Mama on Monday

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Jul 202015

And then it was time again to set the alarms in the morning, pull out the uniforms, prep the lunch boxes and think of a Show & Tell topic for today, Term 3 is here! Yesterday was an absolutely lovely sunny winter day so we finished our school holidays with a relaxing afternoon at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. You can easily spend a few hours walking the gardens while the kids burn off some energy running the grass fields, explore the many different plants and flowers, climbs the trees, feed the birds and much more. Of course we brought our beloved Joolz ride along, just in case little legs got tired from all the fun. We ended the day with ice-cream for everyone so there were happy faces all around.

Botanic Gardens 2

Botanic Gardens 4

Botanic Gardens 1

Botanic Gardens 3

Wearing (Mummy):
Khaki Maternity Shirt Dress (RRP $103, now $51) by Eve of Eden
Isla Jegging (RRP $119.95) by Ripe Maternity
Jensenna Brown Leather Boots (RRP $279.95) by EOS
Floral Tube Scarf (€12.95) by Pieces

Wearing (My little tribe):
The girls are mostly dressed in Daily Tea gear (some a few years old, we love quality garments that can be handed down!) from Where Did You Get That?.
Tommie is wearing an Esprit jacket and Little Rivet Jeans.
Shoes by Geox, Feiyue, Tiptoe & Co and Livie & Luca.

The eco side of Joolz

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Sep 052014


Even though I have walked around our area many times I will never get enough of our beautiful neighbourhood, we live in a gorgeous green suburb with lots of trees, green, reserves and creeks and it’s very close to the hills. With so many cities expanding and new developments popping up everywhere I really hope my children will still be able to enjoy the wonderful nature around us as they get older. It is important to invest now and shop wisely, choosing products and brands that support our environment.

Joolz Chair

At Joolz they know all about modern technology and they master in comfort, luxury and quality, at the same time they value our environment highly and are always thinking of ways to incorporate sustainability in their design and manufacturing process. One great example of their gentle eco footprint is the Joolz packaging.

Joolz BirdhouseAll Joolz products are packaged in sturdy cardboard boxes to make sure they arrive at their destination safely and in perfect condition. But what do you do with the cardboard once you’ve put together your stylish new ride? Of course you could deposit it in your recycle bin and let the council waste do the recycling for you but thanks to Joolz you can do your very own recycling at home.

Every single Joolz box is preprinted with a cool building project, all you need to do is cut out the different shapes and start creating. Give your cardboard waste a second life and turn it into a funky lamp shade, bird house or picture frame, you can even build a real chair! There is a different use for every box, from the stroller packaging to the carrycot box and even the smaller boxes for the accessories. The projects are fun and easy to do and the end product is actually useable.

Joolz Birth Forest

Another exciting new way Joolz supports our planet is through the Joolz Birth Forest located in Colombia. Joolz wants to help new parents celebrate the life of their new arrival by planting a tree for your new baby, such a lovely, thoughtful gift. You may not be able to go see the tree yourself but you will receive updates on the development of your very own tree via email, you can watch your tree grow just as your baby grows! I think it is a wonderful concept and a fabulous way to help fight deforestation and climate change. I will keep you in the loop about the launch of this fantastic project here in Australia.

To find out more about Joolz, to take a closer look at the Joolz range and to locate a stockist near you visit

Joolz Day Earth

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May 082014


After a few months of pushing our Joolz Day Earth around town, beach and bush I think we can safely say I am ready to share my experiences with you. As you may remember from my Joolz introduction post Joolz is all about innovative design and I have had a fabulous time checking out all the clever features of my Joolz ride. There are just so many plusses about this pram, these are some of my favourites:

A striking look that's hard to miss

A striking look that’s hard to miss

The look!
The first thing people (including myself) look at when selecting a pram is the overall look and the Joolz Day Earth is a real eye catcher. The combination of the sleek silver frame, the vibrant Parrot Blue fabric and the leatherette handle bar and bumper bar is simply stunning, I can not count the number of times I have seen (expecting) mamas turn around to closely inspect my Joolz and peek at the brand name. It is beautiful, classy, luxurious, modern, unique, simple and definitely has the wow factor.

The pram seat has the same height as most other seats

The pram seat has the same height as most other seats

Compared to other prams Joolz prams are designed with as a higher seat that brings your baby nearer to you, this means you don’t have to bend down as much to handle your baby in the seat or bassinet (great for your back!) and baby will feel safe and close to the parent. It is also very handy when you sit down in a restaurant or eg. the cinema as your baby will sit at the same height as you instead of lower, hidden under the table. The adjustable handle bar pulls out at the touch of a button so whether you are a little mama or a tall dads like my hubby you can walk up straight and maintain correct posture, after all your comfort is important too!

You can always see what baby is up to through the handy 'control window'

You can always see what baby is up to through the handy ‘control window’

The seat of the Joolz pram is one of the tallest seats available (plus it features an extendable foot rest) and the carry cot is very spacious so you get to enjoy your pram for longer making it a great investment for young families. You can use the ergonomic seat forward or backward facing which I love as my daughter likes being able to see me while we walk. At the same time, when she does face forward the handy Air Top allows me to take a peek at my baby from behind. The safety harness feel very sturdy and strong, it is simple to put on and it has a big, chunky buckle that is always easy to find (no digging under your baby for a teeny little buckle).

A smooth ride on every terrain

A smooth ride on every terrain

The Joolz Day Earth guarantees a comfortable ride thanks to the luxury four wheel suspension; the back wheels of the Joolz Day Earth are fitted with heavy duty pneumatic tyres for a smooth, relaxing stroll even on bumpy terrain, the smaller front wheels allow for quick manoeuvring and easy steering which is particularly handy in supermarkets and busy shopping centres.

Miss 3 hitching a ride

Miss 3 hitching a ride on the Footboard

There are lots of handy Joolz accessories available to make your life easier when out and about. We have added the Joolz Cupholder and the XL Shopping Bag so we can run our little errands by foot instead of having to take the car. We are also using the Joolz Footboard when we go out for longer walks or day trips, that way our 3-year old daughter can ‘hitch a ride’ when her little legs get tired. It simply clips on to the frame and when not in use you can fold it upright and attach it to the back of your pram. You can even fold the pram with the Footboard attached!

The Footboard just folds upright, out of the way

The Footboard just folds upright, out of the way

On the one hand the seat and carry cot are generous in length and width to be comfortable for your growing child, on the other hand the pram folds up nice and compact and can stand up unsupported so it can be stored neatly in your hallway, garage or under stairs storage space without being in the way.

Upright storage, great for small spaces!

Upright storage, great for small spaces!

Good to know: A two year warranty period applies to all Joolz products, starting on the purchase date.

To find out more about Joolz, to take a closer look at the Joolz range and to locate a stockist near you visit

Joolz at Adelaide PBC Expo

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Mar 272014


I almost missed out due to sick children but I am very glad I managed to make it to the Adelaide PBC Expo after all. As you can probably imagine I do most of my Hip little one ‘work’ on the computer which is both convenient and a little impersonal at the same time. I love it when I get the opportunity to see products, brands and people I work with in real life and of course it is a great opportunity to discover new hip finds too.

Joolz stand @ Adelaide PBC Expo

Joolz stand @ Adelaide PBC Expo (and two of my little people)

As a Joolz brand ambassador I jumped at the chance to meet up with Adriaan from Joolz HQ, take a look at all the different Joolz models and accessories and of course speak some Dutch (a real treat for me!). While I had heard about the newly release Joolz Day Studio Collection I hadn’t been able to see for myself what all the excitement was about so I was pleased to see they brought two Joolz Day Studio models along to the show.

New arrival 'Joolz Day Studio Gris'

The Joolz Day Studio features the 8 Positive Design solutions Joolz is famous for, coated in a very stylish and sophisticated French jacket (pronounced the French way of course). From the eye catching fabrics and the classy double stitching to the striking black wheels and even a black frame (Noir only), the Joolz Studio Gris and Joolz Studio Noir are little works of art and finished with the finest of details.

Especially on the Joolz Studio Gris fabric the double stitching looks absolutely amazing, it compliments the designer look beautifully without being in your face. Of course it looks wonderful on the Joolz Day Studio Noir too but it stands out a little more on the lighter fabric of the Studio Gris. The classic diamond stitching is clearly visible on the inside of the pram hood as well as on the classic brown leatherette handle bar and bumper bar, even the lining of the carry cot features this luxurious finish.

Joolz Day Studio Gris

Joolz Day Studio Gris

There was lots of interest in Joolz and quite a few PBC Expo visitors ordered their new Joolz pram on the spot (I have to admit the special expo offers were fantastic!). I had brought our own Joolz Day Earth along to push our little Sybbie around and I saw lots of mums giving our pram a second look, Joolz is still relatively new to Australia and the unique look catches people’s attention wherever I go.

Joolz Day Studio NoirOne very keen mama-to-be even asked if she could have a turn pushing our pram to get a feel of the weight and manoeuvrability with a baby on board. Good on her as a pram is a big investment to be used for years so you want to make sure you’re making the right choice. I happily obliged and we had a lovely chat about all the great features and benefits (while I kept a close eye on Sybil, making sure she was not being kidnapped!).

If you also attended the Joolz stand at the PBC Expo in Adelaide last weekend you probably met the lovely ladies from Adelaide baby store Baby Junction. Baby Junction is centrally located on Magill Rd, St. Morris and they are the (very proud) exclusive stockist of the complete Joolz range here in Adelaide. Because they know that everything adds up when you are setting up a nursery they are currently running a fabulous offer:

Purchase a Joolz Day, Earth or Studio at Baby Junction and receive a Joolz Summer Seat and UV Sunhood completely FREE, as well as a bonus $50 Baby Junction gift card. This offer is valid until April 5, 2014, so be quick!

Studio Noir

Joolz Day Studio Noir on display

To find out more about Joolz, to take a closer look at the Joolz range and to locate a stockist near you visit

Introducing Joolz

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Feb 282014


If you are a regular Hip little one reader you may have spotted a little snippit about my very exciting collaboration with Joolz. It has been a few weeks since I got my hands on one of the amazing Joolz prams and I have been proudly walking my new ride across Adelaide every chance I get, it is such a delight to push around! Because I know some of you haven’t heard of Joolz before I thought a bit of an introduction might be in order:

Dutch glory, meet Joolz

Dutch glory, meet Joolz

Joolz is a creative designer label from The Netherlands (just like me!) creating high quality, innovative products for modern families. Originally born in Amsterdam in 2005 Joolz has quickly conquered a prime spot in the luxury market and their stylish jewels (Joolz) are now available in more than 20 countries all across the globe. Joolz is all about ‘Positive Design’: healthy, ergonomically designed products skillfully created with child and parent in mind and at the same time responsibly engineered to contribute to a more sustainable environment for our children to grow up in.

The current Joolz pram range consists of three different collections: Joolz Day, Joolz Day Earth and the brand new Joolz Day Studio, which will be available at Joolz stockists Australia wide as of tomorrow March 1.

Joolz DayAfter several years of extensive research the original Joolz Day was introduced in 2007, impressing hip parents with its classy, luxurious look and many great features. Built with high quality, durable materials and finished with the most beautiful details the Joolz Day is an ‘upper class’ pram that oozes style and character. Every aspect of the design is made to offer superior support and comfort for the little passenger as well as the adult pushing the pram.

What may surprise you is that Joolz prams are not created by a mum, or even a woman, but (shock horror) a man. He has to be one hell of a catch as he clearly has an amazing sense of style, an eye for detail and a sixth sense for what parents want and look for when selecting the right pram for their family. From a sleek, smooth frame to a convertible seat, from an adjustable handle bar that suits parents of all heights to a compact fold for car or home and don’t forget the four wheel suspension that makes this pram ideal for any terrain, Joolz has got all your demands covered.

Joolz Day Earth collection

Joolz Day Earth collection

Following the huge success of the Joolz Day a wonderful new collection was welcomed to the Joolz family, aptly called Joolz Day Earth. The Joolz Day Earth collection captures the beauty of nature in six amazing colours: Parrot blue, Turtle green, Elephant grey , Monkey maroon and the latest additions Lobster red and Camel beige. One of the stand out features of the Joolz Day Earth collection is the brown leatherette handle bar and safety bar, these look absolutely stunning and are very eye catching.

As you may have spotted I have been pushing around the Joolz Day Earth in classy Parrot blue, stay tuned for a more indept review and photos in the near future.

Joolz Day Studio BlackThe Joolz design team clearly never sits still as tomorrow a brand new range will be released. The Joolz Day Studio series has been created in close collaboration with young designers and ordinary parents like you and I, resulting in a fresh collection of materials, colours and designs. The first two French romance inspired creations Joolz Day Studio Noir and Joolz Day Studio Gris will be hitting Australian stockists in the next few weeks, I can’t wait to see these delights ‘in the flesh’!

I am hoping to catch a glimpse of them at the Pregnancy, Baby and Children’s Expo this March and will share some more Joolz Day Studio love upon my return.

New arrival 'Joolz Day Studio Gris'

New arrival ‘Joolz Day Studio Gris’

To find out more about Joolz, to take a closer look at the Joolz range and to locate a stockist near you visit