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Most of the time I write about how amazing, special, precious and wonderful life with babies and children is (and it really is!) but the truth is that it is also hard work. While for some women being pregnant and giving birth is a breeze, for many of us it is not and it is very tough on your body. When your midwife reminds you, in between everything else, to do your pelvic floor exercises religiously it is easy to dismiss and forget, something that is likely to come back and haunt you later!

Your pelvic floor muscles are so very important and often hospital staff doesn’t stress enough how incredibly valuable those kegel exercises are. If you don’t take care of your pelvic floor you can get big problems with bladder leakage, incontinence and even prolapsed organs later on, and no, this does not only happen to ‘old’ people. It’s all about getting into the habit of doing pelvic floor exercises regularly, they don’t take much time, are simple to do and make a huge difference on your postnatal recovery and your future health.

Super Kegel - CopyThe Super Kegel Exerciser is specifically designed with busy women in mind: it is non-invasive, clean, quick, safe, easy to use and very effective. It can be used by anyone from young to old and beginner to experienced user. The Super Kegel is a high quality, strong and durable product that can be used again and again. Another great bonus is that you can use this handy exercising tool to train many other muscles too aside from your pelvic floor so it is excellent value for money.

Super Kegel 3The Super Kegel concept is surprisingly easy but it does exactly what you need it for: Simple place the Super Kegel Exerciser in between your upper thighs, get into the correct position and squeeze the two wings together, it’s as simple as that! When you bring the two wings of the Super Kegel together you are using your upper thigh, buttock and pelvic floor muscles and the more you practise the stronger your muscles will get.

Starting with just a 3 second queeze, 6 times in a row you can work towards a 25 second squeeze and 10 repetitions, twice a day.  This may take a bit of practice as the wings offer strong resistance but it means you are really working those muscles. This strong resistance also comes in very handy when you use the Super Kegel to give your chest, thighs and arms a work-out, it’s a great all-in-one trainer at the very affordable price of NZD $39.95 (ca. AUD $36.90).

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Right now you can save 50% on postage and get your Super Kegel delivered for a tiny NZD $5 (ca. AUD $4.60). Simply enter the code ‘HIPLITTLEONE’ at checkout for your discount to be applied.

To find out more about Super Kegel, to read all about its many great uses and to order your own exerciser online visit www.superkegel.co.nz.

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Aug 162012

If you thought pregnancy and childbirth is nothing but bliss it is not too late to click away. At one of your first appointments in hospital you’ll be hit with words like pelvic floor, pelvic floor muscles, exercises, bladder control, incontinence and even prolapse, like most mums you will probably not think too much of it (surely that only happens to others?). Research has shown that 1 in 3 women will suffer from a pelvic floor disorder yet few (expecting) mums take their exercises seriously which can lead to huge issues later on.

As I am typing this I am wiggling about on my seat, tightening muscles that clearly haven’t had a workout for a while. During and after my twin pregnancy I had a stern talking to by an expert, warning me to train my pelvic floor muscles like a drill sergeant, and although I did try in the beginning I slowly forgot and my busy life with two newborns took over. I know many other mothers were and are like me and I have good news for you: there is hope!

Pelvic floor exercises are made really simple with the Intimina Kegel Exercisers. I admit these little pink balls look like a toy and maybe that is a good thing, it takes off the serious edge and turns your oh-so-important training into an easy game. Simply insert the exerciser, contract and lift upwards, hold (that’s the tricky part!), release and relax, and of course repeat. Anyone can do it so no more excuses, get working on those muscles!


There are three different Kegel Exerciser available to suit everyone from starter to master (you ALWAYS have to keep training your pelvic floor muscles to prevent weakening later on). When you’ve conquered the first ‘level’ of Light Resistance you can step up to Moderate Resistance and finally you can be crowned ‘Mistress of your Pelvic Floor’ with the Higher Resistance Kegel Exerciser. You can find the Laselle Kegel Exercisers by Intimina at selected Terry White Chemists and Blooms Pharmacies.

To find out more about the Intimina Kegel Exercisers ($19.95) and to take a closer look at the different exercise levels visit www.intimina.com.

For your chance to win an Intimina Kegel Exerciser visit www.intimina.com and answer the following question: Name one of the things the Intimina Kegel Exerciser can help women with?

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