Micro Motorz giveaway

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Jul 012019

When it comes to collectibles it’s generally our girls who join the latest trends, with our boy(s) twiddling their thumbs on the sideline. As fun as tiny dolls, cute kittens and sweet squishies may be, master 10 is a bit too cool for all those gorgeous goodies. You can imagine his excitement when I finally stumbled upon this rad racing range from Jasnor:

Micro Motorz (RRP $12.95, ages 3-8) are the newest collective trend and all the boys (and girls too) are bound to go gaga for it! These miniature cars are small in size but big in action, combining building with collecting and even competiting for multiple layers of fun.

Each Micro Motorz pack consists of three connected packs: Pack one holds the tuning tool while pack two contains a car accessory (engine/spoiler) and a launching plate. Saving the best for last pack three will unveil your lucky Micro Motorz ride in a neat launcher/display box.

I absolutely love the fact that Micro Motorz are a real hands-on toy. First car crazy kids are required to use their brains and exercise their fine motor skills when building their launcher. Once the construction is complete you can shoot your Micro Motorz vehicle at lightning speed or even hold a race with multiple vehicles. Why not get your friends together and see who crosses the finish line first!

Are you driving for team Speed Demonz, Hot Rodz, Nitro Chargerz or Monster Treadz? With 21 awesome cars to collect across the four different teams there is plenty of collecting to be done in Micro Motorz Series One. Will you complete your team, unwrap rivals or discover an ultra rare set of wheels? You never know what you will find, each Micro Motorz blind pack brings a new surprise. Keen fans can proudly store and show off each car in its own handy launcher turned display case, they even click together to create a cool stack display!

You can find Micro Motorz at Big W store, Toyworld, Toy Mate, Kidstuff, NewsXpress and other leading independent toy stores across Australia.

To find out more about Jason, to take a closer look at Micro Motorz and to locate a stockist near you visit www.jasnor.com.au.

For your chance to win a Micro Motorz prize pack (RRP $51.80, consists of 4 randomly selected Micro Motorz) hop on over to the Hip Little One Facebook page to enter. Good luck!

Step into Bush Baby World

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Jun 062018

As you can probably imagine as a mum of six young children I see many toy crazes come and go. From squishy toys to fidget spinners, from collectible cards to Pokemon Go and everything in between, there is always something new all the cool kids are coveting. I’ll be honest, most of them don’t appeal to me at all but every now and then even this responsible grown-up goes a little gooey inside, like when I first spotted these gorgeous Bush Babies:

Who are Bush Babies, you ask? Far away in a magical place called Bush Baby World live a whole tribe of fabulous, fluffy creatures called Bush Babies, each cuddly character is unique, with its own name, story and special features. Together the Bush Babies go on all kinds of adventures and the good news is, you can join them!

Children can visit Bush Baby World online and see what the babies get up to in the animated Bush Baby World webisodes, picnics, parties, rescues and new realms, there is always something new for the Bush Babies to discover. All Bush Baby World webisodes are completely free to watch and there are some fantastic free activities to do too so with rainy Winter days in mind make sure to bookmark this page.

Thanks to the ever-growing Bush Baby World toy range you can welcome your favourite Bush Babies into your world and collect your very own Bush Baby family one furry friend at a time. There is even a Dream Tree where you can hang your Bush Babies in their sleepy pods. Did you know you can actually make your Bush Baby move its ears and eyes? Just use your finger to activate the clever little mechanism hiding in the back of the toys’ head and watch them wiggle.

One of the latest regions to be explored in Bush Baby World is Blossom Meadow, home to six sweet Blossom Bush Babies called Bluebelle, Petalina, Tillani, Butterlee, Pozee and Fleur. Our two newest family members have settled in beautifully, they have pretty floral bellies, big bushy tails and the cutest sparkly nose. Miss 5 and miss 7 think Butterlee and Fleur make brilliant bedtime buddies and they’re backpack size so they can come with us anywhere we go.

I’ve got the funny feeling that there are more Bush Baby adoptions to come… Will it be one of the sparkly Shimmies, a special scented Blossom, a mysterious Dreamstar or even a royal Bush Baby princess? Time will tell…

Bush Baby World toys are available now from leading toy retailers, prices start at RRP $16.95.

To find out more Bush Baby World, to browse the range and to locate a stockist near you or online visit www.bushbaby.world.

Dec 232016

Look who’s arriving in a big red boat! This cute and colourful family is quickly becoming an ABCKids favourite, meet the Twirlywoos:

Whether it’s live on ABCKids TV or on-the-go with the ABCKids iView App, the Twirlywoos are always up for an adventure. There is plenty to discover, explore and learn in every episode and now curious tots and playful preschoolers can continue the Twirlywoo fun off-screen too…

Thanks to their compact handbag size these cute figurines are perfect for making up twirly adventures on-the-go, making car trips, visits to grandma and time spent in waiting rooms a lot more exciting. The 5-piece Twirlywoos Character Gift Set (RRP $39.95, ages 18 months+) is a lovely tool to encourage young children to use their imagination, either by themselves or together with siblings/friends.

Great Bighoo, Toodloo, Chickedy and Chick can turn their heads and have little legs that fold in or out allowing the Twirlywoos to really stand up and sit down, big blue Bighoo and beautiful red Toodloo can even move their arms too. Made from sturdy plastic the characters are durable and easy to clean, now that gets the thumbs up from this busy mum-of-five.

Measuring almost 40cm from the top of her head to the tips of her big orange feet the friendly Twirlytop Toodloo (RRP $74.95, ages 10 months+) makes a perfect cuddly companion for a young Twirlywoos fan. Not only is she is luxuriously soft and snuggly, she also talks and sings like only a real Twirlywoo can! All it takes is a little squeeze of her hands to activate the sounds, a great fine motor skills exercise for small fingers.

For extra giggles this friendly Toodloo plush has a top that twirls and swirls when you pull the big round handle on her back, this will keep kids entertained for ages. With a bit of imagination it is almost as if your Twirlytop Toodloo will really take off, in search of the next adventure.

You can find your favourite Twirlywoos toys at selected Kidstuff, Myer, Toyworld and Toys’R’Us stores as well as other leading toy retailers.

To find out more about Jasnor and to browse the Twirlywoos range visit www.jasnor.com.au.

For your chance to win a Twirlywoos Prize Pack (RRP $114.90, Twirlywoos Character Gift Set + Twirlytop Toodloo) enter our Christmas Countdown giveaway below:

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