Jan 072014

Ready to Go Toilet  Time

You’d think after doing the whole toilet training business twice before (at the same time and with a boy and a girl) I have some idea of what I am doing but the truth is that nothing ever goes as planned. As you may remember I have been planning to use the Ready to Go! Toilet Time Kit and the organised part of me had decided to neatly start on January 1st…

Ready to Go! Toilet Time GirlsWith nothing on the agenda for another 3 weeks I figured it would be a perfect time to stay home and ditch those nappies. The weather would be warm and summery, washing would dry quickly and she could run around in nothing but undies. Needless to say I would have an endless supply of clean undies, wipes, toilet paper and toilet cleaner at hand, I was well prepared. Of course miss 3 had other plans…

On Boxing Day we left for a few days away to beautiful Halls Gap, a 6 hour drive away from home. Now that’s already quite the car trip with four young children who need to be fed and entertained and I hadn’t counted on a very determined 3-year old who insisted on having a dry nappy at all times and using every single roadside toilet we passed. I have never seen so many public toilets in my life! (And I have never been so grateful for family size bottles of hand sanitiser and bulk packs of disinfecting wipes)

Ready to Go! Toilet Time BoysAs you can imagine it was a challenging few days, both on the road and while at the holiday park. Let’s say I have a new found appreciation for my trusted cleaning liquids and the big stash of emergency toilet paper in our laundry cupboard. Who would have thought you could fit so much toilet paper in a toilet? (I almost had to go ask reception for help unblocking the toilet but thankfully I was spared the humiliation)

Now that we are safely back home our sparkling white toilet is all of a sudden not so interesting at all and so far we only have a few stickers on our Ready to Go! Toilet Time chart, but every step (and every toilet visit) counts so we’ll just keep going.

If you have a fabulous, tried and tested, toilet training tip I would love to hear it and make sure you enter our giveaway to win 1 of 2 Ready to Go! Toilet Time Training Kits.

Apr 132012

Thanks to the public holidays we had the opportunity to spend some nice days out together. Great fun but also quite a challenge, car trips are not so relaxing when you are travelling with 3 small children. As if two freshly toilet trained toddlers are not enough there is also the baby, who likes a delicious bottle milk before her sleeps but no place to clean and sterilise a bottle on the go. Luckily I recently discovered a fabulous product by Gelpack, the Steri-Bottle.

The Steri-Bottle is, you guessed it, a feeding bottle for babies that is pre-sterilised. This eliminates the need to wash and sterilise bottles when out and about, now that is what we call super easy and convenient. These clever bottles are designed in the UK and made in a hygienic, state-of-the-art facility in the USA. Thanks to Steri-Bottle your baby can enjoy a clean bottle anywhere and anytime, there is no need to worry about boiling water, brushing and scrubbing and yucky dried up milk in hard to reach spots.

Even though these bottles are single use and disposable they still meet the same high standards as ordinary bottles so of course they are BPA and phtalates free and they are recyclable too. The teats are fast flow and suitable for ages 3 months+. Steri-Bottles are available in a 2-pack (RRP $5.34) and 5-pack (RRP $8.85) which works out to be $1.77 per bottle, a small price to pay for the ease and convenience it offers.

In our case we were well prepared and brought the Steri-Bottles along for the drive, but of course they are also a brilliant solution for when you find yourself without a bottle and away from home, a case of emergency when you are dealing with a hungry baby. Instead of paying more for an ordinary bottle and trying to find a place to sterilise it before use you can pick up a Steri-Bottle for a fraction of the cost and use it straight away.

Did you know that Gelpack is a proud sponsor of the Miracle Baby Foundation? By buying Gelpack Nappy Sacks you are helping raising much needed funds for this great cause.

To find out more about Gelpack, to browse the range of products and to locate a retailer near you visit www.gelpack.com.au.

For your chance to win one of 32 Steri-Bottle 2-packs visit www.gelpack.com.au and answer the following question: Aside from the Steri-Bottles which other Gelpack product would you like to try?

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Feb 112012

By now many mums have discovered Since We Were Kids as the Australian home of Chewable Jewels, BooginHead and Psi Bands, three fantastic international brands that have become very popular with Aussie families. Since We Were Kids owner Susan is always on the hunt for unique products that make your life that little bit easier or add a stylish touch and recently she has brought two new labels to our shores: Moodeez and Diapees and Wipees.

Moodeez products are designed for teenage girls and women so they can store, protect and keep their tampons, pads and liners organised and clean. Every day women all over the world reach in their handbag for a tampon or pad only to find out the wrapping has come undone and the item has become dirty and useless. All women know how annoying that is, so luckily that scenario belongs to the past when you start using Moodeez.

A Moodeez can hold 4-5 tampons and small pads, enough for a day out. Keep your Moodeez stocked and in your handbag and you’ll never get caught out, you’ll be prepared every month. Speaking of getting caught out, Moodeez are not just practical but they look good too and keep your personal items out of sight from others. They are available in different colours and patterns to suit your style or your bag.

There are two different Moodeez products, the original Moodeez ($17.95) and waterproof Moodeez ($21.95), and 6 different prints to choose from. With Valentine’s Day in mind (yes, it really is next week so hurry if you haven’t gotten your loved ones a present yet) Since We Were Kids has kindly offered a sweet Heart to Heart Moodeez for one lucky Hip little one reader. Because we can all use some extra ‘love’ during that time of the month.

To find out more about Since We Were Kids, to browse the Moodeez range and to order online visit www.sincewewerekids.com.au.

For your chance to win a Heart to Heart Moodeez visit www.sincewewerekids.com.au and answer the following question: Which one of the 6 Moodeez designs is your favourite?

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Discovera Easy Drink Cup

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Oct 162011

Like many other mums I have a so-called ‘Tupperware’ cupboard where I store all my containers, cups and lids. I know most cups are (or claim to be) non-spill but personally I like a lid on them just to be safe (I would hate leaks in my nappy bag) and hygienic (a clean spout to drink from is a must). With three small children I have a rather large range of cups in all sorts of styles, brand and sizes so when I go out I am struggling to quickly find the right lid to go with each bottle, if they haven’t lost the lid already. This is never an issue with the Discovera Easy Drink Cup.


The Discovera Easy Drink Cup (6 months+) is cleverly designed so that you can fold the attached hygienic cap into a special cut out/opening in the lid, neatly out of the way yet it can’t get lost. The cap seals nicely when closed but little hands can easily open the lid for independent mealtime drinking. Whether the hygenic cap is open or closed you never have to worry about spills because the unique, patent pending Samtech valve is truly non spill.

Aside from the very handy hygenic cap storage and the fantastic Samtech valve I am very excited about the spout design. Unlike the plastic, see through spouts/straws which my cheeky baby chews through in no time this cup has a soft but sturdy spout that even she hasn’t even been able to make a single teethmark on. Very important too: the Discovera Easy Drink Cup is BPA free so it is a safe choice for your baby.

For more information about the Discovera range, the Easy Drink Cup (RRP $14.95) and to find a stockist near you visit www.tommeetippee.com.au.

Tommee Tippee – Pourty Potty

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Oct 082011

A few months ago I dedicated a number of posts to toilet training products. I would love to be able to announce that we have been able to ditch the nappies and it is all done and dusted (or wiped) but unfortunately that is not the case. I actually find this one of the hardest things so far, dealing with two toddlers is tricky and they clearly respond to different approaches. Whilst my son prefers to go to the toilet my daughter thinks the potty is a safer choice, maybe because it is closer to the ground for her short legs. But not all potties are a comfortable fit, especially for older toddlers who need a wider brim to sit on. Luckily Tommee Tippee has designed a clever potty that sits like a throne and is easy to clean for mums.

The multi award winning Tommee Tippee Pourty Potty is designed with boys, girls and mums in mind. Boys and girls will find potty time much more pleasant if they can sit comfortably, which is why this potty features a larger and wider seating area than other potties making this a perfect potty for younger and older children up to 4 years old. We have two potties and this one is definitely first choice.

Mums will love the Pourty Potty because of its unique pouring duct at the back so that emptying the potty is really easy, clean and mess free. The high splash guard also reduces the risk of spills during potty time. A practical handle opening at the front lets you simply tip the contents in the toilet afterwards. The Pourty Potty is made out of sturdy plastic and is available in blue or cream.

For more information about the Tommee Tippee Pourty Potty ($19.98) and to find a stockist near you visit www.tommeetippee.com.au.