Nov 212017


When people hear I am a mum of six, including a newborn, they often say ‘You have your hands full’ followed by ‘at least you have lots of helpers’. Of course all the kids love helping out with the new baby but miss 9 especially is always ready to assist with any chores big or small. Because she is a real bookworm and likes the responsibility of a ‘job’ she was super keen to help out with today’s blog post. After the success of Ickypedia kids can now enjoy another hilarious guide full of yucky creations by The Listies, check out our latest book review brought to you by my wonderful assistant Olivia:

Learn all gross foods from A-Z in Ickyfoodia (RRP $14.99)! From Bindigestion (which is to feel sick after eating something out of the bin) to Phlegmonade (which is the most disgusting soft drink ever), you can learn all gross foods that you’ve never heard of. Find out what “Fail chips” are or see all of the recipes to foods that will make you sick! Also includes disgusting poems, weird quizzes and gross games.

I thought this book was a bit crazy, interesting and gross. It has some strange words and their meanings, some silly stories and an episode of ‘The ultimate sandwich’. The recipes are weird, funny and interesting. I’m nine years old and I think the book is suitable for people the same age as me. I think it’s a funny book and I liked reading it.

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Jan 162016


After one month of school holidays I can safely say I have heard more than enough snot, poo, wee and undies jokes for the whole year. Especially master 7 enjoys being the clown of the family and making his siblings laugh with silly business, which is immediately copied by miss 2. I may not always get kids humor but Melbourne comedy duo The Listies totally gets what makes kids giggle, here’s the proof:


I don’t know how they did it but The Listies have managed to fill an enormous 200 pages with terrible yucky, totally funny, ridiculous words that kids will find totally hilarious. That’s right, Ickypedia (RRP $14.99) is a dictionary of disgusting words! (And you thought burping the alphabet was bad!!)

Have you ever heard of a ‘nanstache’ (the totally excellent hair that grows on your nanny’s top lip), a ‘flyris’ (a bug that lands in your eye and tries to live there), a ‘gleek’ (a vegetable that knows heaps about computers) or ‘decismell’ (the scale used to measure how much something smells)?

No, me neither. By the time your child has worked his way through all 26 letters of the alphabet he will have expanded (enriched?) his vocabulary with plenty of weird words that might be very useful one day.

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