Welcome to the Squad: Best Furry Friends – Series 2

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Jan 042019

Just when the kids had gotten comfortable at the new school things are about to be shaken up, with brand new classes waiting for them next year. A new teacher and new students to meet, many new names to learn and (hopefully) new friends to make, it’s a little scary but I am trying to get them excited about what’s ahead. Best Furry Friends Besties Zoe, Cassandra and Angelina are about to make new friends this year too, check out these fresh faces:

2019 is off to an exciting start with Best Furry Friends Series 2 hitting the shelves. BFF Besties Kristin, Stephanie and Phoebe are the new kids on the block and the latest girls to join the furry friend fraternity, bring on the next #BFFSquadGoals adventure!

As we recently adopted two baby bunnies (Annie and Benjamin) there was an instant connection with our new BFF Bestie (Ages 5+) Kristin and her BFF Cuddles the Glitter Bunny. Kristin has long blonde hair (great for playing hairdresser), shoes that come off and you can pose her head, arms and legs for pretend play. Her pet Cuddles has a sparkly tuft of fur, big fluttery eyes and a teeny pink nose and she loves being carried in Kristin’s Pink Gift Bag. Of course Kristin also brings along her rolling pet carrier, which is where we found Scruffy the Furry Guinea Pig.

Each BFF Bestie comes with an exclusive BFF and fashion bag, a hair accessory and a rolling pet carrier with a hidden BFF inside.

If you thought the BFF’s in Series 1 were adorable you are in for a real treat with the new Best Furry Friends BFF’s (Ages 5+) Series 2. How can you not fall in love with Gummy the Koala or Gus the Galah and covet the Pepperoni Pizza Bag or Pineapple Donut Bag? We are still hoping to find Florida the Flamingo, nor have we found the Strawberry Cupcake Bag just yet but we’ll keep trying.

There are over 50 BFF’s and bags to collect in series 2, some common, some rare and even three very special limited editions: Sasha the Rose Gold Husky, Deedee the Gold Sparkle Jelly Dragon and Samantha the Furry Persian Cat. With so many possible combinations there is a perfect BFF + bag match for everyone. And remember you can always swap and trade your doubles with your collector besties!

BFF’s are available in single mystery packs (1 fashion bag/1 BFF House/1 BFF) and in assorted Deluxe 6-packs (1 fashion bag/1 pet carrier/6 BFF’s), so you can grow your BFF collection at your own pace.

Lucky for our miss Hattie (age 3) you are never too little to become a BFF Bestie, these adorable Mini Plush in a Bag (Ages 0+) make the perfect furry friends and you can take them with you wherever you go in their own little carry bag. Who will become your BFF: Is it Sasha the Husky, Dash the Ginger Tabby Cat or maybe Stardust the Glitter Pegacorn?

You can find the BBF range at all major toy stores and toy departments across Australia.

To find out more about Best Furry Friends, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.bestfurryfriendshq.com.

Cabbage Patch Kids turns 35

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Oct 252018

One of the things my girls love most about staying at Opa and Oma is playing with mummy’s old toys. Care Bears, Dufti’s, Pin y Pon, the Klorofil tree, Polly Pocket… they’re a little worn and dusty and sometimes missing an arm or leg but it’s the special memories that count. Ever since the kids found out that the very first Cabbage Patch Kids doll was born in the same year as mummy they have been big fans of this 80’s toy trend and we’ve even adopted a few ‘younger’ dolls of our own in the past few years:

While my 35th birthday went by quietly this year the Cabbage Patch Kids family is celebrating in style and throwing a proper party with a festive range of Cabbage Patch Kids 35th Birthday ‘Lots of Licks’ Kids (RRP $79, ages 3+). The new Cabbage Patch Kids are available in a variety of ethnicities, hair colours and eye colours and these cuddly babies are available for adoption right now.

Once you’ve chosen your kid (or maybe I should say: once he/she has chosen you as their new mum or dad!) you will discover your baby’s unique name on their Birth Certificate and you can fill out the adoption papers to make it all official. Our newest family member is called Lenore, such a pretty name for a gorgeous girl! Miss Sybbie is totally smitten with the long red hair and she even has pink and white sneakers.

But there is more… if you look closely you’ll see that each ‘Lots of Licks’ Kid comes with a yummy party treat. Shaped like a heart these tasty lollipops are not only a hit with the Cabbage Patch Kids, the new pets in the Cabbage Patch love them too. Check out the Adoptimals:

Soft, cute and huggable the Cabbage Patch Kids ‘Lots of Licks’ Adoptimals (RRP 39, ages 3+) are totally pawsome. These friendly kittens and puppies love licking their ice-cream, just hold a treat in front of their little mouths to see their pink tongues in action, and they will steal a lick from their owners lollipop too whenever they can. I know I said no more pets, but maybe we can make room for that adorable tabby kitty?

Cabbage Patch Kids 35th Birthday ‘Lots of Licks’ Kids and Adoptimals are available from Big W, Myer and Target store across Australia and online.

To find out more about Cabbage Patch Kids and to locate a stockist near you visit www.bigballoon.com.au.

Best Furry Friends

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Jun 222018

Anyone who knows me will know that I hate change. I am such creature of habit and I like it when things stay the same. This week has been a tough one for all of us as our children left their familiar school, their favourite teachers and their class mates and moved to a new school where we have to start all over again. It has been a sad goodbye to all their closest friends, but thankfully these little BFFs are small enough to come along:

An adorable bunch of Best Furry Friends (ages 5+) has just walked into Australian stores and they are quickly stealing hearts all over the country. From Rose the Pug to ‘Purple Jelly’ Zara the Sloth to ‘Metallic Pink’ Pippa the Pegasus, from a pretty pink frilly bag to a blue clamshell bag to a sweet donut bag, my girls just love the excitement of opening a blind bag. There are more than 60 different BFFs and bags to collect and one even more rare than the other.

You can build your BFF collection one creature at a time and store each in their very own BFF house, carrier or a pretty locket. They are a perfect size for small hands, pant pockets or school backpacks, so you will always have a little BFF on standby when you need a friend. BFFs make a great companion for little trips, doctor visits or (as we can testify) your first day at a new school.

Wherever besties Angelina, Cassandra and Zoe go their furry little friends go too, carried around in a stylish  bag or comfortably travelling in a special rolling pet carrier. Are you a sporty Cassandra, a serious Zoe or maybe an artist like Angelina? Each Besties Doll has a unique personality, she comes with a cool accessory, a fashion bag, a pet carrier and two BFFs. If you’re lucky you could even find the highly sought after limited edition Blossom Panda…. We’re still searching for her!

Of course miss Hattie didn’t want to miss out on all the fun, and thankfully there is a Best Furry Friend for the youngest family member too. Stardust the Pegacorn (ages 3+) is super soft, super cuddly and super sized and she loves coming along on all your adventures in a big carry bag. This Pat & Chat pal enjoys a good hug and if you pat her on the head she’ll reward you with 15 different chatty lines. Hattie takes Stardust everywhere and don’t you dare ask her to share her cuddly companion with someone else…

Who said you can only have one BFF? When it comes to Best Furry Friends you can have as many as you like, the more the merrier!

You can find the BBF range at all major toy stores and toy departments across Australia.

To find out more about Best Furry Friends, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you visit www.bestfurryfriendshq.com.

Sep 102016


Just like every other time we arrived in The Netherlands with a gigantic suitcase stuffed with presents for family and friends. Delicious Aussie treats, nice wine, books, toys and more, all lovingly handpicked to surprise our loved ones whom we sadly don’t get to see very often. But what do you bring for the youngest of them all? If you’re looking for a gorgeous ‘native’ gift for a precious bundle look no further than this adorable find:


Designed and lovingly handmade right here in Australia using organic and natural materials Mosov Mini baby wear is the perfect pick for proud little Aussies.

Bottlebrush Nappy CoverFrom koalas and wombats to bottlebrushes and gum nuts, Mosov Mini knows how to celebrate the very best of Australia in style. The red bottlebrush is one of my favourite natives so I couldn’t help falling in love with the sweet Bottlebrush Pocket Organic T-Shirt (RRP $35, size 000-2) and the matching Bottlebrush Organic Nappy Cover (RRP $30, size 000-0). By the way, wouldn’t the cute green and red colours make this an ideal Christmas day outfit?

Mosov WombatMosov’s certified organic cotton is free from nasty chemicals and super soft against sensitive baby skin, ensuring ultimate comfort for sleep little wombats likes this one. The cute Wombat Organic Baby T-Shirt (RRP $35, size 000-2) has a handy envelope neck which make dressing and undressing a breeze, no pesky press studs! All Mosov Mini products are limited editions, so if you spot a style you love you better grab it before it’s gone.

To find out more about Mosov Mini, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit www.mosov.com.

ENJO Floor Cleaner (+ special ENJO offer!)

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Nov 282014


Earlier in the year I told you how we keep our kitchen clean, shiny and germ free the natural way with Enjo. Ever since we discovered the magic of Enjo Fibres I have been tossing up about the Enjo Floor Cleaner; our floors need cleaning every single day (sometimes even twice or three times a day), it looks so easy to use and if it works as well as our Enjo Kitchen Glove and Cloths it would be absolutely perfect, but is it worth the expense?

As you know I like to do my research and compare my options before I buy so it is important to know what makes the Enjo Floor Cleaner (RRP $99) different than regular floor cleaners. The extra long Enjo Floor Cleaner Handle is light in weight, simple to assemble and use, comfortable to hold and manoeuvre and it slides under furniture easily. Giving the kitchen floor a quick wipe down after dinner takes just a few short minutes and requires very little effort making it ideal for busy mums and dads and well lived-in kitchens like ours. However the real difference is in the special Enjo Floor Fibres you use to wipe the floor with.

Enjo Floor FibresI know it is hard to believe, and I didn’t believe it either until I witnessed it with my own eyes, but Enjo Fibres work their magic with just a squirt of water. There is no need for nasty chemicals or detergent, there is no sticky residue and you can reuse the fibres over and over again, just wash them in the your washing machine and you’re ready for your next clean. Using nothing but water Enjo Fibres remove 95-100% of bacteria so can keep your home healthy and clean and children and pets can play on the floor safely.

There are six different Enjo Floor Fibres (RRP $99) to choose from, each type of fibre suits a different floor type so you can achieve perfect results on every floor. Wooden floors, tiles, bamboo, vinyl, lino, marble, concrete, there is an Enjo Floor Fibre that is right for you. The cleaner head simply slides into the floor fibre like an envelope and you’re good to go, unlike disposable wipes that come undone easily and need ‘tucking in’ repeatedly the Enjo Floor Fibre stays perfectly in place no matter what angle you use it on or how hard you push. When you’re done just unlock the cleaner head with your foot to remove the floor fibre for rinsing or washing.

Enjo Floor Cleaner Pack

The verdict? Considering the impressive 3-year life span of Enjo Fibres, the eliminated need for special floor cleaners and wipes full of nasty chemicals, the absence of chemical residue afterwards and the ease of use (and less waste) compared to other alternatives on the market the Enjo Floor Cleaner is well worth the investment. Yes it is a big expense at first but now I won’t have to buy any floor cleaning products for 3 years and it is healthier for my family too! Christmas has come early for me and I couldn’t be happier with our new floor cleaner.

Receive a FREE Limited Edition Green Floor Cleaner (RRP $99) when you buy any two Enjo Floor Fibres. Offer is valid while stock lasts so be quick and order your preferred Floor Fibres today.

To find out more about Enjo, to book an Enjo demo and to order your favourite Enjo products online visit www.enjo.com.au.

Jun 012014


Our beautiful miss O has lovely long, straight hair which is her pride and joy, her biggest wish is to become Rapunzel and the simple mention of a hair cut is enough to make her cry. However now that she has two younger sisters with gorgeous curls it was inevitable that she would one day wonder what she would look like with curly hair, fair enough. Yesterday we had a birthday party to attend so we figured it was the perfect opportunity to use the very clever RUSK MiraCurl and change Rapunzel into Belle.

When I first saw the RUSK MiraCurl in action in an online video I could hardly believe how easy it looked (OK I admit, I didn’t believe it at all!). I have had my share of battles with curling irons over the years and most of them are far from practical unless maybe you’re a hair dresser. I’ve burnt my fingers (and my forehead!) and burnt my hair, ended up with a head full of kinks and on more than occasion I stopped half way through because it just took too long. Needless to say I was a bit sceptical and thought the MiraCurl looked too good to be true.

Belle ready for the ball

Belle ready for the ball

The MiraCurl, created by RUSK Engineering, is the world’s first fully automatic professional curling machine, a nifty gadget that creates the perfect curls you’re after without you having to do all the hard work. All the magic happens inside the hair tool, gently place a lock of hair in the MiraCurl, close it and the lock will be pulled into the unit automatically. There is no need to wrap it around by hand and hold it in place, so easy! Just wait for the beeps to indicate your curl is done and the next time the MiraCurl opens a beautiful curl will be released!


Not bad for a first try!

Not bad for a first try!

All over curls or ends only, loose waves or more defined curls, you can choose exactly how you want your curls. The MiraCurl styling tool has three switches to help you achieve the look you’re after: three temperature settings (190, 21o or 230C) to suit different hair types, three timer settings (8, 10 or 12 seconds) for soft waves to tight curls and three curl direction settings (left, right or alternate for a natural look). The MiraCurl hair styler is so easy to use, I never knew creating curls could be this quick, simple and effortless and I will most definitely use it a lot.

Not bad for less than 10 minutes, and it's only my first try!

Not bad for less than 10 minutes, and it’s only my first try!

Obviously my favourite feature is the automatic curling, not having to twist the hair around a hot barrel yourself saves time, energy, is safer and the result is more even. It’s so much more practical than having to twist your arms in all kinds of uncomfortable positions to manually wrap your locks around a steaming hot styler. The other thing I love about the MiraCurl is the sounds to indicate when your curl is done, there is no more guessing or forgetting and every single curl has the exact same time to set.

RUSK MiraCurl Limited Edition

RUSK MiraCurl Limited Edition

If you want to get your hands on this very stylish Limited Edition RUSK MiraCurl Gift Set you better be fast, once they’re gone they’re gone! The gorgeous gift set contains a beautiful limited edition RUSK MiraCurl in a metallic charcoal finish with purple accents and an eye catching limited edition deluxe bag to store your new favourite styling tool in.


You can find the RUSK MiraCurl (RRP $220) at selected hair salons, Hairhouse Warehouse, Price Attack and other selected retailers across Australia. Each MiraCurl hair styler comes with a generous two year warranty for extra peace of mind.

To find out more about RUSK, to see the RUSK MiraCurl in action and to locate a stockist near you visit www.rusk.com.au.

Feb 202014

Young and Moodie

Normally picking the right name for your very own fashion label is really tricky, but not for Narelle Young and Craig Moodie from Melbourne. Together they form new Aussie designer label Young and Moodie and once you’ve seen their range you are sure to remember this hip brand for its unique, trendy designs (and its awesome name of course!):

Young and Moodie

Young and Moodie is designed with cool, streetwise kids in mind and caters for hip boys and girls up to 8 years old. The rompers, t-shirts and dresses feature limited edition, retro style illustrations that children will love: headphones and roller skates, sneakers and footy boots, fairies, dinosaurs and more. All styles are created to not only be very stylish but also comfortable, soft and practical to wash and wear.

Young and Moodie Headphones TeeWhat I love about Young and Moodie is how the designs are fun and interesting without busy prints and screaming colours, it shows that simple can look amazing too and it leaves room for the unique personality of the individual child to shine. There are lots of different styles and colours to choose from and they’re all very well priced, in the current sale you can pick up a Young and Moodie piece for as little as $15 and shipping is FREE Australia wide!

Young and Moodie Fairy DressSpeaking of interesting characters, our little miss 3.5 is most definitely a unique little person who wins hearts wherever she goes. She has the biggest imagination so I knew she would love this gorgeous Fairy on the Loose Dress (size 1-6) and at the moment it is on sale for just $20-22 depending on the size. It’s bright, happy, dreamy, super soft and I love that there are no tags to irritate her sensitive skin.

Fairy on the Loose Dress

Our daughter is 3.5 but quite a big girl so I picked size 4 which is a great fit for her and it even fits miss 5 too so that’s a lovely bonus. The Fairy on the Loose design is also available in a romper design for little stylistas. I was surprised by how soft the 100% cotton fabric is, it has a very luxurious feel to it and the attention to detail is fantastic.

To find out more about Young and Moodie, to browse the range and to order online visit www.youngandmoodie.com.au.

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