Feb 072012

Normally our kids would have been terribly sad to be stuck inside because of rainy weather but last weekend they didn’t mind at all. They happy installed themselves on the couch with a blanket and two little bowls of fruit to watch the new Disney release Lady and the Tramp. Until a few weeks ago they were not very interested in movies at all but all of a sudden they can not get enough of animated movies and they are trying very hard to understand the storyline. Seeing Disney’s Monsters Inc. and Oliver & Co are currently their favourites I had no doubt they would fall in love with Lady and the Tramp instantly.

Watching my three year old twins enjoy Lady and the Tramp made me realise once again how timeless the Disney classics are. This movie was first released in 1955, and now more than 50 years later there will be many more children getting to know Lady, a beautiful, sweet (but a little spoilt) cocker spaniel, and the story of how she gets to meet Tramp, a charmer from the streets.

Lady is used to being the centre of attention and the apple of her owner’s eye, but then a new baby enters the house and Lady struggles to accept her new position. She ends up away from home, exploring a life of freedom and without owners together with street dog Tramp. Despite their different backgrounds they can’t help but fall in love and share that famous kiss over a spaghetti dinner. When Lady finds her way home it looks like their romance was not meant to be after all, or was it?

The love story of these two gorgeous dogs may be 57 years old, thanks to the new enhanced digital restoration and high definition sound this movie meets the highest of modern standards. You can sing along to your favourite Lady and the Tramp songs (Who doesn’t know the song of the Siamese cats? A big hit with the twins) and also enjoy brand new bonus features.

If your kids are like mine and always ask ‘what happens next’ you are in luck, as the story of Lady and Tramp continues in Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure. Lady and Tramp are happily living together and are enjoying the brilliant life of pampered pets together with their offspring. You’d think it is the perfect life but puppy Scamp does not agree and keeps getting into trouble, maybe the grass is greener outside the safe family garden…

Scamp hears the streets calling and joins in with the Junkyard Dogs, a pack of stray dogs lead by Buster. Buster doesn’t like the little grey house-dog, especially when Scamp manages to catch the eye of pretty puppy Angel. Is life on the streets what Scamp pictured it to be like or will he find his way home after all?

Lady and the Tramp Diamond Edition is now available at major retailers all across Australia as either the Diamond Edition Blu-ray + DVD Value Pack ($49.95) or the Diamond Edition 1-Disc DVD ($39.95).

Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure Special Edition is available at major retailers across Australia as either the Special Edition Blu-ray + DVD Value Pack ($29.95) or the Special Edition 1-Disc DVD ($24.95).

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