May 222012

When I go out with my three little ones people often ask me if they are all mine (because they are so close in age), usually followed by a comment along the lines of ‘you’ve got your hands full’. I admit it is quite an adventure going out with them all and they just love running in opposite directions. I always try to keep an eye on them (and myself) but last week I was so busy gathering my tribe and directing them into a store that I totally missed a very heavy door that automatically fell close on my finger.

There was blood, and not just a little bit. I tried not to upset the kids and hid the ‘damage’, scanning the store for an employee to get me a bandaid but it took ages until someone finally came to my rescue. All I could think was that I was so relieved it didn’t happen to one of the kids, and why on earth I didn’t have a bandaid with me for emergencies like this. From now on I will never leave the house without the Kiss It Better Wallet.

We all know a kiss from mum can solve a lot, but in some cases you need a little more which is where the Kiss It Better Wallet is a life saver. This compact first aid wallet is filled with all your must-have emergency needs: from bandaids and bandages to gloves, thermometer and a mask, from wound dressing and burn gel to jelly beans and stickers to put help those little tears dry up quicker.
The Kiss It Better Wallet has been developed by mum and first aid educator Vanessa so you get the best of both worlds: all the products a professional recommends and some lovely extra’s from mum that will cheer up sad faces.

All these supplies are neatly packed together in the fold-out Kiss It Better Wallet which is a perfect size, it won’t take up much room at all. If you really are short of space you can take out one of the compartments to keep in your handbag. I made sure to put the kit in our pram, that way we always have it on hand when out and about (even if it is just for scraped knees at the park). A fantastic product that every parent should know about!

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