Jun 192016

Roadshow Entertainment

Are Giggle & Hoot’s famous ‘five steps to bed’ part of your child’s bedtime routine? Get ready to add an extra quick ‘five minutes before bed’ to your daily schedule with these bitesize 5-minute stories from the adventurous Owl Pals:

Owl Pals DVD

The brand new DVD Hoot Hoot Go: Owl Pals contains 13 fun episodes featuring Australia’s favourite owls Hoot, Hootabelle, their orange buddy Hootly and a range of other interesting characters from the Land of Giggle & Hoot. Join these colourful birds and learn to cloud bounce, play Hoot & Seek, look for Hootballs, sing with Hootaluna, find the missing Gigglebug and more.

In The Perfect Cubby House the loveable Owl Pals are getting together for a special tea party. Unfortunately none of the three cubbies is suitable for the fun gathering: It’s either too small, doesn’t have any pillows or lacks yummy snacks for the three friends. Of course they don’t give up that easily, they join forces and build a big new cubby house together. Cup of tea anyone?

When Hoot is getting ready for The Piratey Party to celebrate Pirate Mini Hootbeard’s birthday he discovers that his pirate costume is way too small. He is worried he has to miss out on all the fun, but thankfully his friends Hootabelle and Hootly come to the rescue. They all share some parts of their outfits so the three pirates can enjoy the party together.

‘Hoot Hoot Go: Owl Pals’ is available on DVD (RRP $19.99) at major retailers across Australia.

To find out more Roadshow Entertainment, to browse the range and to order your favourite titles online visit www.roadshow.com.au.

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Sep 192015

Giggle amd Hoot Logo

With the school holidays (and a new baby) around the corner I have been stocking up on things to do for our four kids. I’ve hidden a stack of new books, tucked away some toys and games and grabbed a few DVDs to keep them entertained, let’s hope we can keep the kids happy and mummy sane! For our youngest who loves songs and dance I’ve wrapped up some new Giggle & Hoot entertainment:

Giggle & Hoot DVD

If the kids can’t get enough of Jimmy Giggle, his best mate Hoot the Owl and the lovely Hootabelle they’re in for almost an hour of giggly fun with ‘Giggle & Hoot: Giggle Fangs & Hootabulous Favourites’. Meet their newest friend Giggle Fangs the Bat and join the happy group in nine catchy sing-a-long tunes including ‘Cloud Bouncing’ and ‘My Batty Lair’. After all that singing and dancing the performance wraps up in style with the famous ‘On The Night Watch’ and ‘Hoot’s Lullaby’.

To get you in the mood for Christmas the DVD also includes a bonus Giggle & Hoot Christmas Special, after all Christmas is just 3 months away!

‘Giggle & Hoot: Giggle Fangs & Hootabulous Favourites’ is available on DVD (RRP $14.95) at major retailers across Australia.

To find out more Roadshow Entertainment, to read all about Giggle & Hoot and to order your copy online visit www.roadshow.com.au.

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Dec 172014


Christmas Countdown – Day 17

What’s better than receiving a fabulous present on Christmas morning? Receiving one every quarter for a whole year! Extend the gift giving over the next year with a ABC4Kids magazine subscription featuring your favourite TV characters like Giggle & Hoot or the Octonauts:

Octonauts MagazineEach Octonauts Magazine (RRP $5.95 per issue) is filled from cover to cover with fun ocean themed stories, games, puzzles, craft and much more. Go below sea level with the Octonauts crew and explore the magical underwater world, learn all about sea creatures and help your Octonauts friends solve mysteries. You also get more than 50 Octonauts stickers, perfect for decorating, an art project and to share with your friends.

Giggle & Hoot MagazineGiggle & Hoot Magazine (RRP $5.95 per issue) is the perfect boredom buster for the school holidays. Our kids love receiving the latest magazine in the mail and Jimmy Giggle, Hoot, Hootabelle and all their other ABC4Kids friends keep them entertained for hours. The craft activities are always a big hit and I love that the magazine has something to offer for different age groups making it ideal for siblings to enjoy together.

The Giggle Galaxy Board BookThree: Time for a story or a sleepy time song. This sweet The Giggle Galaxy Board Book (RRP $12.99) board book is perfect for toddlers and will fit right into your 5 steps to bed routine. Join Jimmy Giggle, Hoot and Hootabelle on their Giggle Galaxy adventure, because the text is the same as the Giggle Galaxy song you may find you have to sing it instead of read it, you better get your best singing voice ready!

To find out more about ABC4Kids, to read all about your favourite TV shows and to order ABC4Kids merchandise online visit www.abc.net.au/abcforkids.

For your chance to win a $60 ABC4Kids Prize Pack containing a 1-year Giggle & Hoot magazine subscription, a 1-year Octonauts magazine subscription and a Giggle & Hoot Giggle Galaxy Board Book enter our giveaway below:

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Oct 162014

Giggle amd Hoot Logo

We’ve all seen that Jimmy Rees, better known as Jimmy Giggle from ABC4Kids duo Giggle and Hoot, knows everything about putting smiles on little faces and soon he will be able to try his tricks on his very own tiny munchkin. Together with his wife Tori he is expecting a precious bundle of their own, such lovely news! We don’t know the gender of their unborn baby yet and we haven’t seen their nursery yet either but I bet their change table will be stacked with the new Giggle and Hoot nappies, exclusive to Woolworths stores nationwide:

Giggle and Hoot BabyLove nappiesCreated by the nappy experts at BabyLove the new range combines the signature Dri Wave design we’ve all come to love with a fun Giggle and Hoot gift. The unisex nappies are designed to be flexible, stretchy and reliable so they offer ultimate protection for active babies who love to roll, play, crawl, toddle and walk. The Dri Wave lining absorbs quickly so that your baby’s skin stays dry, reducing the risk of irritated skin and nappy rash.

We are regular users of BabyLove Dri Wave nappies and have always been very pleased with their performance. I’ve tried them on several of my children at different ages, weights and body shapes and during the day as well as overnight without any accidents, that’s the tick of approval for me! BabyLove is very proud of their design and understands you may want to try before you buy, so if you are new to BabyLove you can request a free sample here.

Giggle and Hoot Frame Tray PuzzleEach pack of Giggle and Hoot BabyLove nappies sold through Woolworths stores includes a free 12-piece Giggle and Hoot frame tray puzzle. There are 4 different puzzle designs to collect and they’re a great activity for little explorers to practise their fine motor skills. The recommended age for the puzzles is 3+ which made them a perfect gift for our miss 4 but our miss 1 also tried her best at fitting the strong cardboard pieces on the tray (without success).

Giggle and Hoot BabyLove nappies ($29, all sizes) are available in 5 different sizes: Infant (3-8kg, 96 pcs), Crawler (6-11 kg, 93 pcs), Toddler (9-14 kg, 81 pcs), Walker (12-17kg, 72 pcs) and Junior (15-25kg, 66 pcs) so from birth to toilet training, they’ve go you covered.

You can find the Giggle and Hoot BabyLove range in the nappy aisle of Woolworths supermarkets across Australia, to locate your local Woolworths store visit www.woolworths.com.au.

Play School Jemima DollTo celebrate the release of the new Giggle and Hoot BabyLove nappy range we’ve got a lovely prize pack to give away to one lucky Hip Little One reader, it could be you! If your little one is a big Play School fan this prize is sure to be a big hit. For your chance to win a box of Giggle and Hoot BabyLove nappies (RRP $29) in your preferred size and a gorgeous Play School Jemima Bedtime Plush Toy (RRP $26.95) enter our giveaway below.

To find out more ABC’s Giggle and Hoot, to browse the range and to order your favourite products online visit www.abcshop.com.au/giggleandhoot.

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Jul 202014

Giggle amd Hoot Logo

While we had some lovely sunny days during our school holidays we also had plenty of cold and rainy days and it wasn’t for some great craft activities I may just have gone a tad crazy. The latest Giggle & Hoot Magazine arrived just in time and it was a huge hit with the oldest three kids, it kept them busy for ages:

Giggle & Hoot Magazine July

The new look Giggle & Hoot Magazine (RRP $5.95) offers 27 pages of colouring in fun, games, craft projects and 60+ stickers per issue featuring Giggle & Hoot and lots of other friendly ABC4Kids characters. All content is created by ABC Magazines’ senior editorial team in consultation with an early childhood expert so it’s not only super fun for little ABC4Kids fan but also gets the tick of approval from parents thanks to its educational qualities.

This month readers can join Giggle & Hoot for great spotting and counting activities, to play the Owl Pal board game, trace letters and shapes, add some colour to Ben and Holly, help Maya the Bee through the maze and much more. According to miss 3 the big winner was Peppa Pig snap, a cute matching game for younger kids.

The winner of today’s giveaway will receive 20 copies of the latest Giggle & Hoot Magazine for you to share with your kindy friends, class mates or sports buddies, because sharing is so much fun!

To find out more about Giggle & Hoot magazine, to see which issues are currently available and to order your copy online visit www.abcshop.com.au.

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Giggle & Hoot

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Jun 122014

Giggle amd Hoot Logo

As a mum of four children (5 years and under) it won’t come as a surprise to you that we are big ABC4Kids fans. We are quite careful with watch our kids watch on TV and purposely don’t watch any ‘grown-up’ TV when the children are awake but ABC4Kids gets the (hard earn) tick of approval. Our little tribe loves Play School, the kids can’t get enough of Peppa Pig and they all think Giggle & Hoot are the perfect after dinner entertainment.

Giggle & Hoot DVDThe only problem with ordinary television is that you are not in charge of the TV schedule and we all know how difficult it can be to explain to a stubborn little 3-year old that you can’t order what comes on TV (No mummy can not do everything!). If Giggle & Hoot, Play School and Bananas in Pyjamas are in high demand in your house you will love the new Giggle & Hoot present Gigglepaws and Pals DVD (RRP $19.99).

This brand new DVD features cheeky cat Gigglepaws who loves going on adventures with Giggle & Hoot as well as lots of fun episodes of your favourite ABC4Kids shows. With a total playing time of 100 minutes this DVD will keep little ones entertained for ages and you can easily break it up in smaller sections so you can get dinner in the oven, hang up a load of washing or just make yourself a coffee.

Giggle & Hoot Wooden Play Room

My kids have often asked me if they could visit Jimmy Giggle’s house one day and I have to admit it looks like a fun place to live. If your children are keen to have a peek at Jimmy’s place too they are sure to love the Giggle & Hoot Wooden Play Room (RRP $19.99, ages 3+). This lovely wooden play set brings the setting of your child’s favourite show to your very own living room, grandma’s house, the doctor’s waiting room or anywhere else you want to take it (just make sure you keep the box to store all the pieces together).

Giggle & Hoot

The set consists of 9 wooden pieces including Jimmy, Hoot and Hootabelle, some furniture and their favourite toys Mini-Hoot and Giggleosaurus. I was absolutely amazed by the stories the kids came up with while playing with the Wooden Play Room and how good they are at imitating the voices, it’s a great toy for imaginative play. There are enough pieces for siblings to share which encourages them to play together and act out different characters.

Jimmy GiggleAre there tears in your house when The Goodnight Hour comes to an end? No need, you can now take your best friend Jimmy to bed and cuddle him all night long (kids only, we don’t want hubby to get jealous). This soft and snuggly Jimmy Giggle Plush Toy (RRP $29.99) is wearing his favourite hoot pyjamas and funky owl slippers and he has long arms and legs that are easy to hold on to for little hands. Did you know you can buy pyjamas just likes Jimmy’s in kids and adult sizes?

The Giggle Galaxy Board BookThree: Time for a story or a sleepy time song. This sweet The Giggle Galaxy Board Book (RRP $12.99) board book is perfect for toddlers and will fit right into your 5 steps to bed routine. The book features Jimmy Giggle, Hoot and Hootabelle on  Giggle Galaxy adventure, because the text is the same as the Giggle Galaxy song you may find you have to sing it instead of read it, you better get your best singing voice ready!

Giggle Galaxy BackpackWhether your little one is off to daycare, attending kindy or spending the afternoon at grandma and grandpa’s this Giggle Galaxy Backpack (RRP $19.99) is perfect for carrying around all those important must-haves. Kids will love the cool Giggle Rocket on the front, get ready for blast off! Measuring 30 x 24cm in size this spacetecular backpack is big enough for a change of clothes and a book or a lunch box, snack and drink bottle.

An exclusive new range of Giggle and Hoot products will be available at ABC stores across Australia and online this month. This fun collection of specially designed toys, games, clothing, accessories and books will make every day hootastic!

To find out more ABC’s Giggle & Hoot, to browse the range and to order your favourite products online visit www.abcshop.com.au/giggleandhoot or join the conversation at www.facebook.com/ABCForKidsForParents.

For your chance to win a personalised Giggle and Hoot video message and a $150 Giggle & Hoot Prize Pack or one of the other great prizes enter #TheGiggleGalaxy Giggle and Hoot Instagram Competition here.