Jun 182012

You may not know it but today, June 18, is world Autistic Pride Day. The aim of Autistic Pride Day is to get people to recognise the spectrum of autism disorders and to shift their perspective from disease to difference. Celebrating autism may seem rather unusual but it is all about accepting autistic children and adults as they are, loving them as they are, and recognising their rights. If you would like to find out more what life is like for families living with autism you should really read My Life In A Pea Soup.

My Life In A Pea Soup is a brilliant memoir written by Australian mum Lisa Nops, telling the story of her beautiful daughter Sally and the many events that led to the eventual diagnosis of autism. The book is so real, honest and raw, you will fall for Lisa (and Sally) from the moment you start reading. So many people have no idea what it is like to live with a child with autism (me included) so it was a real eye opener to read about life with Sally.

It is not easy to recognise autism in a young child and Lisa shares openly about some of Sally’s behaviour and habits as a baby and young child which (in hind sight) were early signs that something was wrong. But this is not a cold, emotionless medical information pamphlet, it is a warm, sometimes heartbreaking but most of all honest collection of stories and memories written by a loving mum, who learns to come to terms with Sally’s diagnosis and is determined to create the very best life for her daughter.

Living an expat life the family ends up living in Sri Lanka and Bahrein, where it proves very hard to find the help they need. I finished My Life In A Pea Soup in one sitting, I loved Lisa’s story telling, not just about Sally but also describing life in other continents, and I so badly wanted to her to find the right doctor for Sally. Lisa Nops is a very talented writer so it is no wonder she recently won the Finch Memoir Prize 2012, very well deserved.

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