Nov 052015

Inside Out

Seeing we’re a family of big Disney fans I am a bit ashamed to say that we are yet to see much talked-about family movie Inside Out. We’ve had such a busy few months preparing for the new baby to arrive that we completely missed it at the cinema, to great disappointment of our oldest three Disney lovers. Luckily our chance to catch up is just around the corner with Disney Pixar ‘Inside Out hitting Australian shelves in just six short days:

Inside Out Blu-ray

I don’t know about you but I regularly say to my little ones: ‘I wonder what is going on inside that little head of yours?’ Well, Disney’s Inside Out is giving viewers the unique opportunity to take a peek inside the head of a little girl called Riley. Inside Riley’s mind, also known as the Headquarters, you’ll meet the emotions Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness who guide Riley on this tricky journey called life.

Normally it’s happy and optimistic Joy who is in charge, but when Riley’s family moves to a new city her emotions are struggling to keep up the good spirits. After a tumble with the core memories Joy and Sadness get lost in the maze of Riley’s head, leaving Riley with nothing but Fear, Anger and Disgust… To bring back the much needed balance in Riley’s life and put a smile back on her face, emotions Joy and Sadness have to find their way back to Headquarters travelling through mysterious areas like Long Term Memory, Imagination Land, Abstract Thought and Dream Productions.

If you are looking for a way to explain to your children the importance of emotions and help them identify their feelings you will absolutely love Inside Out.

Inside Out will be available on DVD (RRP $39.95), Blu-ray (RRP $39.95) and 3D Blu-ray (RRP $59.95) at major retailers across Australia from November 11.

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Jun 122015

Inside Out

If your kids are huge Disney fans like mine they are no doubt counting the days until Disney’s Inside Out hits the big screen next week. We have watched a few previews and can’t wait to see it, it looks like good fun for the whole family. So far all Disney Pixar movies have been fantastic (Up, Toy Story, Ratatouille, Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo, we just can’t pick one favourite!) so I am expecting another great hit.

Inside Out Emotions Console

To coincide with the upcoming movie release Disney has teamed up with the toy experts at Tomy to create an exciting Inside Out toy range that will bring the Pixar magic straight into your home:

Emotions Control ConsoleJoy, anger, fear, sadness… Young Riley has lots of feelings and life is definitely not easy with so many emotions at play. Now you can take charge of all these emotions with the futuristic Inside Out Emotions Control Console (RRP $29.95, ages 4+), place your emotion on the console to see it light up. The base console comes with the happy Joy figurine and for expanded play you can collect all the other Emotions figurines (RRP $12.95) too. What a fun way to play out your favourite and create your own Inside Out movie scenes!

Bing Bong PlushNormally the ‘elephant in the room’ is something we’d all rather avoid but that’s not the case with this super cute and cuddly ‘I Cry Candy’ Bing Bong Plush (RRP $49.95, ages 4+). Quirky looking Bing Bong is a product of Riley’s imagination, he is ‘part cat, part elephant and part dolphin’ to be precise. But that’s not at all, he is made out of cotton candy wrapped around a nougat-y centre, who doesn’t love the sound of that!

Measuring a generous 10″ in size and with a slight cotton candy smell (if only he also tasted like it!) this gentle giant is very huggable and friendly. Bing Bong loves to entertain by singing the ‘Bing Bong Song’ and saying several phrases from the movie. To see colourful candy tears well up in Bing Bong’s eyes just squeeze his belly, he sure is an interesting character who will make a perfect friend for any young Inside Out fan.

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