Dec 212012

I may only be in my twenties but I find it hard to keep track of all the latest ‘iTrends’: iPods, iPhones, iPads, iMacs and now even an iPad Mini. For quite some time I have avoided joining the iClub but earlier this year hip daddy surprised me with an iPad and I have to admit that it is very handy and I use it a lot. The only thing I didn’t like was having to hold it up the whole time while using it, until I disovered the iCrib that is.

The iCrib by Life! Live It Up is a soft yet supportive mini-bean bag for iPads, if you have ever tried a real bean bag you can imagine how handy and convenient the iCrib is. You just put it down on your lap, your desk or coffee table and position the iPad in it so you get the best view and that’s it! No clicking things in or adjusting clips and straps, just quick and easy which is perfect for busy people like me.

If you have little ones they have probably taken an interest in the iPad too, kids just love watching movies on it or playing some cool child friendly apps. I don’t think you can avoid the sticky fingerprints but the iCrib does help them to keep it steady and reduces the risk of accidents. Instead of clumsy kids holding the iPad while they watch or play the iCrib can do the holding for you. The iCrib ($29.95) is available in different colours/patterns/materials and comes pre-filled with beans.

With the holidays coming up your iPad is in for a bit of a workout, tablets are perfect for some light (or heavy) entertainment while relaxing in the garden, at the beach or near the pool. Don’t let your holiday be spoilt by a damaged or even broken iPad due to water, sand or dirt! For just $9.95 you can order the Dryz Protector, a simple but effective way to keep your digital devices safe and clean while out and about.

If there is a road trip or lots of car travel on your agenda these holidays you might want to check out one of the latest Life! Live It Up accessories for your iPad, the eViewer ($29.95). I think they designed these specifically to keep parents from going insane during car trips! Instead of buying a dedicated DVD player for in the car you can just use your iPad to pop on a movie. The elastic straps are easy to fit on most head rests and your iPad can be used horizontally or vertically.

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