Jul 142014

Transmission Films

As we are having friends over from the Netherlands this week I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to sit down together and enjoy a newly released and truly Australian movie. Tracks brings us back to 1977 when Australian girl Robyn Davidson makes a 2700km solo trek through the Australian desert with four camels and her loyal dog. Her journey was documented by a National Geographic photographer and captured in her best selling memoir Tracks. It is the first time we get to enjoy her quest on the screen and let me tell you, it is nothing less than inspirational (and a lot less dusty than you may think):

Tracks Blu-ray

The world has its doubts when Robyn shares her plans to track from Alice Springs to the Indian ocean all by herself, by foot and through the lonely desert with no company but some camels and a dog. She may not have any experience or the necessary funds but she does have determination and despite many hurdles she manages to earn her camels and gain sponsorship from National Geographic.

Tracks KeepCupAt first Robyn feels her desire to be by herself and far away from the materialistic world is compromised by the intrusive photographer who visit her on her journey every few weeks. She has no choice but to accept his presence, the uncomfortable chats and the posed photographs but slowly she starts looking forward to the rare human contact and they form a, at times rocky, bond.

Both talented actress Mia Wasikowska (Robyn) and Adam Driver (photographer Rick) have done an amazing job capturing the raw emotions that colour this month long track. From happiness, admiration and overwhelming gratitude to sadness, despair and loneliness, it’s an epic journey through Australia’s most remote areas that is absolutely breathtaking, ending in a refreshing meeting with the much longed for Indian ocean.

Tracks is available on Blu-ray (RRP $34.99), DVD (RRP $29.99) and digital download at retailers across Australia and online.

To find out more about Tracks, to watch the trailer and to order your copy online visit www.transmissionfilms.com.au.

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Apr 062012

More and more parents are trying to make eco friendly choices which is absolutely fantastic, it is encouraging to see how many people have started using reusable water bottles but of course you can’t use them for your daily dose of coffee. You grab your first one at the petrol station, number two in the office canteen and number three during your lunch break at the cafe, all those paper cups add up! Luckily there is hope for all the coffee addicts out there, you can enjoy your caffeine shot the green way by using the KeepCup.

The KeepCup ticks all the boxes: it is reusable (so eco friendly), it is BPA free and non-toxic (so safe), it is barista standard (standard takeaway size and perfect fit for most espresso machines) and it is dishwasher safe, microwaveable and splash proof. Use it at home, in your car or your pram and at your favourite cafe, once you have discovered the KeepCup it will go with you wherever you go.

The cool thing about KeepCup is that you can design your very own custom KeepCup, because eco-friendly and reusable does not have to be boring. You can pick your ideal size (extra small, small, medium or large) and select your favourite colours from a huge colour palette. Keep it simple or combine a rainbow of colours, it is totally up to you so the chances you bump into someone else with the same KeepCup are very slim.

Even kids have been spotted with the KeepCup, the extra small (120ml) is a perfect size for little hands and the small opening makes it easy to drink a yummy babychino without spills. Why not design a custom KeepCup for the whole family? You get to drink from these fabulous cups and are helping the environment at the same time, I think that is pretty sweet. Prices range from $10.00 (extra small) to $16.00 (large).

To find out more about KeepCup, to design your personal KeepCup and to order online visit www.keepcup.com.

For your chance to win a KeepCup for hip mums visit www.keepcup.com and answer the following question: Where would you take your KeepCup?

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