Feb 112012

By now many mums have discovered Since We Were Kids as the Australian home of Chewable Jewels, BooginHead and Psi Bands, three fantastic international brands that have become very popular with Aussie families. Since We Were Kids owner Susan is always on the hunt for unique products that make your life that little bit easier or add a stylish touch and recently she has brought two new labels to our shores: Moodeez and Diapees and Wipees.

Moodeez products are designed for teenage girls and women so they can store, protect and keep their tampons, pads and liners organised and clean. Every day women all over the world reach in their handbag for a tampon or pad only to find out the wrapping has come undone and the item has become dirty and useless. All women know how annoying that is, so luckily that scenario belongs to the past when you start using Moodeez.

A Moodeez can hold 4-5 tampons and small pads, enough for a day out. Keep your Moodeez stocked and in your handbag and you’ll never get caught out, you’ll be prepared every month. Speaking of getting caught out, Moodeez are not just practical but they look good too and keep your personal items out of sight from others. They are available in different colours and patterns to suit your style or your bag.

There are two different Moodeez products, the original Moodeez ($17.95) and waterproof Moodeez ($21.95), and 6 different prints to choose from. With Valentine’s Day in mind (yes, it really is next week so hurry if you haven’t gotten your loved ones a present yet) Since We Were Kids has kindly offered a sweet Heart to Heart Moodeez for one lucky Hip little one reader. Because we can all use some extra ‘love’ during that time of the month.

To find out more about Since We Were Kids, to browse the Moodeez range and to order online visit www.sincewewerekids.com.au.

For your chance to win a Heart to Heart Moodeez visit www.sincewewerekids.com.au and answer the following question: Which one of the 6 Moodeez designs is your favourite?

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