Sort, Stack and Soothe with Jellystone Designs

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Jul 092016

Jellystone Designs

Our poor little Hattie can’t catch a break lately. After months of teething trouble her two bottom teeth have only just appeared and now the next two chompers are already making their way down. Nothing is safe from her sharp new toothy pegs so we are keeping teething toys on hand 24/7. If you are looking for a teething toy that ticks al the boxes you will love this awesome design by Jellystone Designs:

Jellystone Designs Rainbow Stacker

Designed right here in Australia and made with soft, safe, food grade silicone that is free from nasties like BPA and Phthalates the colourful Rainbow Teether Stacker (RRP $19.99, all ages) is sure to turn that grumpy frown upside down in a heartbeat.

Rainbow StackerCheeky tots will go crazy for the Rainbow Teether Stacker for many reasons: Its vibrant rainbow colours are appealing for little eyes, the washable pieces easy to hold for small hands and the interesting shapes and textures provide much needed relief for sore gums. And then there is the educational aspect, this clever stacking toy is a fantastic fine motor skills exercise and a fun way to learn different colours at the same time.

You can find this gorgeous baby teething toy in store at Australian online store Moose in the Moon.

To find out more about Moose in the Moon, to browse the Jellystone Designs range and to order online visit

Rudy and the Dodo – Jellystone Designs

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Sep 272011

If you are anything like me you always come home with new goodies for the kids but never for yourself. Of course when you are at a shopping centre it is too much of a hassle to go into a shop for you, but when you shop online at Rudy and the Dodo you have no excuse not to quickly check out the mums section. The latest arrival is perfect for hip mama’s: the funky Jellystone Designs range.

Jellystone Designs is an Australian company producing stylish, gorgeous and above all safe silicone jewellery for both mums and kids. Every single product is free of phathalate, lead, BPA, PVC and cadmium, surely it can’t get much safer than that (it is even dishwasher safe for a good clean)! The range consists of three collections and there is a hip style for every age. The colourful Jellystone Designs Bangles ($14.95 per bangle) are an easy way to add some colour to your outfit and they slide on and off without effort, very handy when you have to keep your baby or toddler entertained whilst waiting at the bank or in the doctors surgery. They are perfectly safe for little ones to suck on and soft on the gums, now that is what we call a fashionable teether.

The large chunky Jellystone pendants are a very safe and practical alternative for regular bead necklace because not only are they safe for little teeth, they are also fitted with a custom designed breakaway clasp to make sure the clasp just pops open instead of falling apart. The Jellystone Designs Organic Pendant ($17.95) is available in four classy colours to compliment your stylish outfit: eggplant, teal, storm grey and white. For those mums (and kids) who prefer something less abstract there is the Jellystone Designs Owl Pendant ($19.95), a playful birdy in bright colours that without a doubt will be attractive for little hands.

For more information about Rudy and the Dodo or Jellystone Designs and to order online visit