents Collective.

After a winter that seemed to go on forever we were finally blessed with some softer weather this weekend. The temperature was absolutely perfect and we soaked up as much of that lovely spring sun as we could, the kids had the best time playing, chasing, jumping and running around on the bright green grass. Saturday’s birthday party was filled with way too many sweet treats so I was very glad to go back to basics with healthy foods. All that playing makes you pretty hungry (and sweaty!), here’s miss 3 settling down for a quick snack (and of course a pat for the baby).

The new Little Bellies Choo Chews bars get the tick of approval

The new Little Bellies Crispy Choo Chews bars get the tick of approval

If you are a mum with a baby or young child you may have spotted the Little Bellies range on the snack shelf of the baby food aisle. Little Bellies products are classed as Certified Organic, making them a healthy, junk-free option for our precious little ones. More and more parents are paying close attention to product ingredients (as they should!) and if you are after nutritious, wholesome snacks for your child Little Bellies should be on your shopping list.

Little Bellies Crispy Choo Chews

Little Bellies Crispy Choo Chews

The new Little Bellies Crispy Choo Chews ($3.95 per 6-pack, 12 months+) are easy to hold for little hands and the perfect snack size for hungry little bellies. Each bar is wrapped individually so they’re an ideal snack for in your handbag or baby bag. The bars are made using puffed, wholegrain brown rice and have a yummy vanilla flavour, our little miss 3 is quite a fussy eater at the moment and she gobbled it all up in a flash so I call that mission accomplished. When it comes to feeding young children there is often so much to think about so Little Bellies is keeping it simple with these tasty bars that are free from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, GMO, gluten, wheat and dairy, how easy is that?

Little Bellies Hoops & Loops

Little Bellies Hoops & Loops

Our little 6.5 month old is quickly finding her way with different flavours and textures too, she is already mastering little lumps and bumps, chomps away on bread sticks and will try to eat any food she can get her hands on. Little Bellies Hoops & Loops ($3.49 per 75 grams) are suitable for ages 9 months+ (not long to go!) and are a great way to encourage self-feeding in young children. Kids love the fun round shape and the puffy melt-in-your-mouth texture makes is easy for toothless gums to work with. Baby Sybil managed to snatch one from her sister and ate it like it was her normal breakfast, she didn’t even blink!

Someone is eyeing off miss 3's Hoops & Loops

Unlike many other kids’ snacks Little Bellies Hoops & Loops are low in sugar and salt (and a great source of iron), which makes them extremely suitable for babies but toddlers love them too. Miss 3 happily picked away at her small handful of Hoops & Loops, it kept her busy, entertained and full until dinner time. As you can see she did have to defend her snack against her grabby crabby baby sister who was very keen to join the fun. Luckily the bags are surprisingly big so there is plenty to share around when she gets older.

To find out more about Little Bellies, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.littlebellies.net.au.

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