And off she goes… with Crocodile Creek

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Jan 222018

Crocodile Creek

One week from today our miss Sybbie will be starting school and I am not exactly sure how to feel about that just yet. Long time readers will remember that she has had quite a few challenges to overcome, so as a result I am a bit extra protective of her. Thankfully her confidence has grown a lot this year and as you can tell by this photo she is very excited about the adventure ahead of her:

Even though Sybil’s Crocodile Creek kindy backpack and lunch boxes from last year were still in top shape (big thumbs up for durability!) I felt the transition to big school deserved some cool new school gear, so our little student got to take her pick and instantly fell in love with this adorable bunch of backyard friends. Obviously everything needed a proper try out this week, making sure it lives up to the expectations.

Miss Sybbie is a real girly girl who loves wearing twirly skirts, pretty dresses and sweet headbands, the pastel colours of the Backyard Friends backpack really suit her style. It’s an ideal size for our nearly 5-year old, big enough for her lunchbox, bottle and homework folder but still lightweight and comfortable to wear thanks to the adjustable, padded shoulder straps and did you spot the handy front pocket for some little treasures and special notes from mummy or the teacher?

On the side of the backpack a stretchy pocket ensures a refreshing drink is always within hand’s reach, at the same time it keeps messy spills or wet condensation safely away from school work, library books or homework assignments. The no-spill Backyard Friends bottle (475ml) is a perfect fit and the strong and durable Tritan material is totally kid-proof. Double win: Sybbie adores the animal print and how simple it is to flip open and close, mummy loves how easy it is to clean with a removable straw and being dishwasher safe.

As Adelaide summers get very hot an insulated lunch bag is a real must, this spacious Backyard Friends classic lunchbox has practical wipe-clean lining (that’s free from nasties like PVC, Phthalate free and BPA) and there is plenty of room inside to pack your child’s lunch, fruit and some ice packs to keep lunch fresh and cool for even longer. On the front a zip pocket safely stores cutlery and some spending money for the school canteen.

Speaking of cutlery, I have no doubt these adorable Backyard Friends big kid utensils will be the cutest fork and spoon in class (no mix-ups). They are made for small hands and allow for a greater variety in lunches, think pasta, salad, yoghurt, rice or noodles; after all sandwiches do get a little boring after a while!

To find out more about Childsmart and to browse the Crocodile Creek range visit or get social with @Childsmart on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

Sep 032016


Airports, planes, beach houses, holiday cabins, spare bedrooms… when it comes to sleeping arrangements this holiday is full of diversity. Especially for young children sleeping in an unfamiliar environment can be a bit scary, so we’re trying our best to keep our tribe calm and comfortable the best we can. We’ve come well prepared with their favourite cuddly toys and night lights and miss Sybbie has even brought her cosy Elektra nap time buddy:

Cloud9 Syb

After the huge success of the original Elektra Cloud9 Nap Mat last year designer and mum Jessica has been busy working on an extended range of Cloud9 Nap Mat to fit kids of all sizes (and even mamas who are desperate for a snooze!).

Cloud9 Regular PlusThe Cloud9 Regular Plus Nap Mat (RRP $49.95) is the perfect value for money combo. Made from easy-care polyester this awesome on-the-go sleeping solution for little nappers is a breeze to clean (machine wash), dries quickly and is stain resistant which is a must for cheeky toddlers. Young kids love getting comfy under a soft blankie and thanks to the new 93cm long quilted blanket (total mat length 100cm) there is plenty of snuggle space.

Cloud9 Deluxe Nap MatIts bigger sibling the Cloud9 Deluxe Nap Mat (RRP $59.95) boosts an even longer blanket (100cm, total mat length 125cm) which makes it the perfect size for miss Sybbie. For a more luxurious sleep the Deluxe Nap Mat has a 100% soft and breathable cotton blanket and a thicker mat for added comfort. As with all Cloud9 Nap Mats the pillow is removable and the mats can be machine washed, yay for busy mamas who have no time for hand washing!

Nap Mats Rolled UpDesigned for use at home, daycare, sleepovers and holidays Cloud9 Nap Mats are lightweight and have a convenient carry handle for easy transport. The handy buckle closure helps keep the mats neatly rolled up and compact in size while travelling or in storage. With lots of great colours and prints to choose from and a neat name tag on the outside all kids can have their own unique Nap Mat with no chance of mix-ups.


To find out more about Elektra, to locate a stockist near you and to order online vist

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Groovy gear for travelling tots

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Aug 122016

Crocodile Creek

Just 16 sleeps until we leave for our big holiday, it feels like we’ve been counting down for years but now departure day is almost here. Of course travelling with five young kids is no walk in the park and it does take some preparation but I trust that the reunion with my family will be totally worth it. Miss Sybbie has already taken her new Crocodile Creek travel gear for a little test trip and she’s given it the big thumbs up:

CC Backpack

Thankfully the four older kids are big enough to help out by carrying their own backpacks filled with travel must-haves. Especially for the holiday miss Sybbie picked herself this pretty Crocodile Creek Owl Backpack with more than enough storage space for her favourite toys, tasty snacks, some colouring books, markers and even a change of clothes.

Crocodile Creek

I particularly love that the backpack has an extra zipped pocket at the front and a handy side pocket so she can keep her water bottle within hand’s reach, this will be a great help at the airport and on the plane. Crocodile Creek backpacks are strong, sturdy and spacious yet still lightweight making them perfect for young children aged 3-8. The padded shoulder straps can be adjusted so the backpack is comfortable to wear.

CC Lunchbox

With Sybbie’s feeding issues in mind we can’t afford to take any risks so we plan to bring her own food from home, that way we can all enjoy a drama-free meal and she won’t go hungry. The matching Owl Sandwich Keepers are the ideal size for a Sybbie-sized lunch or dinner, there are even special Owl Ice Packs available that fit into the sandwich keepers perfectly. Just keep them in the freezer overnight and pop one in your lunchbox in the morning to add some extra chill to your food on warm days.

CC Picnic

We’ll also fill the handy Owl Snack Keepers with some special treats for those peckish moments on the plane or in the car. Some dried fruit, crackers, a few biscuits and some bliss balls will hopefully keep Sybbie entertained and her tummy happy. Yay for reusable containers that you can use over and over again! The one piece design of the Crocodile Creek containers is just brilliant (no more lost or dropped lids) and they are completely free from nasties like BPA and Phthalates.

CC Lunch Bag

For little Harriet this will be her very first plane trip and she will also be the youngest baby we’ve ever taken overseas so it’s a bit new to all of us. Being just 11 months old we might avoid the airplane food and pack a range of snacks that she loves, are healthy and fit her developmental stage. Being fully insulated this cute Double Decker Lunchbox will help keep Hattie’s food cool and fresh while we travel and it is super spacious so it should hold more than enough for the journey. I think the extra zipped compartment is great for storing bibs and cutlery when out and about.

To find out more about Childsmart and to browse the Crocodile Creek range visit or get social with @Childsmart on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

Jan 012016


As we open up our 2016 calendar it once again hits me how quick our little ones grow. In just a few weeks our beautiful Juliet will start school and our little miss Sybbie will make an early start at kindy later in the year, at least I will still have Harriet at home to keep me company!

Cloud9 Nap Mat Girls

Being away from their comfortable, safe environment can be quite daunting for young children, but Elektra Bub, Tots & Kids Shop makes naps away from home easy and fun with their latest mum-invention.

Cloud9Whether your child is off to daycare, kindy, grandma’s, a sleepover or even just camping in the living room, the brand new Elektra Cloud9 Nap Mat (RRP $89.95) takes the hassle out of naps. This all-in-one bedding set includes a sleeping mat with attached blanket and pillow and together they effortlessly roll up into one compact, portable bundle. No more hunting for individual bedding items and no lost bits either, saving your precious time AND money.

Designed by real parents the Cloud9 Nap Mat gets the thumbs up from everyone: Not only is it colourful, fun and easy to use for small kids, it is also practical, durable and machine washable (perfect for busy mamas). The padded mat and blanket are comfortable and warm, the removable high quality, hotel grade pillow is soft and cosy and the durable, stain resistant outer material is sure to stand the accidental spills and rough and tumble of active kids.

Cloud9 Nap Mat

When not in use simply roll up your Cloud9 Nap Mat and close the buckles et voila, your lightweight, compact sleeping solution is ready for storage or travel. You can even personalise the Nap Mat on the outside using the name label, making it easy for your child to recognise their mat and ensuring there are no mix-ups at kindy or daycare. Elektra Nap Mats are currently available in two different designs to suit boys (Dinosaurs) and girls (Teddy Bears).

Sybbie Nap Mat

To find out more about Elektra, to browse the range or to order online vist

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Jul 072015

Little JJ Cole

With mums all over the globe falling in love with JJ Cole Collections it was only a matter of time before hip kids started asking for their own slice of JJ Cole goodness. In response the clever design team at JJ Cole has created a brand new range of children’s products that is sure to get little ministylistas excited:

Little JJ Cole range

Little JJ Cole adds a touch of style to your toddler’s next adventure with a gorgeous travel collection consisting of backpacks, lunch bags and snuggly nap mats in a range of cool boy and girl designs:

Little JJ Cole Backpack CatThese colourful and spacious Little JJ Cole Backpacks (RRP $29.95) are the ideal size for days at daycare, kindy or even a day out on the town. They are big enough to fit a yummy lunch and snacks, a change of clothes and even your favourite toy. You can keep your drink bottle within hand’s reach in the elasticised side pockets and a zipped front pocket keeps small items safe when out and about.

Our little miss 2 is always copying her school-aged siblings so when it comes to school drop-off time she will not leave the house without a backpack. With kindy coming up next year this sweet Ladybug Backpack is going to be perfect, she is testing it out thoroughly already and loves filling it up and putting it on herself. The shoulder straps are adjustable and padded so you can create a nice, comfortable fit for your child. A free matching work folder is included as well as a practical (removable) clip so you can attach a drink bottle, lunch bag or toy to your bag.

Miss 2 off on another adventure...

Miss Sybbie off on another adventure…

Little JJ Cole Lunch Bag RocketTeam up your new backpack with the matching Little JJ Cole Lunch Bag (RRP $19.95) for the ultimate Little JJ Cole look. These generously sized lunch bags (19 x 24 x 9 cm) offer plenty of room for a healthy, homemade lunch to satisfy hungry tummies throughout the day, yet they are still light and compact enough for small hands to carry. The insulated design will keep your food nice and fresh through out the day and the interior can simply be wiped clean so the bag is good to go for the next day.

Little JJ Cole Nap Mat RobotNap time away from the comfort and security of your own home is not always easy for little ones, so why not pack a touch of home with a Little JJ Cole Nap Mat (RRP $49.95)? These funky roll-and-go nap mats are soft, comfy and cosy and even come with their own (removable) pillow for easy washing and drying. They are perfect for daycare and kindy (and much more hygienic than ‘shared’ mats) as well as sleepovers and naps at grandma.

The Little JJ Cole Collection is now available at Baby Bunting stores across Australia.

To find out more about JJ Cole Collections and to browse the Little JJ Cole range visit

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Jan 222015


The Kids Business Bloggers BBQTM is always a great opportunity to explore great brands and catch up with fellow bloggers and last week’s event was no different. There were some fantastic products waiting to be discovered but a few of them really stood out to me and I know you will love them too, I am particularly excited to introduce you to Bizzibrains:

I Learn AppLovely Australian mum Nic is the mastermind behind Bizzibrains and the designer of the totally awesome I Learn App. If your child is about to start school this fabulous application is perfect for you, it’s fun, educational, interactive and creative and an excellent tool to help prepare young children for kindy or school. Our 6-year old twins and 4-year old loved testing it out at the Bloggers BBQ and immediately requested we got our own copy too.

The I Learn App allows children to customise the main character to represent them so they feel like the story is all about them. They can personalise the character’s name, clothes and look, they can also take their own photo and record their own name so they’re actually in the story themselves. They can include their parent/carer with name and photo and even the teacher’s name can be changed for a truly customised experience.

I Learn Screen Shot 1

Over the course of 11 interactive story pages little students will be introduced to the classroom and the playground, learn about getting ready and recognising emotions, practise writing their name and simple maths and much more. The I Learn App is a fun and affordable way to prepare young children for a new learning environment in a playful, age appropriate manner.

I Learn Screen Shot 2

With miss 4 starting kindy next week it’s perfect timing but the older kids love playing I Learn too, at times I have had to set the timer because one iPad between four children is cause for argument. She loves seeing her own picture on the screen and practising writing her name (an excellent fine motor skills exercise!). As a little fashionista she is forever changing her virtual outfit and she very much enjoys seeing mummy or daddy in the story.

The I Learn App ($4.99) is suitable for iPad and iPhone and available for purchase in the iTunes App Store right now, download your copy today:

Download I Learn

To find out more Bizzibrains, to take a closer look at the I Learn App and to download a copy for your iPad or iPhone visit

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