As good as it goats

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Oct 162016


Now that all the suitcases are unpacked, the laundry is done and the jetlag is under control I can finally take a calm look at all our holiday photos. We sure made the most of our time away and squished in as much we could, there was so much to see and do! Any outing that involves animals is a big hit with our kids and our trip to a real goat farm was a fantastic adventure.


As soon as we walked into the barn we spotted a large pen full of adorable baby goats who were more than happy to be hugged and patted by our tribe. Imagine the children’s delight when they got to feed the goats using tiny bottles that we bought at the farm office. But it wasn’t just us feeding the goats, the goats fed us too as there was a gorgeous farm cafe serving the most delicious goat’s milk ice cream and warm apple pie with goat’s milk whipped cream.


I was really chuffed with this delicious menu, with our children’s difficulties with cow’s milk in mind this was a fantastic treat we could all enjoy without having to worry about getting upset tummies afterwards. Goat’s milk is a rich source of nutrients and it has naturally high levels of important vitamins and minerals, it also contains up to six times the prebiotic oligos of standard cow’s milk (Yay for a good serving of prebiotics for my tribe!).


If you are looking for a nutritious, healthy and safe drinking formula for your growing toddler you will find Oli6 ticks all the boxes. This nutritional goat’s milk formula is easier to digest than cow’s milk based alternatives and it’s made right here in Australia, now that’s welcome peace of mind for caring parents.

To find out more about Oli6, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

Sleep tight with ‘Delight’

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Jan 082016


While Sybbie is chuffed to now be sharing a room with her two older sisters (imagine the chatter at night!) she does still come out of bed regularly. We are trying to make her feel at home in her new bed with her favourite teddies, a musical toy and a sweet light to keep her company. On my search for the perfect night light I stumbled upon these cuties at Fairy Blossom & Friends:

Delight Decor Ice Cream

The scrumptious looking Ice Cream Nights Lights ($19.95) by Australian company Delight Decor are battery operated and cool to touch, so they make a great portable buddy for midnight toilet trips. Measuring 14cm hight and made from durable non-toxic plastic these lovely lights are perfect for little hands. I might have to get all three colours for the three sisters!

Toadstool Night LightThere are several other Delight Decor night lights to choose from so you will have no trouble finding a look to suit your child’s bedroom or nursery. Smiley pears or tropical pineapples, a friendly bunny or a magical toadstool, which one is your favourite? I love how they turn a night light into an eye-catching decor piece: during the day a stylish bedroom accessory and a comforting glow at night.

Delight Decor night lights

To find out more about Fairy Blossom & Friends, to browse the Delight Decor range and to order online visit

Indulging Italian style at Gelatissimo

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Mar 082015


Like many families we always really look forward to a bonus day off, so yesterday we kicked off our long weekend in style with a lovely visit to Gelatissimo on the Parade, Norwood SA. Going out with four small kids can be a daunting task some days but the word ‘icecream’ magically made them behave like little angels.

Gelatissimo Norwood

Gelatissimo award winning gelato is made fresh in stores daily and when you see all those scrumptious flavours piled up high you know immediately you can’t stop at just one scoop. If you happen to see me around town today you may notice my pants are a little tighter after all that yummy gelato but believe me, it was totally worth it.

Sushi Gelato

Gelatissimo’s new Eat-In Desserts Menu is made up of 8 delicious dessert dishes (priced between $7-$12 each) that look like they come straight from the Masterchef Kitchen. Cookies, waffles, biscuit crumbs, strawberries, chocolate sauce, mousse, meringue, brownie and of course lots of gelato, there is a dish to suit everyone’s taste (and if you have a big family like us you can basically try them all!).

Pavlova Symphony

Most of the Eat-In Desserts can be served with your choice of gelato, which was especially nice for the kids. Yes their flavour combinations were slightly unconventional sometimes but it’s ‘their dessert, their choice’ and they finished everything up to the last drop. The Gelatissimo employee who served us was really patient while the children made their choice and she let them taste the flavours first if they weren’t sure, which I thought was lovely.

All About Chocolate

Hubby went with the All About Chocolate ($12), no surprise there, and according to him it was amazing, particularly the bourbon truffle. I may have stolen a little bite too and I can highly recommend it.

Popping Belgian Waffle Stack

As I grew up just 20 minutes from the Belgian border I couldn’t help but choose the Popping Belgian Waffle Stack ($10): Three freshly toasted waffles sandwiched together with (my pick) coconut gelato and biscottino gelato. This was a surprisingly large serve even with miss 2 eating half of the waffles!

Milk and Cookies

The three older kids each chose a different dish and they were all winners in a different way. Master 6 went with Milk and Cookies ($10) of which the biggest hit was the chocolate milk in a cute glass bottle while miss 4 enjoyed a plate of mixed delights called Pavlova Symphony ($10). She loved the tiny meringues and the fresh strawberries and there was plenty to share with little Sybbie.

Noughts and Crosses

In saying that, they were all a little jealous of miss 6 who was lucky enough to have chosen Noughts and Crosses ($8). This gorgeous dessert is the perfect kids treat as it consists of a plate decorated with chocolate and ten little cups with gelato so kids can play a game of noughts and crosses while they eat (and buy the parents some more time to finish their own dessert). What a great idea! We chose all fruity sorbet gelato flavours and they were absolutely divine, especially the passionfruit.

To find out more about Gelatissimo, to browse the menu and to locate a Gelatissimo store near you visit

Mar 072014


Turning one is a pretty big milestone, one that deserves to be celebrated in style with a wonderful party. Now I don’t know about you but at our parties the food is often the highlight and I spend quite a lot of time baking and preparing yummy treats to fill all those hungry tummies. This year the big winner was not the beautiful birthday cake or the tasty cupcakes, it also wasn’t the plate of freshly made Dutch meatballs or vegies with dip sauce, the champion of the party was by far the home-made ‘ice cream’.

Yonanas Elite RedI can hear you thinking: ‘Isn’t little Sybil allergic to cows milk?’ and ‘I thought you’re into healthy foods, not sweet sugar loaded stuff like ice cream?’ You are definitely right but at the same time, a February birthday is bound to be sunny and warm and ice cream is a refreshing treat every party guest loves. Luckily it turns out you can truly have it all thanks to Yonanas, the healthy dessert maker.

Just in case you have never heard of Yonanas before, Yonanas is a clever kitchen gadget that turns frozen fruit into a delicious and healthy dessert (or afternoon snack or sneaky late night treat, whenever you feel like it!). Yonanas looks and tastes similar to soft serve ice cream yet it contains no dairy, added sugar, artificial colours or flavours or nasty preservatives so it’s great for all ages and most diets and (not unimportant) it’s guilt free. Yonanas is the new must-have kitchen appliance for modern, health conscious families.

So how does Yonanas work? The main ingredient of most Yonanas recipes is (surprise surprise) frozen bananas, a simple but magic way to recreate the soft, creamy texture, look and flavour of soft serve ice cream. The bananas need to be over-ripe so those spotty bananas on your fruit bowl or that bag of reduced bananas from your local fruit and vege shop are ideal, you’ll never throw out a banana again! Depending on your taste and mood you can add raspberries or mango, strawberries or pineapple, pear or melon; virtually any fruit can be turned into Yonanas, just make sure it’s very ripe and peel and chop before you pop it into the freezer.

Peel, chop and freeze

Peel, chop and freeze

After 24 hours in the freezer your fruit is ready to be made into a Yonanas treat. Take out a few pieces of bananas and any other fruit you like and let it thaw for ca. 10 minutes. Assembling the Yonanas maker takes only a few seconds, place a bowl under the chute and turn on the machine. Drop your banana pieces, alternated with any other fruit, down the chute, gently push it down with the plunger and watch your own homemade ‘ice cream’ fill up your bowl, so easy and so quick!

Yonanas Elite

Ready for some Mixed Berry Yonanas

Over the past few weeks we’ve tried many different Yonanas recipes from the Yonanas Recipe Book and the recipe section on the Yonanas website (you’ve got to love $2.49/kg bananas). We were blown away by all the options and it turns out your Yonanas maker can make plenty of non-banana recipes too as well as delicious fruit sorbets. Yonanas allows me to make a tasty and healthy after school snack for my hungry little students without having to worry about mystery ingredients and our little Sybil can happily eat Yonanas without getting an allergic reaction.

Instant and very healthy 'ice cream'

Instant and very healthy ‘ice cream’

Too often food allergy sufferers have to miss out on treats and snacks, something I realise even more since Sybbie’s diagnosis, so I love how Yonanas allows her to have a special treat too. If you have little (or big) food allergy sufferers in your family a Yonanas maker is a great investment for your kitchen and you’ll find you use it a lot.

Happy faces all around

Happy faces all around

Nice bonus: the recipe book includes quite a few ‘grown up’ recipe ideas, they look really fancy and impressive and you can just make them on the spot. Our family favourite, and the hit of the party, was by far mixed berry Yonanas which is really fresh and tangy, closely followed by my personal favourite cinnamon/cocoa Yonanas. If your guests insist on coming into the kitchen to check out how you made that yummy instant icecream you know Yonanas is a big success.

The Yonanas Maker is available in two different models, the Yonanas Original (RRP $89.95) and the Yonanas Elite (RRP $189.95) and a great range of colours to suit your kitchen decor.

To find out more about Yonanas, to locate a stockist near you or to order online visit

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