Dec 152013

Ready to Go Toilet  Time

Like many other mums across the country I have been waiting for decent summer weather to arrive so I can finally start toilet training miss 3. While it was quite an easy process with the twins it turns out to be a little harder this time which proves what we all knew already: every child is different. To make sure this transition from nappies to undies is going to be as quick and smooth as possible I have been preparing for the journey ahead with the Ready to Go! Toilet Time training kit by Hinkler:

Ready to Go! Toilet Time GirlsWhen it comes to toilet training you’ll soon notice that everyone has an opinion and everyone thinks they know exactly how and when it should be done. As a mum it can be hard to filter through all those comments and ‘helpful’ advice which adds extra stress to this messy stage. The Ready to Go! Toilet Time training kit is developed with the help of expert child psychologist Dr. Janet Hall who shares her best toilet training facts, tips and tricks in a clear, calm and compact six-step guide.

Parent GuideTo make the journey fun for little ones the Ready to Go! Toilet Time training kit contains a cute board book that is sure to get children excited about the toilet. The lovely illustrated book covers all aspects of toilet training like nappies and underwear, babies and big kids, using toilet paper, flushing and hand washing and at 14 pages it’s the perfect size for a quick read while sitting on the toilet and waiting for some toilet action.

Reward Chart GirlsWith the handy, easy-to-understand parent guide in hand the toilet training process will seem a lot less daunting, you know what signs you should be looking for and what to do and what not to do as your little one gets ready to ditch the nappy. Also part of the Ready to Go! Toilet Time kit is a cute double sided reward chart and stickers so your child can ‘earn’ stickers for successful toilet visits or even attempts, after all encouragement is very important for children and will motivate them to keep trying.

Ready to Go! Toilet Time BoysAll components of the toilet training kit are neatly kept together in a gorgeous, hard cover storage case that would make a lovely gift for a cheeky toddler who is (almost) ready for toilet training. Ready to Go! Toilet Time ($16.99) is available in a boys and girls version and you can find it at all good book and department stores, newsagents and online retailers across Australia.

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Spot What! Carnival giveaway

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Oct 132013

Carousels, fairy floss, bumper cars, balloons and a ferris wheel, the carnival is full of interesting things to see and do. Of course normally the carnival is something for special occasions, but with the newest addition to the Spot What! series you can enjoy this fun family event every single day on your very own couch:

Spot What! Carnival

Spot What! Carnival

Like all the other titles in the Spot What! series Spot What! Carnival ($12.99) is filled with big beautiful, full colour pages based around a certain theme. This time the clever designers behind the world famous Spot What! books have chosen the theme ‘carnival’ which is sure to be a hit with children of all ages. The closer you look at each page the more small objects you find hidden in there, one more quirkier than the other. The game is to seek and find all the items listed on the page and that is much harder than you think!

Sisters doing some spotting

Sisters doing some spotting

The nice thing about these fantastic books by Hinkler is that they are fun for all ages, the kids read them on their own, together or with us and often they are faster at spotting the different objects than we are. Sometimes we can’t find them, no matter how hard we look and we leave the page to come back to later. We now have three titles in the series and if one child starts reading a Spot What! book you can bet the others will follow within no time. Priced at just $12.99 they are a fun and affordable (Christmas) gift idea that kids will enjoy for a long time.

Spot What! Carnival Book

What can you spot?

To find out more about Spot What! by Hinkler and to browse the range visit You can find Spot What! at all good book and department stores, newsagents and online retailers.

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Jun 242013

If there is one thing our 4-year daughter has enough of it is imagination. She is the queen of pretend play, always making up stories and taking her siblings along on special adventures that grown-ups just don’t understand. Like many other girls (and some boys too!) she loves fairies, if she’s not dressed up like one she is drawing, reading or talking about them. If your child is anything like mine the newly released book Forget-me-not Fairies published by Hinkler is sure to be a real hit. By the way, did you know today is International Fairy Day?

Forget-me-not FairiesForget-Me-Not Fairies ($19.99) is a beautifully illustrated storybook featuring a collection of whimsical fairy stories. Little readers will love joining sisters Sophie and Ellen on their adventures in Wishaway Wood, a magical land full of fairies, goblins, butterflies and lots of other interesting characters. The book contains 11 stories and while my girls are too young to read the book by themselves they have a fantastic time listening to me read and exploring the pictures, pointing out all the details and linking my words to the visual content.

With 192 full colour pages this hardcover book has hours of magical entertainment to offer, you can browse some of the pages here. But it is more than just a storybook, all it takes is a bit of imagination and a sprinkle of pixie dust for young children to enter the enchanted fairy world themselves. Within no time they’ll be singing along to ‘The Wishing Song’ (if you are musically gifted you can try your hand at playing it yourself, the sheet music is in the book) and the special Forget-me-not Fairies website also offers a sweet craft activity.

Dress Up Fashion DollsOf course you can count on Australian publisher Hinkler for plenty more fairy fun. Deluxe Fairy Collection, part of the Dress Up Fashion Dolls series, tells the story of a fabulous fairy garden party. Get hands on and dress the two stand up dolls in their pretty fairy costumes, then act out the store on a real pop-up stage. Once you’re done safely store your fairy friends in the special built-in pouch so they can rest up for the next garden party.

Seek and Find FairyHere’s my tip for the younger fairy fans: Seek and Find Fairy (or Seek and Find Princess if that’s more her thing). These books are so much fun and combine lots of learning areas. Our 2yo and 4yo can sit and ‘read’ these books for ages. Read the stories, look at the pictures, play the seek and find game on each page, practise counting… Add to that the bonus charm bracelet and you can see how these books add a sparkle to every little girl’s day.

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Jan 272013

As we are celebrating Back to School Week at Hip little one I can’t go past the fantastic educational workbooks by Hinkler. My twins absolutely love the Hinkler workbooks and they have gone through quite a few of them already, I sit them down at the kitchen table with their books and they are entertained for ages. My two 4-year olds are currently enjoying the pre-school titles but for school age children there is lots of choice too. Specifically for Year 3 and Year 5 Hinkler has created the Naplan Style Workbooks.

Hinkler School Zone Naplan Style Year 3

As the name suggests the Naplan-Style Workbooks are developed with national Naplan testing in mind. These School Zone books are a fun way to help your child exercise some of the very important skills that are tested by Naplan: Reading, Writing, Numeracy and Language Conventions. Each book contains 72 pages of exercises, practice tests and even reward stickers to keep it fun. By practising at home in a relaxed and familiar environment your child will feel more comfortable and calm when the time comes for the real Naplan tests at school.

Hinkler School Zone Naplan Style Year 5

The bright and colourful Hinkler Naplan Style Workbooks are enjoyable for kids to work with and they allow parents to help with the preparation (fully explained answers to each question are included). For both Year 3 and Year 5 there are four individual titles available ($9.99 each) as well as one Complete Naplan Style Workbook ($19.99) that combines all the skills in one book. You can find the Hinkler School Zone range at all good book and department stores, newsagents and online retailers.

To find out more about Hinkler, to take a closer look at the School Zone range and to locate a stockist near you visit

Question: What skill could your student use some help with and would you like to win the Year 3 or Year 5 Prize Pack?

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Nov 232012

Christmas shopping can be lots of fun but it can also be a bit of a challenge. I find buying for the real little ones very easy as they like pretty much anything, but the older they get the harder it becomes. If you are looking for a fun, educational and affordable children’s gift for under the Christmas tree this year I may just have found the perfect present for you:

The latest Spot What! release Spot What! Metropolis ($12.99) provides hours of entertainment for young and old. This cool A4 sized book features 32 full colour pages of spotting fun based around the theme Metropolis. Kids will love exploring every little detail of the full parking garages, big city buildings, rubbish tips, houses and rooms in their search for specific items. You can hunt for things listed on each page or parents can help make up new finds.

The Spot What! concept was born 12 years ago and by now children all over the world are enjoying the fun range of books, puzzles, activity games and more. There are multiple titles and different themes available to suit different ages and genders, and of course all products feature amazing artwork that has you wondering where to look first. I would love to take a look inside Spot What! Magical, that sounds like so much fun!

To find out more about Spot What! by Hinkler and to browse the range visit You can find Spot What! at all good book and department stores, newsagents and online retailers.

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If you really want to win you can earn up to ten additional entries, please leave separate comments for each entry:

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Hinkler School Zone

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Jan 132012

For the past 6 months or maybe even a year the twins have been asking to go to school, in most cases my answer was that they could go to school when they would wear undies full time (hoping to encourage them to become toilet trained). Now that they have ditched the nappies they feel it is time to go to school, in fact my son has already asked me if he can show the teacher his undies. Let’s hope that when the time for school finally comes later this year the novelty of undies and toilets has worn off. Until then we are enjoying ‘school at home’ which is fun and easy with the School Zone products by Hinkler.

The Hinkler name is well known all over the world, their extensive range of affordable children’s and adults products has been translated in many languages, you may have seen Hinkler books at your local book store, department store or newsagent before. From learning to colouring, puzzling to cooking, pictures to sounds, the range has something to offer for all ages and stages. The Hinkler School Zone series is developed for children aged 3-11 and combines learning with fun, a winning combination.

In the School Zone range you’ll find nearly 70 titles that will help your child practise skills like writing letters and numbers, counting, sounds, letter recognition, alphabetical order and much more and all in an age appropriate manner. Little ones can start with the Tracing Trails Workbook, teaching them to trace lines using fun games and stickers, slowly working their way to tracing letters.

My three year olds have been practising their letters for a long time and can’t get enough of it so the Giant Alphabet Workbook is their idea of heaven. With 224 pages of letter fun they won’t leave the kitchen table for hours. They can even work together, doing a page each, without too many fights. I love how these books are educational without it being obvious, it is all very low key and fun. If they don’t get the exercise right that’s fine too, they still love the colouring in.

I am keeping my eye out for one of the School Zone Write & Re-Use Books, the wipe clean pages will allow the twins to practise as many times as they like. This will be extra handy on long trips when you can only take limited supplies. Once they get a little older I think they will love trying out the School Zone Software & Workbooks too, they come with a Workbook and CD-ROM full of games and puzzles that kids can do on the computer.

To find out more about Hinkler, to take a closer look at the School Zone products ($4.95-$19.95) and to locate a stockist near you visit